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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stephanie loves to sort, lucky you!

    Stephanie has once again made shopping a little bit easier for you this holiday season!
    You'll find a rack before the shoes filled exclusively with dressy clothes, section for boys and one for girls, and a "holiday" boy and girl section (Santas, reindeer, candy, etc decorations on clothing and pajamas).
    The regular 0-12m combined girl/boy month rack is now in-line with the other clothing racks, by the toys. Girls 12-18m and 18-24m now share a rack. Boys 12-18m and 18-24m also now share a rack and boys 2T has its own rack. Goal is to have a dedicated rack for each boys 3T and 4T as well so look for that in the future.
    Most every rack is filled now and more coming for our BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR, Black Friday Three Day 50% Sale next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
    Snow items are on their own rack with snow boots below and gloves. Raincoats are currently on regular clothing racks by size, rainboots are set out by the sport shoes. Umbrellas will be on the backpack stand.
    Organic items are on a rack by maternity and nursing clothing.
    Books on the blue shelves are divided by "board" style, hard cover story books, soft cover, beginning readers, multi-lingual, and instructional (new baby, dentist, your body, etc). One the brown shelves the pregnancy books are on top, followed by newborn care, toddler care and child nutrition, child play and discipline and at the bottom are craft, family and duplicate titles. In the next over brown bookcase are chapter and hardcover books for children who can read into preteen or teenage interest and learning.
    Another goal is for toy "sections" so you can find toys by age and type. We'll see if we can keep it going once it's established ;-)
    Thank you for your participation, consignments, purchases, kind words, words of encouragement, and for telling your friends. Happy holidays!

So fancy! So festive!

Maternity dresses, baby bunting.
Gap leather jacket 18-24m $25.99

Love this! Jean dress, long sleeve shirt, "furry" vest, brown leather mary janes (5T)
Book, chair, colorful outfit (6)

Giant Groovy Girl Princess, wood rocking chair
Barbie Disco Palace, Barbie ballerina, Groovy Girls drum set and chair.

Doll bed with pillow & cover
PBK shelves $34.99

Ball drop $39.99

PBK rocker & ottoman with slipcover

Little Castle pink toile $450

Graco $89.99

Rainboots, funky "tat" items

Backpack carriers

K'nex, Megabloks, instruments, etc

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