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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tips for storing and bringing in consigments and donations

I've been thinking of how to create a process of  storing reusable items that would work for most people. Here is some of what I've come up with....

1) Keep two bags near the dryer. One bag for "Clothing/Bedding Consignment" (in good repair, sellable quality, no recalls). One bag for "Donations" (may have stains, out of style, not accepted by consignment shops for any reason besides recalls). When the bags fill up you are ready to go with appropriate items which are clean and ready to be reused.

2) Keep two bags in the garage for toys and gear with wipes nearby to clean each item. One bag for "Consignment" items (all parts included, in good repair, no recalls). One bag for "Other", i.e. missing pieces toys, small bits and partial sets (no recalls) which can be used by your kids for art projects, given to schools for art projects, etc. If you think your kids might get into the bags and complain about their items going away, label the bags with some type of code and put them up high! Broken items may be recyclable, check the plastic code, but please don't pass along broken items for safety's sake.

3) Furniture: After checking for recalls on what you have and before you buy a new piece, call ahead to consignment shops to be sure your item can be dropped off. Try to coordinate installing the new with taking out the old so you don't have to store pieces. Even if you sell your items privately it's appropriate to check for recalls first.

4) Remember: If any items are recalled they must be corrected by manufacturer kits or replacement, or destroyed and disposed of by you. Clothing and accessories can be recalled as well as furniture and gear so please check everything!

Of course, you can keep bags in your car trunk but always be sure to check with consignment shops before just showing up with your goods. Often there are in-take restrictions and possibly appointments required.

At our store we appreciate drop offs in paper bags or reusable bags (that we can keep, reuse, give away). If you have stored items in bins please repack before coming in, unless we can keep the bins! Do you have an excessive amount of reusable bags? We'll gladly accept donations of bags which we can reuse within the store and give to customers who may need a bag to carry home all their bought goodies.

We are pleased to be a part of your Paying It Forward! - Stephanie

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