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Saturday, October 22, 2011

See what we've got Saturday!!

Costumes -25% this weekend!!

Halloween books -25% this weekend!!

Snow outfits starting to fill up, all sizes.

Snow boots, gloves, too.

NEW items for babies and kids

More NEW...

...and more...

...and more...

...and more!! We'll have more to put out soon. From clothes to shoes to blankets, etc.

Used in good condition (no hood) Ergo Sport with teething pads $71
Pink & White wooden art desk and chair $40

Pink & White wooden coat rack $9.99

Wooden toddler bed, painted light green $40

Travel & Safety items

Rainboots, Giants cap (costume), NEW American Girl arts & crafts, Lightning roller skates, little Snoopy, (Kellogg's bowl just sold!!). Plus the bookshelf itself is just 39.99

The NEW items shown here will benefit Loved Twice with each purchase. We have priced each piece below retail for you. We will still accept 0-12m clothing and blankets on their behalf, as well.

Thank you!

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