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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Blogger - Green sunshine

I am 100% for "alternative" energy sources. Hope you enjoy and learn from our guest blogger today...

"Last week, I was giving some thought to my family’s cell phone provider, and it made me look at our budget. I’m looking to save wherever I can without sacrificing the quality of my lifestyle. Luckily, my other utility expenses low, and if you have a high electric bill, there is a pain-free way to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

For the last two years, I’ve been looking at energy prices rise, and helping home owners with big PG&E bills reduce their expenses by using Solar leases, smart thermostats, and new lighting to reduce consumption and costs, without sacrificing comfort and quality of life. In our Region, if you have an electric bill of more than $60/month, you’re paying more than 30 cents/kWh. That’s just too much when other parts of the U.S. are paying less than 10 cents, and there are better alternatives that require little or no investment to reduce your costs.

Having performed dozens of residential energy audits for home owners in the Central Valley and the Bay Area, I have found that most home owners with a sunny roof and a high electric bill can save more than 20% on their electric costs by using solar, smart thermostats, and new energy efficient lighting. With the advent of the “Solar Lease” about two years ago, you don’t have to buy a big expensive solar array. Leased solar power costs about 19-25 cents per kWh, and the lease provider takes care of the maintenance, insurance, and provides you with a compelling user interface so that you can see the environmental benefits of the clean energy you are producing. The lighting and smart thermostat complement solar by working to reduce your bill when the sun doesn’t shine. Again, this costs you nothing up-front. We “work in” the capital cost of the lighting and thermostat to the capital that is leased (though you own the thermostat and lighting).

Would you use clean power if it cost the same as you currently pay? How about if it saved you 20 percent? If you have a bill that runs over $60/month, you can probably benefit from our free service. If you have a bill over $200/month, we can probably save you about $500/year, and that adds up to thousands over the long term. Please feel free to contact me at if you would like a free custom evaluation using PG&E’s new “Green Button” feature. It’s a great way to save money while feeling good about reducing your impact on the planet.

Scott Hoppe"

Thank you, Scott! There are a lot of technical terms and basic information for everyone to absorb and hopefully work with.

Would you like to write for our audience? Please contact Stephanie!

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