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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buy the Book

...or borrow from the library, trade, etc. Do what you need to read!

Timely article...

NPR Reading Helps Disadvantaged Kids Catch Up

My youngest son and I spend at least 45 minutes in The Book Place (Novato) yesterday. I searched for books by David Eddings for my son's dad (his dad and I loved this author in our younger years and now he's reading them to our kids) and some sci-fi/mystery and other interesting books for myself. For the kids more along the same lines plus chapter books with good stories about doing good things. Often I am drawn toward award winning titles such as those honored by Newbery and other foundations.

Our store resells books and currently the best-selling are for the youngest kids. GREAT! Put books into tiny hands, read to them, share with them your favorites and bring new stories into their lives. Use books for teaching facts (Ew Yuck! is a fun one), for passing time, for sharing experiences, and more. Our story books, beginning readers and chapter books are getting more attention.

The free Book Exchange Box in our lobby has been popular for quite a while now and we intend to keep it going. Have books? Leave them. Want books? Take some. These books may have more wear than others but they are ready for new owners.

Have books that are torn or overly worn? Try reusing them in art projects, make a whole new book by combing multiple others, create wall art, stationary, mod podge decor and more. Sometimes a simple sentence or picture can help you recall an entire story.

One of my favorite books from childhood is The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes. I can't tell you exactly why. I can tell you that after I had kids I HAD to get this book! Each time one of my youthful favorites comes into the store I get excited all over again.

Holding a book in your hand, turning pages can be a simple yet magical journey. This morning my son wouldn't leave the house without a book he started last night. That made me smile because I know that I've done a good job connecting my kids to good reads.

Have I tried an electronic reading system? Not yet. I suppose I will in time. For now I don't feel "old fashioned" in maintaining a personal library, in donating, reselling and re-buying books. It feels as right to me now as it did when I had my own first books (which my mom says we made her read over and over and over....)

Have a favorite book for babies, kids, teens, parenting? Please share and maybe someone else will buy the book!

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