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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Newbie Program and Window Wednesday

Newbies (first time shoppers), you will now receive 20% off first purchase! Please tell us who referred you and that consignor will get $1 credit in their account. Good for you, good for them, good for us. How lucky!

Window Wednesday...have a look!


Cool caps for big kids, hats for all ages

Booster for a chair, High Chair

Bouncer Seat, Brentwood Rocker


Play mats with hanging toys

Infant, toddler, preschool, school age

Organic toys in with organic items

Make your own baby food and popsicles

Britax Stroller

Get your green on! (see Calendar for sale)

Muffy Bear accessories

Muffy as Pierrot

My photos don't do justice to these adorable prints by local artist!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun Photos

The diversity within our store still amazes me on a daily basis!

Never taken from her box, Kelly is a True-Blue Boyds Collection Doll from Yesterdays' Child
Badger Basket in rocking stand, we have a duplicate in green gingham bedding.

Retro rocking horse says Ride On!

Never worn part wool coat with hood (sz 8)

Bounce and vibrate seat

Bin of bunny goodness

Look out, here comes.... (sz 3T)

Hiking boots, loafers, tennies (we do baby 3 to teen 7)

Nursing covers, bras, tops

50% off Shoes through 2/26
50% off chapter books through 2/29
25% off outerwear through 2/29
25% off bedding through 2/29

Wed, 2/29, all 0-12m clothing is 50% off!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't wait!

Have an idea for this year's Halloween costume? Are you in an upcoming play? Will you be traveling to a different climate? Does your child tend to have many growth spurts? Fancy occasion on the calendar? Enrolling in summer camp?

Don't wait! Shop consignment for the best deals, those odd finds, your favorite stand-bys, items you don't want to pay full price to wear once, clothing that will hold up but get dirty, piece together costumes, and take your time shopping for just the right outfit for the occasion.

Have suits, ties, belts, loafers, heels, dresses which won't be used again? Bring them with you on your drop off appointment! You know someone else is looking for the same thing.

Flower girl dresses and boys' suits are a common request in Spring and Summer. There are weddings to attend and dances to enjoy, graduations and other special times.

Local theater companies may have you searching for costumes pieces so try consignment first, call or come by as early as possible so you aren't scrambling by dress rehearsal.

Camping! Fun but dirty work. Summer camp! (same) Enjoy sending your kids off in well-suited clothing for the type of activity they'll be doing.

Swimwear, hats, cover ups are often mistakenly left behind so start a small collection before snow suits get back to retail (in the heat of Summer of course!) We happen to carry snow in the summer and swim in the winter because needs happen all year long.

Don't wait. If you see it, like it and can use it, get it!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Basket Case and Green Envy

Easter baskets are so fun to put together (so I hear from the Easter Bunny)! Come by our store for great items at great prices to help put on Spring smiles...

BOOKS! Small board books with fabric to feel, bunnies to look at, numbers to learn. Beginning Reader books for stages 1-4, keep to a favorite subject or give a collection on a range of subjects. Story books for quiet times and fond memories from books of your own past. Chapter books (at 50% in Feb!) for continued reading pleasure, individual stories or series, fun facts or simple fantasy.

TOYS! Small games, puzzles, dolls, cars, trains, blocks, stuffed animals, instruments, building blocks, rattles, scooter, learning cards, arts and crafts.

DECOR! Character pillows, sweet paintings and prints, bedding (25% off in Feb!), small lamps, stools, train table, chairs, bed canopy, trinkets and knicknacks.

ACCESSORIES! Hats, gloves, hair accessories, purses, lunch boxes, backpacks, costumes.

Clothing with bunnies and Spring themes will be displayed for easy finds.

Are ya ready for St Patty's? Come by and get your GREEN ON! From olive to neon, you can find many-a-green item in our store.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kids Book Club at MKC!

I looooooooove books. A lifetime of reading from books new and old, looking at pictures, studying concepts. I am a bibliophile and my kids are, too.

What better way to boost self-esteem than to offer a book to a child? It opens up their imagination, teaches them, encourages then to do more, read more. And so I thought....


A) Buy a book/s from our store (as of today, 2/16/12).

B) Read the book (alone or with someone's help for beginning readers).

C) Come in and let me know that you read and get 1/2 off a new book to read!

We'll also collect names for a 1x month book give-away! (will be beginning reader level or beyond, kid's choice from our shelves!).

Let's see how this goes. I am very excited, are you?!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day gifts

Shop consignment for a gift? YES. Not only do we sometimes have items new with tags but we take in items that are usable, in good to great condition, for maternity, babies, kids and teens. You'll want to shop here for quality and prices so who wouldn't want a gift from us?!

For your Valentine we may have...

Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars
Knicknack boxes
Purses and backpacks
Furniture (wooden chair, wooden rocking chair, train table)
Hats/Hair Accessories
Decor (bed canopies, shelves, paintings)

We may have in stock brands such as....
Sesame Street
Melissa & Doug
Dr Seuss
Fisher Price
Leap Frog
Mimi/Pea in the Pod
New Native Carrier/Ergo/Bjorn

Check us out on Facebook, click on our Sales link, and 
come in to a store that loves you!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

So much goodness! Too much?

Wow, we get the best stuff in from our consignors! Clothing, toys, books, strollers and so much more that makes browsing our store a pleasure for all.

2012 is going to be the year for steady entry. Prior years it was overwhelming shelves and shelves full of bags and longer wait times (I had a hard time saying No to drop offs, my bad!). This new year holds a new way of processing but we've reached a snag; I no longer have four to eight hands (helpers) so processing has slowed. You know when you have a plate of yummy goodness in front of you and it ends up that your eyes were bigger than your stomach? I have big plans to "do it all" but little time which means the store is simply full for now.

We need everyone to understand and respect our limits. We will have to delay additional drop offs for a while. When you call in next Wed (2/15) you will be given a drop off date beginning in MARCH.

Are our racks full? YES! Will we be entering this month? YES all the stuff brought in late last year and recently. Is it all good stuff? YES!

Will we be taking "winter" in March? No (only winterish items would be rain gear). Should you have to wait for us? No (many great resale stores are around, and paying forward to friends is always a good thing).

Should you still shop with us? YES!

See you soon,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sale and some more redo's

SALE Because they grow so fast!
This week, 2/8 through 2/12/12 - save 50% off 0-24m clothing

Our sizing for kids have also grown...we go up to a 16/XL in clothing and a big 6-7 in shoes. Keep those kids, preteens and teenagers looking great for less! them! Found some GREAT displays (for free, of course) so maternity/newborn are getting a boost. So much fun to organize and with organizing comes a bit of disarray but if you know me then you know it'll be a fast change which, in the end, will be helpful to everyone!

We have BIG signs out front, we hope they catch your eye! They are temporarily covered; new true signage coming soon.

Want to help spread the word about our store and all we do? Simply mention us to anyone you know with kids, grand-kids, preschools, elementary and middle schools, baby(ies) on the way, charities, etc. We love being here for everyone!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Window Wednesday - for young to old(er)

For brand new babies, a beautiful bassinet by Baby Piu (Italy)!
Open top travel swing
Chicco highchair, Lunchboxes
Backpacks, Purses, Bags, etc
Barbie chair, Dora and other rolling suitcases
Games, Arts n Crafts, Learning
Prints, Paintings, Shelves, etc
Cuteness n Classics
Oh no, Mr Bill, look out it's the Death Star!