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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't wait!

Have an idea for this year's Halloween costume? Are you in an upcoming play? Will you be traveling to a different climate? Does your child tend to have many growth spurts? Fancy occasion on the calendar? Enrolling in summer camp?

Don't wait! Shop consignment for the best deals, those odd finds, your favorite stand-bys, items you don't want to pay full price to wear once, clothing that will hold up but get dirty, piece together costumes, and take your time shopping for just the right outfit for the occasion.

Have suits, ties, belts, loafers, heels, dresses which won't be used again? Bring them with you on your drop off appointment! You know someone else is looking for the same thing.

Flower girl dresses and boys' suits are a common request in Spring and Summer. There are weddings to attend and dances to enjoy, graduations and other special times.

Local theater companies may have you searching for costumes pieces so try consignment first, call or come by as early as possible so you aren't scrambling by dress rehearsal.

Camping! Fun but dirty work. Summer camp! (same) Enjoy sending your kids off in well-suited clothing for the type of activity they'll be doing.

Swimwear, hats, cover ups are often mistakenly left behind so start a small collection before snow suits get back to retail (in the heat of Summer of course!) We happen to carry snow in the summer and swim in the winter because needs happen all year long.

Don't wait. If you see it, like it and can use it, get it!

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