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Friday, July 20, 2012


I came across a wonderful set of tag lines from a new to me FB page, The Jelly Bean Trail :

"Be Your Best. Love Your Life. Do What Matters."

This immediately struck me as a great way to do every day - if one wanders around aimlessly whether physically or mentally, then what is it that is being accomplished?

I try to make something special out of every day. I have learned to say Thank You more. When I look around me I can see beauty in the smallest details and appreciate having caught the vision. While I am still working on asking for help I offer it without hesitation whenever possible.When customers have an insight into all I have to do they will give condolences, encouragement, appreciation or "better you than me". I always respond with a joyous "I love what I do!"

Lisa Klein of Loved Twice  loves doing her charity work and has spread that joy to others across the country who are joining her efforts. Today we offer a special sale to help raise funds offering HALF OFF all the fabulous new items LT sells through us!! I get to do my work, customers get to buy new items, and babies in need get items from Loved Twice. What an amazing partnership we all have!

When I was a single mom of a young son (he's now 18, graduated, capable, loving, handsome, smart.....too much? LOL) I signed us up to buy gifts for a family in need for the holidays. I wanted to show him that others have less than we did, which wasn't a lot, and that no matter what there are ways to give.

Later, when my third and youngest child was a toddler, I would take him to visit disabled and older folks. What a joy to share a child's energy and loving manner, even cute tantrums, with those who may not get that type of interaction regularly.

I'm not rich now, far from it. But I give the same way, as much as I can in ways that I can. I don't guilt myself when I can't help but reward myself with thoughts of all I have done and will do. This is what matters to me. This is what I do.

I am always interested in how others help, what charities are doing, and who else should know. If you don't know, find out and then tell me!

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