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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Window Wednesday - Beat the heat

Whew! Summer's on and here are some fun things to add to your day from our store...

Blow up the pit and throw in the balls, add kids - good times!

Swinging from a tree (or swing set) in the shade sounds good!

Create your own castle and put a moat around it!
Kids have energy and you don't? Let them play with Elmo while you watch and laugh!

Dunking practice with the a/c on - good times!

Music calms the hottest beast.

Lay low and do puzzles!

Let the kids "take a drive"down PCH...!

Soft and stackable, plenty to learn from and play with when you don't yet walk.

Pretend you are a mermaid, too!

SAVE 25% on bath tubs, bath toys and towels - get wet!!
Also save 25% on clothing sizes 7-14, and eatery stuff (bottles, bibs, utensils, etc)

PLUS now through 7/31 
SAVE 30% on...
Shorts, Swim wear, Dresses, Skirts, Overalls, Rompers
for kids AND maternity!!

discounts cannot be combined, thank you.

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