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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to the Future (or... We are open 5 days a week again!)

Summer time...heat, sun, water, fruits and vegetables, friends and family! For us at the store we have found this summer to need a little change up and so we have gone back to our 5 days a week schedule....

10a - 5p
Wednesday - Sunday

Thanks for sticking with us!

Summer can affect all types of schedules. I personally LOVE to sleep in but I don't get to this year as my son's summer camp has us up and out the door by 8:15. Sleep schedules for children can be affected by the longer daylight hours so if you struggle with this you may want to invest in black out curtains for your child's room, or begin a new bedtime routine that involves longer quiet time, saying goodnight to the sunset, etc.

If you can afford to give your children a late wake up time then enjoy the long days to the fullest! Trips further from home can be done with ease if your children activities aren't crammed into the same old timing. Take advantage of the cooler evenings with outdoor play and neighborly visits. Watch the sunset on the coast, listen to the crickets and frogs, see how everything changes as night falls.

- Stephanie

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