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Monday, October 3, 2011

Benefitting Loved Twice and Inside Look

Many wonderful things in our store right now! You can shop for gifts, holidays, coming winter, special occasions, first or more complex toys and crafts, furniture, reading material and so much more...

Sales of certain (NEW!) items directly benefit the charity and we are pleased to be able to offer Zutano, Kicky Pants, Oilily, KissyKissy, Cate and Levi, Sophie the Giraffe, baby sets and more!! These items are on a rack next to the desk. Please check it out, thanks! (note Athletic wear is now on its own rack nearby)

See the great stuff our consignors bring in...


Rain, Snow boots, Rain coats, Snow clothes

Organic clothing and blankets, etc

Girls and Boys 10 - 14/16!

Strollers: Bugaboo Frog for $500 and Maclaren TechnoXT $142.50 (plus ALL strollers are 25% off!!)

White train table with drawers, American Girl crafts

Chicco (key' koh) high chair with multiple trays

A growth chart to over 6ft (trust me, it happens FAST; my oldest will be 18 and 6ft this year!!!! - Steph)

Soft large play horse, yeehaw!

Sit with Spidey

Barbie Big Wheel - yea!

Wooden glider horse and multilevel garage

Crafts, learning tools, most never used!

Dining boosters (Cooshee and Prince Lionheart, etc)

Beautiful rocking bassinet by Eddie Bauer, HALF OFF! Other furniture is 25% off!

Safety gates, most not used!

Pretty and pregnant? Absolutely!!

Work clothes for your pregnancy? Sure!

Wooden train tracks and other Thomas items

Section on the rack near desk just for Dressy Boy clothes!

Same rack (for now) holds SNOW clothes!

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