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Friday, May 25, 2012

Grandparents (SALE) Day

Today is our monthly sale day for Grandparents, 
they'll get 50% most everything in the store TODAY!

I only knew one set of grandparents, the others passed before I was born. My grandpa was a boxer, had three girls and I was his first grandchild. Even so, he tried to show me and my cousins how to box, golf, and be strong. My grandma was a fashionista who loved to host family gatherings (but not cooking!) and I lived with her for a while in my early 20s; I loved her so much and gratefully she was able to meet my first son.

Many of today's grandparents are active and involved in the care of their grandkids. Some are even full-time guardians. They have worked longer, lived more than we parents of today and have much to give. Our store gets plenty of grandparents bringing in their grandchildren or buying for them. With pride they show off  little babies, toddlers and older kids. I listen to stories, look at pictures, laugh or offer sympathies for certain situations.

This is a day for Marin Kids Consignment to give a little back to these wonderful people. Our consignors bring in such wonderful items, some of which confuse grandparents (smile) and some bring back memories. Thanks to our wonderful community we keep on sharing what needs to keep going forward, generation after generation!

- Stephanie (who made grandparents out of her own parents for the first time 18 years ago!)

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