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Thursday, February 9, 2012

So much goodness! Too much?

Wow, we get the best stuff in from our consignors! Clothing, toys, books, strollers and so much more that makes browsing our store a pleasure for all.

2012 is going to be the year for steady entry. Prior years it was overwhelming shelves and shelves full of bags and longer wait times (I had a hard time saying No to drop offs, my bad!). This new year holds a new way of processing but we've reached a snag; I no longer have four to eight hands (helpers) so processing has slowed. You know when you have a plate of yummy goodness in front of you and it ends up that your eyes were bigger than your stomach? I have big plans to "do it all" but little time which means the store is simply full for now.

We need everyone to understand and respect our limits. We will have to delay additional drop offs for a while. When you call in next Wed (2/15) you will be given a drop off date beginning in MARCH.

Are our racks full? YES! Will we be entering this month? YES all the stuff brought in late last year and recently. Is it all good stuff? YES!

Will we be taking "winter" in March? No (only winterish items would be rain gear). Should you have to wait for us? No (many great resale stores are around, and paying forward to friends is always a good thing).

Should you still shop with us? YES!

See you soon,

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