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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012: a new year and new (updated) procedures!

It's almost here, 2012, another new year! No regrets, no impluse resolutions but plenty of hope and goodness!!

We love our consignors and we love our customers so we try our best to work smart for both. We accept "consignments": your account receives monies due 10 days after an item's sale. And we also accept "donations": items that are not sellable or which you choose to donate to those in need rather than consign. If you can ever help distribute donations please let us know!

Over the last three years we have has tweaked procedures according to what works best for all involved. May this particular post help everyone to understand our latest (and greatest, if I do say so myself)....


1) Every Wednesday check our website (this blog) by clicking on "Accepting This Week" in right hand menu. (Bookmark us)

2) Check for recalls. It is illegal to resell recalled items (and unsafe). NOTE: Donations must also be checked for recalls.

3) Check that the items you are consigning are in good condition. We will accept up to two paper bags of items, plus one or two large items, according to Accepting This Week. Your first and last name MUST be on the bags or you may not get credit for your drop off! NOTE: For donations, if you also have stained, pilled, missing a button, small hole in the knee, toys with missing pieces, etc, those are to be bagged separately labeled "donations" - these must be USABLE items (not one sock, stained undergarments, broken toys, garbage, etc). Please put donations in reasonably sized plastic or resusable shopping bags for ease of transport, thank you. NEVER leave donations when the store is closed, for safety's sake!!

4) Call ahead (during store hours Wed-Sun 10-5) for an appointment - Days we accept are Thursday through Sunday and the hours for appointments are between 11a and 4p. NOTE: We can take up to 3 appointments per day so call ASAP after checking the list!

5) Please call if you cannot make your original scheduled appointment. This helps us plan our days. We appreciate the notice and will work with you for another drop off time.

As of 2012 all intentions are for items to be entered the same day as drop off. Immediately after items are entered you will be emailed an Item List Report (ILR). NOTE: There is a disclaimer on the report that the ILR may be a partial list as we may enter items at different times.  It may then take 1 to 24 hours to tag and put those items on the floor.

Wait at least two weeks from receipt of an ILR to inquire on sales of those items. After that time you may get an update by emailing, calling during store hours, or requesting in person. An ILR can be emailed to you at any time so that you may check your items' status (Qty 0 means the item is no longer on the floor, sold or other*). NOTE: ILR's can be truncated if they are too long. If this happens simply request only the most recent 1-2 months of entry.

Donations, etc from your account*:
If while on the floor a toy gets broken, parts go missing, clothing, shoes, books, or decor becomes stained or damaged, or if we ask you to pick up an item that hasn't sold and you OK it to be donated then the item will be taken out of your account and noted as Donated or if damaged, ie Other. If an item is returned to you it will be noted at Returned. NOTE: We do not have room to store non-selling items so we give you one week from notice to pick up the item. If we don't hear from you upon seven days it will be donated. Our store has been the victim of theft (which we try our best to prevent!); in this case the missing item will be taken out of your account and also noted as Other.

We hope you enjoy working with us and contributing to your local community. It's gratifying to be able to work hard so that many items can be used and enjoyed over and over again. 

We have had emails, letters, and personal thanks from local charities and people in need for the distributions we are able to do. Please know that each Thank You is also directed to you!

Loved Twice
Homeward Bound
Center for Domestic Peace
Image 4 Success
Marin Head Start
Marin Foster Parent Association (by request)
Marin Community Clinics (by request)
Marin Pregnancy Resource Center
Performing Stars
Canal Alliance (limited intake)
Ladybug Connections
local Mother's and Parenting clubs (by request)
Marin County Libraries
Marin/SF Food Bank
Marin Kids Helping Kids (by request)
and more.

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