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Saturday, March 12, 2011

New product reporting government website

Since it is illegal to sell recalled items as well as potentially unsafe, we receive all Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notices. We check items in our store and before they are entered against this database. Now the government has created a website for reporting harm caused and therefor potentially creating a recall and more importantly spreading the word of safety issues.

We encourage you to visit

Many recalls have a "fix". Before passing along an item to a consignment store or a friend or even selling it on your own, please check each product and make sure what you're passing along is safe for more use. As a consumer feel free to ask questions about items being resold, how they were inspected and checked for safety issues.

We hope everyone stays safe and keeps others safe while "paying it forward". Check out blogs and sites that can help you re-purpose items that cannot be used for their original intention anymore. Get creative with how you will keep products out of the landfill. how you will make a little money back from your purchase, or with how you simply give to others in need.

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