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Saturday, January 15, 2011

We had HypnoBirthing discussion this morning. Great things learned!

Wow, I did not think I wanted to watch a video on birthing but Debby explained that hypno-birthing is not a loud or painful way to birth and so I put my trust in her and watched a few (yes, more than one!) and it was a relief to watch these women take full control of their bodies and minds. Amazing! My reasons for not wanting to watch in the first place was my own birthing memories (lots of pain); I didn't want to "go back". But this method was completely refreshing and simple, very calming for those of us just watching not to mention those who were in the videos. Debby mentioned that some moms, who like me had not great birthing, choose this method and actually enjoy their next birthing(s). How wonderful for them!

I would urge you pregnant or to-be-pregnant mamas to consider this option for birth.

 Thank you, Debby, for your insight! - Stephanie

Alicia with Debby watching the videos
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Deby Catz, M.S.W.

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