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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Special deals

We like to give you the best, not only in quality and selection but pricing.

Right now we're offering all "snow" clothing at 25% off! We have Winter Hats in a Half Off Bin, and some great priced snow boots so if you are heading to the white stuff we hopefully have you covered!

There is a Half Off Bin also for overalls, the all purpose clothing! A variety of sizes and styles await.

We have an entire double rack on display from the Girls 0-24m Half Off Bins. Check it out and then come inside for more Half Off Bin goodness!

Also, a rack of sweaters and jackets on display from the April 40% off Sale of ALL jackets & sweaters. Pick from that rack or come inside for more on the regular racks, maternity too!

Maternity has it's own Half Off Rack of a variety of items, the round rack by the desk. Check it out, try them on!

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