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Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This is my Dad...really! Isn't he colorful?

He's living in Canada now but will be coming down this year for a visit (yay)! Born and raised in San Francisco, he has wonderful life stories to tell. Kind of heart, always thinking, likes to press people's buttons, an actor, a tinkerer, and caring citizen, he has been a great shoulder to me over the years.

He'll say to me "but you were just born last month" whenever I have a birthday or major life event (like motherhood). I used to scoff amusingly. Today my first son, who is 18, is graduating from high school. I am now repeating my Dad - I get it!!

Whether you are a single parent, have your Dad around or not, this is a time like Mother's Day to reflect on parenthood. Sometimes there are two moms or two dads, sometimes grandparents or other family members or foster parents are the "parents". Sometimes a friend is like a Dad.

We applaud Dads and all caretakers of children and so we will be closed on Sun 6/17 to celebrate.

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