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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peeking through our window, a drop in crib's price, sale reminders!

Here are some pictures of items in our window right now...

These are so cute. Yarn lengths for added FUN to hairstyles!
Pink shirts because boys CAN wear any color they like!
Beautiful frilly velour Baby Biscotti dress with hearts.


New with tags sweater by Room Seven ($100 retail) for that special girl, only $59.99!

Preggo in Pinks! Warm reversible vest over striped shirt and red skirt.

Shabby & sturdy shelf with pegs, sweet!

We also are showing a red wagon, Nancy Drew book series, glider and ottoman, changing table and changing station dresser, darling mobiles and more!

In stock (see below) we have a Pacific Rim solid maple Arts & Crafts style crib coated ONLY in beeswax and linseed oil - no laquer or paint finish! Originally bought for over $1,000 the consignor recently lowered the price from $500 to $400 - an AMAZING buy! With the crib we can also provide you with an organic mattress, mattress cover, bumper, puddle pad, crib skirt. Then, head over to our organic clothing rack!

smooooooth finish

beautiful and sturdy

It IS a drop side crib, NO recalls, NO fix from manufacturer, LEGAL to sell at this time!

Come and take a peek for yourself ;-)

Don't forget: 
This Monday is the last day of the month and that means 50% off clothing on
0-12 month racks for girls and boys!

Because we love you REMINDER:
Half off most everything in the store on Valentine's Day weekend, 2/12 - 2/14!!
Save up your store credit so it will go twice as far.
Remember this sale to stock up on next sizes up, snow gear, rain gear, jackets and more!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


From Red Tricycle:

Other than Tahoe snow option for kids

There are many great resources on this site, check them out!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, shop here for the best prices on your kids' snow gear: Kamik, Columbia, REI, SubZero, Arctic, Spyder, Abercrombie and more.

Snow pants & bibs

Snow boots

Ski helmets

Gloves, mittens, hats, wool socks

Infant bunting

(we even sold snow toboggans!)

We have some cute "Snow Bunny", "Snow Day" and other winter themed clothing, fleece lined pants, overalls, warm jackets, as well as warm boots, long johns and fleece.

By the way, SNOW gear is one category we will accept when we are not taking other clothing. Thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Select Maternity Clothing Sale - Our new 50% off Rack

From Old Navy to Mimi, select clothing is now hanging 
on our new 50% off Rack

Feel comfortable, look great!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Green store pics (literally)

This BOB Revolution stroller is about 5 years old and comes with additional seat cover, rain/sun shield, cup holder, some wear on handle and normal wear otherwise. Good working condition! Our price: $275! (an over $600 value)

Here are some more green things we have in stock right now. 
Come in to see all the colors, styles, brands, and prices we have!

Hanna Andersson NEW fleece coat 6-12m  $24.99
Stokke Kinderzeat, soft olive green velour 2 piece padding, like new $14.99

Haven Girl Designer Sample size 5, right now 25% off 14.99!

Fisher Price Round About Zoo $14.99

Boppy Nursing Pillows 25% off this month! We also have covers and My Brest Friend.

Lightweight long sleeve maternity sweater with faux shirt, like new $14.99

Smiling froggy slip ons, size 5, $7.99. BabyBotte leather buckle shoes, size 5, $14.99

We are here as a "green" way to do business, to keep things going when they have lots of wear and use left. We also keep things going as donations. Let your kids know when you come home from our store that New To You is just as good as New (sometimes even better!). Enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drop your Boxtops 4 Education with us

We help local schools any way we can as parents and concerned citizens.

Please help us do more by cutting out and bringing in boxtops and we'll distribute to Marin County public schools!

Easy: cut off the above symbol from diaper boxes and food labels, put them in the bag at our desk.

Thank you for helping support neighborhood schools!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Back to nature" in store pics

Beautiful touches of nature in our store...

PBK butterfly wooden plaque $16.99

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by The Timeworks (the star swings) $30

Wooden mobile, squirrel & acorns in branches $12.99

PBK Starry Nights Are Good... full crib set $99

FAO Schwarz dinosaurs in soft "cave" $49.99

Hanna Andersson NWT fleece jacket $24.99

Bunny on coated metal plate and drinking cup $9.99

For your pretend pooch or kitty, a soft folding house $9.99 and pet bed $10.99
So many more things for you to discover here!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In store today pics...

Bath -25% in January! Tubs, towels, toys, tray, robes, etc

Double BOB stroller, fixed wheel, in great condition ONLY $175!

Anyone having quadruplets? We have two double Baby Trend stroller frames.

Contain baby in Baby Einstein Activity Center. Let baby stand at Leap Frog Learning Table.

We had HypnoBirthing discussion this morning. Great things learned!

Wow, I did not think I wanted to watch a video on birthing but Debby explained that hypno-birthing is not a loud or painful way to birth and so I put my trust in her and watched a few (yes, more than one!) and it was a relief to watch these women take full control of their bodies and minds. Amazing! My reasons for not wanting to watch in the first place was my own birthing memories (lots of pain); I didn't want to "go back". But this method was completely refreshing and simple, very calming for those of us just watching not to mention those who were in the videos. Debby mentioned that some moms, who like me had not great birthing, choose this method and actually enjoy their next birthing(s). How wonderful for them!

I would urge you pregnant or to-be-pregnant mamas to consider this option for birth.

 Thank you, Debby, for your insight! - Stephanie

Alicia with Debby watching the videos
Debby Catz's brochures available at our store

Deby Catz, M.S.W.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Gear is here

Headed to the snow? Check with us first for gear, boots, helmets, hats, gloves, even Under Armor! We'll take your call to check sizes or come by so we can hear about your upcoming trip.

Head, Abercrombie, Gymboree, Patagonia, Under Armor, Smart Wool, North Face, Kamik, fleece, etc...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine's items (and a special P.S.)

We don't have a card or flowers for you but we do have some cute clothing and shoes...

Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Le Top, Old Navy, Lelli Kelly, Gap, Neptune Zoo, Pipiolo, Me In Mind, Giggle Moon, Haven Girl, Adams Apple, Carter's...and we'll have more heart themed brands displayed soon! You can always search the racks, take your time and browse as we're sure you'll find something you like.

P.S. see our Sales & Events for a special Valentine's notice!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loved Twice needs your help!

Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment is a proud drop off location for the local charity Loved Twice, founded by Lisa Klein. We have posted information on leaving items, spreading the word about the charity, but now we hope to enlighten you about the charity's own needs.

Please read the following article from the Oakland Tribune and help if you can. Thank you!

Inside Bay Area, Oakland Tribune, Local News - Loved Twice

The charity's website is:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FREE HypnoBirth class this Saturday!

What is Hypnobirthing, you ask? A relaxing and stress free method of birthing that allows mothers to experience the joys of birthing in an easier, more comfortable manner. Relaxation techniques are taught to mother and her birthing companion to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labors and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm and comfort.

Debbie Catz, a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator for 11 years, has taught hundreds of couples how to joyfully bring their babies into the world. Come and learn how you, too, can embrace a truly empowering birth experience as you welcome your baby into your lives. There will be an opportunity to enter a drawing for a discount on a future series of HypnoBirthing classes. You will also get to see a film of a HypnoBirth and ask any questions you might have.

On a personal note, I did a HypnoBirth class and had a practice CD that I used for months before the birth of my son. Like a good meditation class, the HypnoBirth CD was so relaxing that I used it to help me fall asleep. Of course the experts tell you not to fall asleep (!) but to use these methods on your path to enlightenment...or to childbirth...whichever comes first (and sometimes they come simultaneously).

During the actual birth, my husband played the CD and said that my body instantly relaxed (I was a little distracted at the time but he is observant and generally tells the truth). Once my body relaxed, I was more present for the experience.

I loaned the CDs to all of my girlfriends who had babies after me and they also raved about the benefits. Now you, too, can experience the benefits of this practice.

1.15.11 Saturday 10:30a at Marin Kids Consignment

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breaking News: "Blinky light shoes" are recycleable! This weekend: shred your papers and recycle your electronics...

'Tis the season for clearing out the old, making room for the next-to-new or new-to-you!

About 2 days before Christmas, someone left us a surprise in the foyer at Marin Kids Consignment...a lovely PILE of computer monitors, keyboards, and old heater and such. We wondered who misread our sign and thought we were an e-waste recycling operation? We guess that some misguided soul thought we are able to recycle everything to the charities we work with (which we wish we had the resources to do), so let's use this as an opportunity to clear up that misconception by saying that:
1) we love to help distribute your stuff to new families...but that we are a kids and maternity shop, so please keep it to kids and maternity items, in working order and clean!
2) we don't have the resources to distribute house hold goods or computers or anything other than kids and maternity items as stated above!

Now, what to do with the "gift" that someone left on our doorstep?

There are many places to recycle old computers and everything electronic (including blinky light shoes!), and most places do it for free or for a very low cost. There are events all over Marin, in fact there is one THIS WEEKEND! They are often fundraisers for local schools:

Shredding Services available from Integrity Shred from 9am-12pm
  • Bring all your old documents and watch them be shredded on the spot.
  • Cost: $5.00 per legal sized box/computer paper box (or equivalent size bag). Limit 5 boxes per person so that everyone can have their documents shredded (will shred additional boxes if time permits)
AND Electronic waste drop off from 10am-3pm
  • Bring your old electronics (working or not) and drop off to have them disposed of in a safe and responsible way. This e-waste drop off is FREE.
  • Items accepted: all tv's, monitors, computers, laptops, computer components, cell phones, stereos, ipods, game consoles, DVD/VCR players, printers, copiers, fax machines, cables and cords, household batteries, Christmas lights, blinky light shoes.
WHEN: Saturday, January 8, 2011

WHERE: Hamilton School front parking lot, One Main Gate Road, Novato, CA 94949

All proceeds to benefit Hamilton School PTA

An everyday resource for recycling e-waste is the Marin Computer Resource Center:
"We recycle household electronics and give away free refurbished computers to those in need to help narrow the digital divide. Since 1994 we have given away thousands of computers to schools, non-profit organizations and economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals. Discarded electronics are reclaimed and refurbished in our training program where volunteers learn to restore computers for home, school, and office applications."

They are located at 42 Digital Drive #3, Novato (415) 883-1428

So, out with old and in with the new! Don't forget to shop with us first, as we often have items that are new with tags or next to new. And happy recycling!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kick off the new year with free Mom and Baby Yoga!

1.10.11 Monday **11:15a** - We welcome back Janna Barkin for Mom & Baby Yoga! Please bring your own mat, towel and water bottle.

Written by Megan Numair
As a new mom several years ago, my earliest postpartum days were filled with a constant stream of family and friends – flowers, gifts, warm meals, and arms eager to hold my little bundle. But as the weeks passed and sleep deprivation set in, my world became small. My days became a blur of nursing, dozing, shuffling around the house in slippers, and before long, I felt myself on the verge of what felt like a mental breakdown. Hormone fluctuations, new responsibility, and utter exhaustion all played their part in the erosion of my emotional state – I was well aware of the common causes and symptoms of postpartum depression; what I hadn’t anticipated was the overwhelming sense of loneliness.
In some cultures, new moms are enveloped in support – from the priceless wisdom offered by local matriarchs to ritualistic bathing and pampering. By contrast, most modern American new moms are sent home after a hospital birth, left to fend for themselves in suburban seclusion. Often with little or no family nearby, sparse community, few close neighbors, and no tangible maternal role models, women are frequently spending their first vulnerable postpartum months in relative isolation.
Community is an integral part of our human experience – we are not meant to exist in isolation. This is especially true for new moms. If you have ever had a regular asana practice, you are no doubt familiar with the power that communities of practice provide. There arises a distinct prana, or life force, from the energy of the collective. Likewise, a yoga studio full of new moms and their infants can host a vibrant alchemy.
In addition to supporting the body’s postpartum recovery, Mom and Baby Yoga is an ideal opportunity to find comfort and confidence in this new rhythm of life. The practice of yoga offers opportunities to observe what arises from within – to glimpse how our minds and bodies respond to challenge, discomfort, fear, or feelings of inadequacy – and asana practice can be regarded as a microcosm of our experience in the world at large. For the new mom, learning to balance her own needs with baby’s demands during her practice time, in the safety of the yoga studio, often helps establish the confidence needed to effectively do the same balancing act off the mat.
Many new moms experience a heightened sense of anxiety; a particularly fussy baby can set off alarms for a mom who worries about others’ reactions, and may trigger the desire for her to bolt. Yoga teaches us to stay. By embracing the yogic principles of compassion and patience, new moms can feel the freedom to explore the boundaries of their expectations, fears, and the many uncertainties that accompany new motherhood. Many women grieve the sudden absence of time to oneself – Mom and Baby yoga reminds her to pause and be still in even the briefest of moments, to be present with baby, and to breathe. Some new moms don’t feel ‘in their bodies’ after giving birth. Because the body opens to accommodate the birthing process, a postpartum asana practice can help reel herself back in – physically and energetically.
Yoga instructor, Janna Barkin, certified childbirth educator and mother, brings15 years of pre and postnatal expertise to the studio. From this foundation, she facilitates not only the asana practice, but also community-building and seamless integration of the many issues new moms face. Janna will hold babies, walk around the studio, and model ways of being in the pose with baby – offering several modifications – depending on whether baby is lying on the mat, nursing, or actively alert and engaged.
Janna explains: “My intention is to foster an environment that is mutually beneficial for mom and baby. It is a place where new moms can come together with their babies to nourish and strengthen themselves as they move through postnatal time and beyond. Through the yoga practice the new mom can connect deeper with her self, her breath, her baby, and her community.”
Janna not only guides the asana, but reminiscent of a doula – she supports, educates, encourages, connects, and integrates all the pieces – in true yoga spirit. And where there is union, there is harmony.
One student remarks: “Mama and Baby yoga is a beautiful break from the day, where I can feel comfortable with women who completely understand what I'm dealing with. The physicality of the yoga Janna instructs targets exactly what my body needs after birth… and Liam loves being in a room with other babies!”

Most Mom and Baby yoga classes are open to beginners, as well as those who have had an established practice pre-pregnancy and/or during pregnancy. Janna leads a weekly “Baby and Me” workshop series that begins monthly at YogaWorks Larkspur Landing. Drop in is also available. For more information, go to: or email Janna directly at