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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spring is in the air?

What season is this, anyway? Warm sunny days are spoiling my mood. I can't have the winter blues and gripe about the rain if it's so nice out. Alas, the rain will be coming and the hills will be green once again, mittens will be needed, raincoats and boots, etc. (And I don't really gripe about the rain, I personally love it ever since the droughts we've been through.)

When will we be taking in Spring items? Dresses, light sweaters, sandals, sun hats will be the next wave of intake but only after we get through more Winter days. Mid February will be the beginning of Spring items intake so please continue to read Accepting This Week every Wednesday then call to make your drop off appointment.

What about Valentine's Day? Do we want hearts all over the clothes we're taking in right now? Hearts, maybe, but nothing "Valentine's Day" specific, it simply doesn't sell well. It's best we stick with clothing that sells for our best use of time and yours. Should you wish to donate your good condition holiday clothing we will gladly accept it on behalf of others in need.

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