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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After the reorg comes the refocus

What we can accomplish in a few days is amazing! The entire store has been opened up, light flows from the front windows to back area where furniture and books are in a relaxed space, children's clothing racks are separated with end cap shelves and bins, toys are spread along half a wall and easily visible, shoes are near the desk with small chairs for trying on, with games and arts and crafts up front. What a difference that hard work made to us and to our customers; all feedback has been 100% positive so we know we're doing something right!

Our new focus is on the items that are most requested and which, over the past 2.5 years, sell best. This means that our efforts at having a huge selection of maternity has been reduced to a basic selection of high end (well-fitting) jeans, tops and dresses, basic garments such as camis, swimwear, bras, belly bands, and nursing tops. We are excited to be able to have then made room....just "room", i.e. space to browse and walk around comfortably. Already we have found this to be an excellent direction!

Please join us at the store for EVENTS and SALES, new to you clothing, toys, furniture and so much more!

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