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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beyond Maternity

Today is the very last day we are selling consigned maternity clothing. After years of "meh" maternity sales we are saying Goodbye to the clothing.

Thank you for your patronage over the years for these items. Some of you got entire wardrobes, some never found quite the right piece to purchase. Moms know how quickly bodies change during pregnancy and that each pregnancy you can carry different, or you may be pregnant in a different season, and have different occasions calling for a wide variety of clothing styles.

We've had some great pieces come through! Those which were not purchased have been donated to local charities, gratefully received by each community and those in need.

What can you do from this point forward with your maternity clothing? We will continue to accept donations on behalf of charities and people in need. There are some resellers local and online who may help you sell pieces or you can pass things along to friends. There's always a way to keep things moving forward!

We will continue to resell items for families, babies, kids & teens. Those new babies can be clothed, wrapped, and play with our goodies. Babies grow to toddlers who want books, toys, games and new clothes to grow into. Bedding as beds change (or need to be frequently changed), strollers and carriers for walks, new ways to eat. Heading to school bundled in warmth and looking great, shoes replace worn out and outgrown styles, furniture for big changes. Try out for sports or dance, find costumes for fun, fancy and dress down for preemies to teens and in-between.

We are a store with variety, quality, experience and a smile for everyone. Come in and see how we are moving beyond maternity into a bright future!

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