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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whether the weather be cold, whether the weather be hot....

Whether the weather be cold, whether the weather be hot....we've got you covered or not!

Jackets and sweaters are on sale in April so come get your cold weather gear for cold Spring mornings or evenings, for camping, for travel, for next Fall - save 40%! Maternity jackets and sweaters are included so come try something on.

Pants and shorts are also on sale in April - save 25%! Jeans, slacks, khakis, cords, cargos, capris, board shorts, jersey knit shorts, snaps or elastic, we have a variety on our racks for babies, kids and maternity.

Swimwear is being put out again. Whatever we have is on the racks, keep checking with us for swim lessons, beach trips, vacations and more for kids and maternity. Summer hats are ready to shade your little one's face and keep cool while the sun shines hot. Sandals, water shoes, tennies for running outside are priced right for growing feet. We still have a few rain boots and snow boots, too!

Still need some cooler weather clothes? We always carry fleece, jeans, socks, and over the summer our winter items will available (just call ahead and we'll get it out for you!) Blankets will keep babies warm and securely wrapped, covered in strollers and while traveling. Fresh sheets for cribs and more if you want to change your decor or need a few more in your own linen closet as potty training happens.

Skates are coming in, over-the-shoe style for beginners fun. American Girl dolls and books for quiet play and reading (or rowdy, however your children do their thing!) Zoobs, blocks, books, dolls, vehicles, music and more are on our shelves and replenished as quickly as possible. Rainy days aren't a problem when you stash away a few "new" toys. Summer fun is doubled when you can bring them outside.

Whether you shop with us once in a while or are one of our regulars, we hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love you, tomorrow (HALF OFF!), Rokenbok too!

Rokenbok- Not just the table....
and not just one kit....
but a BUNCH of kits, PLUS the table, PLUS controllers!!!!!!!!!! 
Tomorrow all of it is only $1000 (valued at $4K retail!!!!)  
You have to see it to believe it!! Perfect for a whole family's fun, daycare, grandparents, and more!!

We're doing it again! This time we're taking the Last Day Of The Month Half Off, normally reserved for the 0-12 month clothing racks, and we're spreading it all over the store - TOMORROW!!

NOTE: The new formal dresses, new Ergos and select items noted in-store will NOT be at half off, but OH SO MUCH WILL BE!!!

Blond wood changing table at HALF OFF!

This Dutailier Glider at HALF OFF, along with most decor, toys, bedding, etc

Backpack baby carriers!

Breast Pumps!

Bouncer Seats and Exersaucer! (pink seat still pending approval)

Organic Clothing!

Cloth Diapering!

Maternity and Nursing Clothing!

Outfits, dresses, separates, hats, etc, for Spring!
Just another reason for a Thankful Thursday. See you soon!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tips for storing and bringing in consigments and donations

I've been thinking of how to create a process of  storing reusable items that would work for most people. Here is some of what I've come up with....

1) Keep two bags near the dryer. One bag for "Clothing/Bedding Consignment" (in good repair, sellable quality, no recalls). One bag for "Donations" (may have stains, out of style, not accepted by consignment shops for any reason besides recalls). When the bags fill up you are ready to go with appropriate items which are clean and ready to be reused.

2) Keep two bags in the garage for toys and gear with wipes nearby to clean each item. One bag for "Consignment" items (all parts included, in good repair, no recalls). One bag for "Other", i.e. missing pieces toys, small bits and partial sets (no recalls) which can be used by your kids for art projects, given to schools for art projects, etc. If you think your kids might get into the bags and complain about their items going away, label the bags with some type of code and put them up high! Broken items may be recyclable, check the plastic code, but please don't pass along broken items for safety's sake.

3) Furniture: After checking for recalls on what you have and before you buy a new piece, call ahead to consignment shops to be sure your item can be dropped off. Try to coordinate installing the new with taking out the old so you don't have to store pieces. Even if you sell your items privately it's appropriate to check for recalls first.

4) Remember: If any items are recalled they must be corrected by manufacturer kits or replacement, or destroyed and disposed of by you. Clothing and accessories can be recalled as well as furniture and gear so please check everything!

Of course, you can keep bags in your car trunk but always be sure to check with consignment shops before just showing up with your goods. Often there are in-take restrictions and possibly appointments required.

At our store we appreciate drop offs in paper bags or reusable bags (that we can keep, reuse, give away). If you have stored items in bins please repack before coming in, unless we can keep the bins! Do you have an excessive amount of reusable bags? We'll gladly accept donations of bags which we can reuse within the store and give to customers who may need a bag to carry home all their bought goodies.

We are pleased to be a part of your Paying It Forward! - Stephanie

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fancy, Formal, Frilly - NEW dresses!

We are proud to have taken in some *NEW* fancy dresses in sizes from 12m (1) to 16 for girls!! These amazing pieces were locally designed and are at incredible prices - $75 each WOW! Perfect for occassions from flower girl to proms, fancy tea parties, portraits, family gatherings, formal outings, etc. They all have zippers in back, some have flowers, bows, button details, underskirts and satin trim. There are some shrugs (organza, satin) as well. Here are pictures of just a few from the racks we have in stock right now, with more to come!

They are sooooooooo pretty, we are already picking out our favorites for our own girls! If you have an occassion in mind or think one might come up you should really stop by.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Warning for Button Batteries from the CPSC

Latest post about the dangers of button batteries for children and seniors. Please be careful!

CPSC button battery warnings

To avoid such dangers, and due to the fact that the batteries wear out easily but are not replaced easily, will be not be taking in books with button batteries. Thank you for your understanding.

Window Wednesday - see what's in store!

Welcome back to a look in our store! Today is March 23, it is Spring, we have a photography event coming up, Easter to look forward to, Spring and Summer weddings and other formal occasions. Let's look at a couple of cute dresses (Dresses are 25% off this month!!) We have a special display rack of dresses in the front of the store, all sizes, all styles!


Babies and toddlers love to be busy. Here are some fun ways to keep them occupied, learning, having fun...

Evenflo Exersaucer (5m - 12m) $25.99

Train table with 3 bins for storage $99!

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer n Stroll Tricycle with handle $40

Fisher Price Laugh N Learn Jumperoo $57.99

Sesame Street, still going strong!

Fisher Price Little People characters, accessories, vehicles!

Maternity and Nursing clothing are often worn for a short time so clothes frequently come to us looking like new. Consignment is the best way to get great looks with great value!

A nice selection of tops, bottoms in our 50% area

Beautiful sheer with cami Japanese Weekend shirt $28.99

Outstanding deal on Thyme suit $19.99
Mimi silk sleeveless dress $69.99

Decorating for your style, for your child's tastes, for fun! We have wall shelves, clocks, pictures, lamps, growth charts, etc...
Super cute giraffe clothes stand $19.99

Child-sized pod chair, "traffic light" light, mobiles and more

Peg shelf, moon light, castle theme pegs, satin pillow "It's All About ME"

Prints, Family Tree, Clocks, etc

Paddington Bear lamp base and a night light

Furniture and gear, always a great buy on consignment. You'll find style, function, portability, reliability. We have two gliders, a Badger Basket round infant bed, Cradle Swing, bassinets, Pack-n-Plays. Our special buy for the moment is a Pacific Rim solid maple non-toxic never recalled drop-side crib including organic mattress plus accessories PRICE REDUCED $500 for ALL!! (Please call or come by for more information on the crib - drop sides are legal to sell until June 2011. We are always in compliance with legal guidelines and recalls.)

Maclaren Rocker with canopy $40.00

Blond wood changing table with 2 shelves $45.99, includes small clear plastic side storage bins by Prince Lionheart.

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider seat $55.00

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony travel swing in pinks $24.99

Inglesina (European "Maclaren") Twin Swift double stroller with canopies and two Maclaren stroller bags $130.00

In Step Safari Turn Technology swivel double jogger $99.00

And sometimes, things are just plain CUTE! We receive random items and just love their look in the store and (if we don't buy them for ourselves) we have fun putting them on display!

Bunnies! On pajamas, shirts, costumes, jeans, etc.

These are designer samples = price reduced 25%!

Sock monkey!!