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Friday, July 27, 2012


Good old Wiki - "Consignment shop" is an American term for those second-hand shops that sell used goods for owners (consignors), typically at a lower cost than new.

This is what we do!

Sometimes we are mistaken for a buy-up-front service or a place to anonymously leave junk. Oops! That's not us. We understand that some businesses do buy up-front (most I know of are in San Francisco or elsewhere in the country) and that can be a good way to make quick money but at a very low purchase price. We are not a Donation Drop Off Spot like a Goodwill truck or even a junk yard. While we do produce donations and accept for specific charities, that is only done in person with advance notice. Leaving items outside or in the lobby without speaking to us first is not allowed! We believe in safety first and we must know the history of items and check for recalls so please do not consider us a catch-all for any and everything you simply want to get ride of.

Will consigning your items with us make you money? It may but there is no sales guarantee for any item consigned with us. We do try our best to try to sell each piece but sometimes even the cutest, newest, cheapest items are taken off the floor in time and donated. I wish I could predict sales but instead I must rely on customer feedback, our Wish List, trends and even personal perception in order to accept items. We sure hope items sell for you! Will you make a ton of money with us, quickly? Probably not but such is this business, we are about time. I give items a longer turn on our floor than other shops as we have such a variety of different customers coming at all times and they all deserve to see what we offer. As it is, we often have overflow of items to donate and continually search out non-profits to accept what we have to give.

What sells best? When will items sell? What will items sell for? Sorry, that's up to whim of the customers. They are a fun bunch who enjoy browsing and I love giving my own advice as a mom of three. I will ask  questions to see if we have a good fit for your shopping needs and gladly walk you around the store showing it all off. But I never hard sell, that is if you aren't sure or aren't in need I won't say you have to have anything. We are here to sell items but not contribute to further excesses.

We are getting more and more customers buying items as gifts and that's wonderful! We all know the excesses of today's world and it's gratifying to see when what we offer (through our consignors) will have a new life, be "new" to someone else.

We want our consignors to shop us first with their store credit. We want you, your friends, neighbors, other family members to try us first when shopping for kids (Preemie to Teen!). We want to keep helping our community at large with donations and assistance. We want to keep on keeping on as do the items we carry!!

Consignment (and more). It's what we do!

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