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Friday, July 27, 2012


Good old Wiki - "Consignment shop" is an American term for those second-hand shops that sell used goods for owners (consignors), typically at a lower cost than new.

This is what we do!

Sometimes we are mistaken for a buy-up-front service or a place to anonymously leave junk. Oops! That's not us. We understand that some businesses do buy up-front (most I know of are in San Francisco or elsewhere in the country) and that can be a good way to make quick money but at a very low purchase price. We are not a Donation Drop Off Spot like a Goodwill truck or even a junk yard. While we do produce donations and accept for specific charities, that is only done in person with advance notice. Leaving items outside or in the lobby without speaking to us first is not allowed! We believe in safety first and we must know the history of items and check for recalls so please do not consider us a catch-all for any and everything you simply want to get ride of.

Will consigning your items with us make you money? It may but there is no sales guarantee for any item consigned with us. We do try our best to try to sell each piece but sometimes even the cutest, newest, cheapest items are taken off the floor in time and donated. I wish I could predict sales but instead I must rely on customer feedback, our Wish List, trends and even personal perception in order to accept items. We sure hope items sell for you! Will you make a ton of money with us, quickly? Probably not but such is this business, we are about time. I give items a longer turn on our floor than other shops as we have such a variety of different customers coming at all times and they all deserve to see what we offer. As it is, we often have overflow of items to donate and continually search out non-profits to accept what we have to give.

What sells best? When will items sell? What will items sell for? Sorry, that's up to whim of the customers. They are a fun bunch who enjoy browsing and I love giving my own advice as a mom of three. I will ask  questions to see if we have a good fit for your shopping needs and gladly walk you around the store showing it all off. But I never hard sell, that is if you aren't sure or aren't in need I won't say you have to have anything. We are here to sell items but not contribute to further excesses.

We are getting more and more customers buying items as gifts and that's wonderful! We all know the excesses of today's world and it's gratifying to see when what we offer (through our consignors) will have a new life, be "new" to someone else.

We want our consignors to shop us first with their store credit. We want you, your friends, neighbors, other family members to try us first when shopping for kids (Preemie to Teen!). We want to keep helping our community at large with donations and assistance. We want to keep on keeping on as do the items we carry!!

Consignment (and more). It's what we do!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I came across a wonderful set of tag lines from a new to me FB page, The Jelly Bean Trail :

"Be Your Best. Love Your Life. Do What Matters."

This immediately struck me as a great way to do every day - if one wanders around aimlessly whether physically or mentally, then what is it that is being accomplished?

I try to make something special out of every day. I have learned to say Thank You more. When I look around me I can see beauty in the smallest details and appreciate having caught the vision. While I am still working on asking for help I offer it without hesitation whenever possible.When customers have an insight into all I have to do they will give condolences, encouragement, appreciation or "better you than me". I always respond with a joyous "I love what I do!"

Lisa Klein of Loved Twice  loves doing her charity work and has spread that joy to others across the country who are joining her efforts. Today we offer a special sale to help raise funds offering HALF OFF all the fabulous new items LT sells through us!! I get to do my work, customers get to buy new items, and babies in need get items from Loved Twice. What an amazing partnership we all have!

When I was a single mom of a young son (he's now 18, graduated, capable, loving, handsome, smart.....too much? LOL) I signed us up to buy gifts for a family in need for the holidays. I wanted to show him that others have less than we did, which wasn't a lot, and that no matter what there are ways to give.

Later, when my third and youngest child was a toddler, I would take him to visit disabled and older folks. What a joy to share a child's energy and loving manner, even cute tantrums, with those who may not get that type of interaction regularly.

I'm not rich now, far from it. But I give the same way, as much as I can in ways that I can. I don't guilt myself when I can't help but reward myself with thoughts of all I have done and will do. This is what matters to me. This is what I do.

I am always interested in how others help, what charities are doing, and who else should know. If you don't know, find out and then tell me!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Window Wednesday

A new day, new things in the store. I love that about this place, from one day to the next something is always changing (for the good!). You'll have to come by to see in person all the great items our consignors have to offer!

Inglesina Club Chair

Wee Ride Center Mount bike seat with 2 bike install bars

Kelty, Deuter backpack carriers

Speedo float suits: pink is up to 33lbs, orange is 33-45lbs

shorty wetsuits (both 4T)

basket of belts in a range of sizes and styles

Jacadi play mat

dinos and a flying reptile

Got Zelda?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Support a Reader

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.
- Confucius 

Our store is helping to sell bracelets which say "I (heart) to Read" for a young girl in our community (below), an avid reader who has impaired vision. Before her full diagnosis she somehow compensated for vision loss and devoured books of all kinds but it wasn't easy for her.

The bracelets are $3 each, in adult and children's sizes. The money will help her family to buy an electronic tablet so that she may continue her love of reading with magnification assistance.

Please consider this purchase when you come into our store in the near future. Thank you!

"I LOVE to read!"


Friday, July 13, 2012

Full of Goodness Friday

For goodness sake - we have made another non-profit connection and are once again pleased to pass along "Thank You"s to our consignors and those who drop off donations!!!

Speaking of full - Please note our clothing in-take limitations for appointments made today through the end of this month Accepting

Good savings - July sales, calendar happenings and note our BACK TO SCHOOL SALE is Aug 3-5!! Sales and Calendar

Pictures of goodness taken this morning....

Take a seat!

Dolls, stroll or sleep!

Get carried away!

Train table, armchair, doll carrier, jumperoo, doggy chair..!

Sit and spin or jump!

A triple play of double strollers!

Ride on!
Pitch it! We also have baseball cleats, mitts, sleeping bag, training DVDs, caps, uniforms!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful for This Little Piggy Thursday

Today we once again host This Little Piggy! It's exciting for me to share in a new(ish) and growing business with another local mom who attended Women's Initiative. Shawna and I are both excited about what we do and love sharing our talents with customers.

Shawna's design line has expanded and her creativity has exploded; beautiful, professional painting and firing of fine china clay with the precious prints from babies, children, adults, even pooches.

It's wonderful to combine efforts and work with local families and children. Both of our businesses are a source of pride!

Please come by today, 11a - 3p to see Shawna before she heads off for vacation for a few weeks.

You will be amazed at what she can do and you will be so happy to have beautiful plaques or picture frames capturing how small your children are right now.

(Above taken with pic program - in real life the pink colors are bright and deep!)

- Stephanie

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful (for all this great stuff) Thursday

When looking around the store I am amazed daily at the wonderful items with so much life left in them!

* Legos - small random packs for $4.99
* Graco Pack-n-play Silhouette in brown and pink with all accessories - like new for $89.99
* Snow boots, rain boots (get ahead!)
* Doll houses by Pottery Barn Kids and Fisher Price, random dolls and clothes
* Hot Wheels and Matchbox, Tonka, Thomas
* Melissa and Doug, Plan Toys, Manhattan Baby
* Phil and Ted's Cacoon $39.99
* kids golf clubs $44.99
* Monte reclining glider $500 (retails $1295)
* Baby Jogger double, fixed wheel now $125
* Organic clothing; fancy (some never worn) dresses; blazers and slacks; dress shoes
* 4T short wet suit $24.99
* Fisher Price Nature's Touch papasan swing now $45
* Tights; leotards; costumes; dance & sport shoes
* Puzzles and Games
* Crocs, Keens, Converse, Umi, Adidas, Stride Rite, Havaianas, Teva, Dr Martens, Ugg, Robeez, Western Chief, Acorn and more
* Gap, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren Polo, Levi, Justice, Splendid, Spyder, REI, Carters, Catimini, Bon Bebe, Zutano, TAG, Speedo, Old Navy, Hanna Anderson, Under Armour, Osh Kosh, KissyKissy, Bon Point, Good Lad, Land's End, Columbia and more

Oooooh......All of July = 50% off Pregnancy and Parenting books!

Ahhhhhh.....Every Wednesday, starting 7/11/12, use your max store credit for 25% off regular priced items!

Buy for camping, special occasions, traveling, gifts, growth spurts, plays, etc etc etc.More to include but I don't have time to list it all...come in and see for yourself, and when you do remember to bring your own reusable bags, thanks!