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Thursday, September 8, 2011

We are full!

What does this mean, "we are full"? It means we can't take in more items due to the fact that the back room is full of items that need to be entered, plus we have enough items on the floor and in bins ready to be put out.

How does this happen? Stephanie is entry-person-extraordinaire, but alas she's only one person. Just yesterday she had to stay home with her son who had a fever. That means no entry done. Plus, she gets two days off, which she is taking nowdays (for the most part!).

When will the store be accepting again? We are taking in 3 types of items: Costumes, Rain, and Snow. Everything else will have to wait until (hopefully) next week when the new list of Accepting is put up. But, it may happen that we are still full.

Full, good or bad? It's both! We understand you have nice items to leave with us but we also have many great items already here ready to be bought! Thank you for your understanding. Our store wouldn't be anything without you!

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