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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I posted about the fact that we are not selling or recommending bumpers and we still get them donated to us so I challenged a friend to create something from the bumpers. She created a brand new quilt from two bumpers:

Backing fabric (flannel on sale at local fabric store)

One bumper created the center and another created the edging!



Please know when we have items that won't sell we do give them away (stained clothes for camps or daycares, bumpers for reuse, incomplete but safe toys, random "art" supplies, etc). Want to show everyone how you reuse items? Send us a photo and write up, we'd love to share!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We are not a "baby store" (stomps foot)

We are much MORE than just a baby store! Beyond KissyKissy and Baby Einstein we know Spider-man, Junie B Jones, Abercrombie & Fitch, Under Armor, Groovy girls, Small Paul and more.

We carry furniture for kids from birth (co-sleepers, bouncer seats) to toddlerhood (high chairs, dining boosters, pack-n-plays) to school days (chairs, tables, rocking chairs, bookshelves) to beyond (desks, lamps, decor).

Maternity clothing for those with babies still to come, pregnancy, breast-feeding, nutrition and other parenting books. Read about dads, decor, playtime and building confident kids. Nursing clothing for those who can breast-feed, nursing pillows and covers, changing pads, 0-12m clothing for babies. Board books for listening and learning, storybooks for bedtime or anytime. Crib music, rattles, mobiles, changing tables, pads and bedding from bassinet to twin beds.

Shoes for babies who can't even walk to cleats for sports, rain and snow boots, too. Sandals and tennies, Crocs and Converse, sparkly or learn to tie, we have feet covered also in socks and slippers. Heely's and skates, too! Sizes range from infant 4 to large 6-7 when they head into adult sizes.

Games and learning items, from Candyland to Dominos, mix-n-match to flash cards. Arts and crafts for Do It Yourselfers, creative artists, and busy kids. Aqua Doodle, Etch-a-sketch, Playdoh, Crayola, Melissa & Doug help you get crafty and even do school projects.

Push toys, Ride on, bounce in, carry around, scooters, trikes, bikes, bike trailers, bike seats, helmets, sport safety gear and clothing to get out and about! We carry Under Armor, Patagonia, Columbia, Nike, and cleats for soccer, baseball, football. Go, fight, win!

Books for beginning readers (Step 1-4, etc), chapter books, series and popular books like Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, DK, Scholastic, classics and magazines for the school kids. Have older kids consign their "baby books" to build an account from which they may buy clothing or more books, etc!

Strollers are back savers on trips, warm or cold days. We have single, double, jogger, even sold some triples! Babies can be in strollers from day one until the manufacturer weight limits and whether you use one all the time or just once in a while we can help make your trips easier. If you want to carry baby we have many ways to do so via front carriers, slings, wraps, backpack carriers, and more. We've have a baby wearing expert help us continue to supply you with the safest and best carriers so bring baby and try some on., fire trucks, trains, large and small, dinosaurs, Bionicles, dolls, Legos, wooden blocks, doll houses, garages, shopping carts, tents, tunnels, doll strollers, activity tables, electronic or manual items, instruments, sports related, felt, magnets, kites, hula hoops, we always have a nice range for most ages!

We are proud to display and sell artwork from local MOM artists! Bezoos by Tori Berghoff and acrylics by Katrina Atkinson. Both amazing in their own rights with darling wall decor. We have small wall shelves, bed canopies, memo boards, curtains, valances, knicknacks, art/learning cards (eeBoo, etc), small lamps, clocks. Going from "baby" to "big boy" can be fun!

Marin kids (big and small) plus maternity are what we're all about!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spring is in the air?

What season is this, anyway? Warm sunny days are spoiling my mood. I can't have the winter blues and gripe about the rain if it's so nice out. Alas, the rain will be coming and the hills will be green once again, mittens will be needed, raincoats and boots, etc. (And I don't really gripe about the rain, I personally love it ever since the droughts we've been through.)

When will we be taking in Spring items? Dresses, light sweaters, sandals, sun hats will be the next wave of intake but only after we get through more Winter days. Mid February will be the beginning of Spring items intake so please continue to read Accepting This Week every Wednesday then call to make your drop off appointment.

What about Valentine's Day? Do we want hearts all over the clothes we're taking in right now? Hearts, maybe, but nothing "Valentine's Day" specific, it simply doesn't sell well. It's best we stick with clothing that sells for our best use of time and yours. Should you wish to donate your good condition holiday clothing we will gladly accept it on behalf of others in need.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What do you hold, Wednesday?

Wednesday holds TONS of great items!!

Doll houses
Thomas (plastic tracks)
Bead mazes
Art table with benches
Leap Frog Activity Tables
Step 2 desk with chair
Hanging organizers
Tent set with sleeping bag and chair (pink)
Leap Pads
Moon Sand (Word World)
Shopping cart
Bowling set
Foam floor tiles
Soft airport set by Lakeshore
Hula hoop
Disney plush characters
Wooden blocks and toys
Bouncer seats, toddler rocker seats
Wooden rocking chair with space theme
Play Hut tent with tunnel
Bratz scooter
Books from board books to story, beginning readers to chapter, and parenting.

Clothing and Shoes -
Snow, Rain
Converse, Keen, Robeez, Stride Rite, Nike, Elefanten, etc
Skirts, Tights, Leggings
Dance and Sport wear

Maternity from casual to chic

Upholstered gliders, Wooden cradles, Strollers, Nursing Pillows, Artwork much to see you just have to come by!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday, first of the new year with pics

Thankful that it's not raining as I'm currently relying on walking and the bus. Gorgeous crystal clear mornings almost worth the early morning hours ;-)

Here are pictures of items we are thankful to have in stock for you!!


FP Brentwood rocker $42.99

Peg Perego for $35!!

Radio Flyer with handle $22.99

FP Open Top swing $22.99

easel is STILL here! $16.99

darling toile Hoohobbers Moses basket $69.99
get on your bad alligator and bounce $9.99

Neurosmith cubes $34.99-39.99

classic garage $10.99

This cracks me up! Faux phone book dining booster seat $6.99

little seats, Pooh or Maclaren

children's chairs, sit or rock

some snow stuff

rainboots; cleats; shoes up to size 5-6!

potty central

sit or stand to play

Jan SALE - 50% off sizes 7+!! or use store credit for 25% off regular prices (see site for details)