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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ch-ch-changes to ch-ch-checks!

If you would like a check we will ONLY MAIL them from now on, $1 fee. We have tried a few ways to get checks done and we believe this will be streamlined and efficient. Requested checks will be sent out 1x week so expect 5-10 days for your check to arrive after you have made your request.

The BEST way to deal with store credit is to spend it with us! Next best is to call, email or come by and request a check to be mailed.

New procedures can take a while to get used to and we understand everyone is busy. Please know we are ch-ch-changing this procedure because we feel it is in everyone's best interest!

Remember, as always, we are grateful for you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

THIS Sunday is Appel & Frank's Babes & Babies in San Francisco!!

THIS SUNDAY, 9/25/11!

What a great time to be having a baby! Appel & Frank's events are very popular, full of wonderful finds!!

Appel & Frank's 'Babes & Babies’ Shopping Event
New & expecting moms are invited for a day of shopping, eduction and information! Shop from 55 designers and companies offering baby and toddler clothing, accessories, gear, toys, resources and much more...all at discounted prices.  Enjoy speakers and seminars on breastfeeding, sleep training, choking & CPR and more.  Gift bags for the first 200 families, on-site photo shoots, play space for kids and a raffle with top prizes including $500 to Tea Collection, Stokke high chair, diaper bags, infant swings etc...   The first 50 shoppers to spend $50 will receive an adorable pajama set from Tea Collection!

The event will be held on Sunday, September 25 from 9:30am - 2:00pm at the JCC San Francisco (3200 California Street @ Presidio).  Admission is 2 for $8 at or $5 each online or at the door.
Speakers and Workshops


Come ask your breastfeeding questions in this group Q & A session led by internationally board certified lactation consultant, Jennifer Suffin. Whether you are pregnant with questions about getting started, a new parent with challenges, getting ready to go back to work, or thinking about weaning, the goal of this session is to provide you with practical answers and empowering support.
Contact:, or 415.939.7877


Sleep consultant Angelique Millette will cover questions and concerns regarding infant sleep to help you and your family become well on your way to happy, healthy sleep habits! This workshop will cover baby sleep needs and how best to help little ones establish sleep habits/patterns. Also addressed are such issues as: how developmental milestones impact infant sleep development and what to do, SIDS guidelines, naps, dropping night feeds, no/low cry sleep methods vs. crying methods vs. parent presence methods. Many sleep arrangements will be discussed: co-sleeping, room-sharing, crib sleeping, siblings sharing rooms, twins.
Contact:,, 415.785.4180


Come ask Nurse Judy from Noe Valley Pediatrics any questions you have about your little one. Topics can include teething, colic, fevers, common colds, vaccinations and anything else you are concerned or curious about. Nurse Judy also runs small group classes for parents on topics that include safety, illness, solid foods and parenting.


Safety Training Seminars will present an informational seminar on how to save a choking child or infant. In the United States, over 3000 people die each year from choking and many of these deaths could have been easily prevented. Learn how to save a choking child or choking infant and practice on one of the realistic manikins, with instructors available to answer any questions.
Contact:, or 415.437.1600
Tell them Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment sent you!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Window Wednesday is back - see, plus SF Birth and Baby Fair!

Photos from around the shop, not quite as good as being here and showing us your smiling face but it gives you an idea of our great selection!

New kidlet seating area to look at books with parents!
Board games brings families together!

Rock on a white stallion.

Honey-rrific sleeping bag.

NILO table! Wooden dollhouse and Mega Bloks wagon.
For your little sportster.

Cleats for soccer, football, baseball. Bike helmets. Safety gear.

Groovy Girl accessories! (drum set, bed, etc)
ORGANIC clothing and other items

ARE YOU PREGNANT or just had a baby? Head to the Birth and Baby Fair, San Francisco! 
Sunday, OCTOBER 2, 20011 at the Herbst Pavillion, Fort Mason.
For more details: Birth and Baby Fair
Give-Aways, new products, local designers and more!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Layers, Summer Markdowns, and control

What to do with fun summer dresses, strappy and tank tops, shorts and capris? LAYER! Add a thermal long sleeved shirt under a cotton dress, add tights and warm boots - a Fall Outfit! For boys, let them wear their favorite cargo shorts with leggings or thermal pants underneath and put a long sleeve tee under their favorite sport tank and off they go, warmer but still in their favorite clothes from summer!

I put some examples up on our store's door, hanging a nylon vest over a light tee with jean skirt and leggings. Cargo shorts with long sleeve onsie. Floral overalls over zip hoodie sweater. So many possibilities to extend the wearability of your kids' clothes....PLUS we're going to have a BLOW OUT Summer Sale next week so you can practice this technique...

All kids sizes, Maternity, many styles!!

Control is hard when you're young. Sometimes your words get stuck in your head, your actions are over-reactions, and you are having so much fun your forget the rules. Please remember to be with your kids in the store. We have one play table and a selection of "store" toys to play with. If you want your child to try a toy that is priced to sell you must attend them closely and please put the item back on the shelf. Please ask to open any bag or remove tape to check out an item more thoroughly. We bag and tape to keep the items together and kids safe. When items are stained, damaged, or parts go missing it means someone will not get their consignment percentage from a sale. Help your fellow consignors get their dues ;-)

Do you want help for a few minutes with kids so you can shop? If we have the time we're happy to assist watching your kids. Are you in a hurry? We can help you find what you're looking for on the floor so you can get out fast. Need something from up high or that is packaged? We're available. Want to check stock before you drive down? Give us a call. Have a compliment, complaint, news or anything to share? Stephanie wants to hear from you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday - I spy a.....(pics)

A quick look around the store and there are always some great pieces here! Take a look...
Toddler Seat-of-their-own

Hot little pepper!

Fun boots

Kettler trike with handle & cup holder

Kettler Balance Bike with hand brake

Exersaucer in primaries

New In Box learning toy

Chapter books & series, learning & more

Mad Hatter costume sz 5-6

Build your own ship
Sit on your back or at the table

a-mazing fun

FAO Schwarz Jack-in-the-Box and LARGE Groovy Girl princess

Winter jackets (some 1/2 off)

JJ Cole Bundle Me's

Goofy giraffe bank for a goofy kid

Peek-A-Pooh changing table with drawer & shelves, pad. Also baby scale and nursing pillows.

Kettler play yard with adjustable pad height. Also, bouncer seats.

Shabby country star hooks, Wendy Bellissimo BEE wall shelf with hooks.

Pooh bouncer with mobile, wooden rocking cradle.

LARGE wooden dollhouse you can paint or wallpaper!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fancy Shmancy (pics)

Halloween is next, then Thanksgiving, then more holidays! We are getting in rain gear, snow gear and getting back to clothing for the cooler days and nights. We have in two 4T white boy's dress shirts, never worn, with ties. We have nice cords, khakis, slacks, smocked outfits, blazers too. More in the store! Here are some plaids, reds, greens, etc....

Preppy or Punk, plus costumes!
Snowflake dress, long sleeve shirt, quilted jacket, and snow boots. Ready to go!
3T Imp green velvet blazer and a Scottish wool kilt
10/12 vest-n-shirt for big sister
3T black velvet ribbon with rosette

6X Bluberri Blvd knit coat

18/24m Herringbone or Velour & plaid

12/18m variety of Velvet

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, another spy day! (pics)

Ending the work week (well, for some of you) on an up note, here are pictures of some great items we have in store!!

HUGE Millennium Falcon with figures, sounds, ship, OH MY!

Fun blue LED light and pretty, small rug.

Girl's bike with tassels and training wheels.

Simple Bjorn seat, TRAIN TABLE!

Mega Bloks truck with blocks.

Box of Mega Bloks, construction style.

Rocking horse, Peg horse.

FP Little People Barn with animals and farmer.

Tinker Toy Jr, NEW Bionicle set!

Half off!

2 Pali white changing tables!

Fast and sporty mobiles (50% off!)

Gentle gliding rocker (50% off!)

Fleurville diaper bag. Maternity clothing (50% off!)

All sorts of seats for eating!

Pretty dress (girl size 16)

Rain gear has started to come in.

Lunch carriers, backpacks, totes, purses!

NEW Ergo baby carrier items, food warmers, etc.

Wonderful doll house (reduced to $100!) with accessories

BEAUTIFUL crib set consigned by Mr. Heller!

Woody costume (7-8)

Lots of gates!

Kettler wooden, adj height play yard, and bouncy seats, Boppy pillow.
Thanks for looking, we hope to see you soon!