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Saturday, October 8, 2011


I like what I like and I love it when when others also like whatever I recommend or display. This time my daughter (10 years old) dressed the mannequin and I must say it gets my "approval"!

Purple long sleeve tee under a knit hoodie, khakis and snow boots!
Other items on the shelves are Playdoh, Goodnight Moon, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Lakeshore learning games, Tell Me Why #2, art smocks.

Classic books are displayed in the book area, top shelf, as well as bi-lingual and "life" books (i.e. I'm a Big Brother), board books are down low, story books higher and we have Step 1-3 beginning readers, too!

Games and puzzles are with toys on the shelf wall, Arts & Crafts are on the shelves near the window. Front display by the big windows (no kids allowed) shows off tons of great items!

If you have a recommendation for an item we carry, let Stephanie know and we'll display it!

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