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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Layers, Summer Markdowns, and control

What to do with fun summer dresses, strappy and tank tops, shorts and capris? LAYER! Add a thermal long sleeved shirt under a cotton dress, add tights and warm boots - a Fall Outfit! For boys, let them wear their favorite cargo shorts with leggings or thermal pants underneath and put a long sleeve tee under their favorite sport tank and off they go, warmer but still in their favorite clothes from summer!

I put some examples up on our store's door, hanging a nylon vest over a light tee with jean skirt and leggings. Cargo shorts with long sleeve onsie. Floral overalls over zip hoodie sweater. So many possibilities to extend the wearability of your kids' clothes....PLUS we're going to have a BLOW OUT Summer Sale next week so you can practice this technique...

All kids sizes, Maternity, many styles!!

Control is hard when you're young. Sometimes your words get stuck in your head, your actions are over-reactions, and you are having so much fun your forget the rules. Please remember to be with your kids in the store. We have one play table and a selection of "store" toys to play with. If you want your child to try a toy that is priced to sell you must attend them closely and please put the item back on the shelf. Please ask to open any bag or remove tape to check out an item more thoroughly. We bag and tape to keep the items together and kids safe. When items are stained, damaged, or parts go missing it means someone will not get their consignment percentage from a sale. Help your fellow consignors get their dues ;-)

Do you want help for a few minutes with kids so you can shop? If we have the time we're happy to assist watching your kids. Are you in a hurry? We can help you find what you're looking for on the floor so you can get out fast. Need something from up high or that is packaged? We're available. Want to check stock before you drive down? Give us a call. Have a compliment, complaint, news or anything to share? Stephanie wants to hear from you.

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