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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday with News and Pics

Giving thanks today for the support and patronage we've received from the local (and distant) communities!

Good News / Bad News...
- Good news: we have many items to donate (clothing, toys, strollers, infant swing, etc)
- Bad news: many local charities are full right now and we cannot store all the goodness.
Can you help? Know any charities in need? Can you pick up and deliver? Thank you for your consideration!

Pictures for your shopping pleasure...
Mutsy $32.50

Dutailier LIKE NEW $400 (firm)
vibrating bouncer with toy bar $24.99
Maclaren rocker $44.99
2ea Space Saver boosters $21.99/$29.99

papasan swing $65.99
floral bed canopy, basket, art, shelf (frame sold already!)
many diaper bags (Fleurville, etc)
kitchen $49.99, Tollytots play center $29.99 - Cleats for soccer and baseball/football
What else?
- Bedding for cribs and toddler beds, some twin mattress too
- MATERNITY (want to look FAB for New Year's??)
- Rain boots in select sizes
- Snow gear and boots in select sizes
- Pop up tents
- Books galore
- Cradles
- Upholstered gliders
- Backpacks, purses, bags
- Dance wear and shoes
- Puzzles, Arts and Crafts, Learning
- IKEA lamp for kids
- Boppies and covers; My Brest Friend and covers
- DVDs, CDs
- Leap Frog Leap Pad plus books & cartridges (GREAT deal!!)
- Potties
- Take 50% off Holiday wear and Holiday books
- Organic items

Come on in and see for yourself! (Store is (most) 33% off today and tomorrow!!!)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012: a new year and new (updated) procedures!

It's almost here, 2012, another new year! No regrets, no impluse resolutions but plenty of hope and goodness!!

We love our consignors and we love our customers so we try our best to work smart for both. We accept "consignments": your account receives monies due 10 days after an item's sale. And we also accept "donations": items that are not sellable or which you choose to donate to those in need rather than consign. If you can ever help distribute donations please let us know!

Over the last three years we have has tweaked procedures according to what works best for all involved. May this particular post help everyone to understand our latest (and greatest, if I do say so myself)....


1) Every Wednesday check our website (this blog) by clicking on "Accepting This Week" in right hand menu. (Bookmark us)

2) Check for recalls. It is illegal to resell recalled items (and unsafe). NOTE: Donations must also be checked for recalls.

3) Check that the items you are consigning are in good condition. We will accept up to two paper bags of items, plus one or two large items, according to Accepting This Week. Your first and last name MUST be on the bags or you may not get credit for your drop off! NOTE: For donations, if you also have stained, pilled, missing a button, small hole in the knee, toys with missing pieces, etc, those are to be bagged separately labeled "donations" - these must be USABLE items (not one sock, stained undergarments, broken toys, garbage, etc). Please put donations in reasonably sized plastic or resusable shopping bags for ease of transport, thank you. NEVER leave donations when the store is closed, for safety's sake!!

4) Call ahead (during store hours Wed-Sun 10-5) for an appointment - Days we accept are Thursday through Sunday and the hours for appointments are between 11a and 4p. NOTE: We can take up to 3 appointments per day so call ASAP after checking the list!

5) Please call if you cannot make your original scheduled appointment. This helps us plan our days. We appreciate the notice and will work with you for another drop off time.

As of 2012 all intentions are for items to be entered the same day as drop off. Immediately after items are entered you will be emailed an Item List Report (ILR). NOTE: There is a disclaimer on the report that the ILR may be a partial list as we may enter items at different times.  It may then take 1 to 24 hours to tag and put those items on the floor.

Wait at least two weeks from receipt of an ILR to inquire on sales of those items. After that time you may get an update by emailing, calling during store hours, or requesting in person. An ILR can be emailed to you at any time so that you may check your items' status (Qty 0 means the item is no longer on the floor, sold or other*). NOTE: ILR's can be truncated if they are too long. If this happens simply request only the most recent 1-2 months of entry.

Donations, etc from your account*:
If while on the floor a toy gets broken, parts go missing, clothing, shoes, books, or decor becomes stained or damaged, or if we ask you to pick up an item that hasn't sold and you OK it to be donated then the item will be taken out of your account and noted as Donated or if damaged, ie Other. If an item is returned to you it will be noted at Returned. NOTE: We do not have room to store non-selling items so we give you one week from notice to pick up the item. If we don't hear from you upon seven days it will be donated. Our store has been the victim of theft (which we try our best to prevent!); in this case the missing item will be taken out of your account and also noted as Other.

We hope you enjoy working with us and contributing to your local community. It's gratifying to be able to work hard so that many items can be used and enjoyed over and over again. 

We have had emails, letters, and personal thanks from local charities and people in need for the distributions we are able to do. Please know that each Thank You is also directed to you!

Loved Twice
Homeward Bound
Center for Domestic Peace
Image 4 Success
Marin Head Start
Marin Foster Parent Association (by request)
Marin Community Clinics (by request)
Marin Pregnancy Resource Center
Performing Stars
Canal Alliance (limited intake)
Ladybug Connections
local Mother's and Parenting clubs (by request)
Marin County Libraries
Marin/SF Food Bank
Marin Kids Helping Kids (by request)
and more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Window Wednesday - Sale time!

Remember we are (most) everything at 33% off through December!!! (closed 12/24, 25, 31, 1/1)

Here are some pics to whet your appetite for holiday goodness and beyond....

PBK shelf $35

upholstered glider with ottoman; kids' chairs


14-16 soft knit cardigan and top with sequin trim

Never used! $19.99

size 1 $8.99

Ikea cuteness, cloud lamp

3 wonderful blazers, 4T

Retro "rooby roo!"


On every kid's shopping list, a shopping cart!

A chance to ride a giraffe!

Magnets, Calendar, Caddy

A variety of diaper bags from Fleurville, Eddie Bauer and more

Sort-n-stash it!

Stick horses; baby doll play station (2 pcs)

Kidco Pea pod!

Play hut tent n more; Bjorn bouncer

Cute sayings knick knack boxes, mini snow globes, purse shaped earing holder

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Donate, Dump, Distribute?

This has really happened a couple of time - trucks on their way to the local dump saw our store sign and stopped here to say they were on the way to the dump but is there anything that still might be usable in their haul? My first response is always Let's Look!

Have we recovered anything from those trucks? Yes! Were the items sold or donated? Both. Depending on the needs of the store and needs of local charities, items were recovered, cleaned, checked for safety and either listed to sell in our store or given to someone in need. Sometimes the person started a new consignment account and sometimes the items were simply given to the store or offered for donation. Then again, some items were not usable (safe, clean, etc) and were sent on their way back in those trucks.

Now on to a recent incident - On Monday of this week there was a crib (I assume it is) left outside our store. We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays so it was left there for two days in the elements before I knew about it. We are located in a small strip mall so that means it's presence was also in front of our neighboring businesses. It is in pieces with a baggy of hardware behind it. A lovely honey brown it might have made a wonderful bed for a child but since it's been outside and we have no history for it, not knowing if all pieces are there or if it's safe, it is not a worthy item for donation much less sale. Now I am left to haul it, clean up the front walkway, and pay to dump (or find a creative but non-traditional way to use the pieces, but in the meanwhile, where do I put these pieces??).

This is written not to embarrass the person who left it but to inform all how to work with us and understand our limitations, and to follow up on my Facebook post because I felt the need to clarify and give details behind our policies. Someone probably thought they were doing a good thing by leaving it and it could have been a good thing but the manner in which this was done lead to it being unusable.

We certainly do collect donations and after received we check safety, check functionality, sort by gender or age or season, etc, and find charities or people in need. (Need I mention we don't take in broken, spoiled, unusable dirty items.) We also take requests from charities or people in need and gather or accept donations based on specific needs. None of this is part of our usual working day. It is a decision made by Melissa and Stephanie to make the time to include these activities knowing that items need to be passed along, knowing that people need help.

How can you help? Never leave anything, consignment or donation, without personally speaking to me, Stephanie. If we don't have a home for what you have and you just leave it then we end up being storage for items (and we don't have the space!) or we must pay to do dump or recycle runs. Or instead  I may well be able to point you to a local charity where you can bring your items directly or I may have to take information and get back to you when a need arises for the particular item(s) you have.

Gratitude is expressed on a daily (hourly sometimes!) basis around here. If we all work together, communicate and follow best practice guidelines, we can all make a difference and relieve, not place, burdens on others!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Extended SALE for your shopping pleasure!

Holiday shopping, does it give you the heebeejeebees or do you get a thrill from the find? We are offering something for both extremes and everyone in between...

1/3 off (most) everything in the store
from TODAY through 12/31/11!!*

Why do we state "(most)" everything? Some consignors wish to not participate with high end items and we try to abide by ERGO retail guidelines.

What could you get discounted in the sale? EVERYTHING ELSE! Clothing, shoes, toys, books, maternity and nursing clothing, safety items, bedding, organic items, fancy shmancy and plain old play, cloth diapering, bouncer seats, belts, hair accessories, potties, crib mattresses...lots of things!

Remember to consider our store and other resalers when making up your shopping trip lists. We are small business, local, some are non-profit, and what we carry has been loved or comes to us still new. A variety of items you won't find together anywhere else, and every day stock changes!

We did a Food Bank drive. We collected donations for Novato Secret Santas giving to St Vicent's School for Boys. We accept and distribute donations to Marin Foster Parents Association, Loved Twice, Marin Pregnancy Resource Center, Performing Stars, Friends of the Marin County Libraries, many social programs and local people in need. After your shopping for family and friends please consider some type of donation to a local favorite charity (any time of the year!)

*Note we will be closed 12/24, 25, 31, and Jan 1, 2.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our purpose and repurposing

The purpose of our store is actually more than one explanation:

- We offer items in good-to-new condition at below retail prices
- Money from consigning goes into your account (store credit or payment)
- Shoppers can buy less retail items so hopefully manufacturers will stop over-creating
- You want your items to be donated to local people in need
- We offer a way for children to give up outgrown items and build their own account (c/o parent)
- Our store is conveniently located, a friend local shop
- We are a woman-owned small business showing others that they, too, can achieve a goal
- We keep items out of the landfill
- Our commitment to the community includes supporting schools, non-profits, and other programs (currently the Marin/SF Food Bank and Secret Santas of Novato)

Repurposing is not only a creative outlet but also does much of the above! We have stopped selling crib bumpers (for safety sake) and right now I am sitting on three of them, taken in because..."what to do with them?" I researched online {THRIFTY FUN} and found the following suggestions for crib bumpers:

"Recover the foam with other adult prints and take them to nursing homes they make great bedrail guards for those that thrash and bump their legs and arms and helps prevent bedwounds and bruising that can be painful for the elderly."
"Cut them down, fill them with rice and herbs or essential oils, and make some heat packs. Great for helping children off to sleep or keeping little feet warm or, with the right herbs, helping with a chest cold."
"They could be cut into even lengths and the lengths sewn together as a lightweight blanket or portable changing pad."
"Use the bumpers as "trim" on things like laundry baskets, storage bins or diaper pails in the nursery. Since they are part of your set, they will coordinate the entire room for a "designer" look. Don't forget to save some of the bumper for a valance over the window!"
"Why not take a solid color fabric that matches the print best and along the pads, running horizontally, sew on little pockets to house small toys, stuffed animals, shoes, pictures, anything that will look cute in the pockets. Hang the whole pad on the wall. Just make your pockets are the same size and spread them out the same distance along the pad."
"How about simple, small stuffed animals? They'd be easy to cut and sew -- think of a cookie cutter teddy fish or gingerbread man, just larger. Stitch seam binding around the edges."
"Line big baskets with them and use the baskets as toy catchers or organizers."

So....I have three bumpers. Are you up to being crafty? - Stephanie

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What's New - List plus announcing MORE Local Artist decor!

What's new? You'll have to ask again tomorrow (ha!) but here is a list of some items that just arrived....

- White Changing table, daybed style, 2 shelves
- Bright Starts Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer
- Baby Einstein play exersaucer
- Radio Flyer Fold To Go trike (white & purple)
- Playskool sit & walker
- 2 lamps, yellow simple and blue sports
- backpack baby carriers
- Peg Perego high chair
- Leap Frogs, in case, with multiple books/cartridges: 2 Pads, 1 Little Touch
- Shake N Go Speedway with cars
- Plastic tracks
- Instruments
- Baby dolls (no clothes)
- Step 2 Detail Work bench
- Abercrombie wool cardigans
- pink Exersaucer
- I Love Lucy, Vitameatavegaman collector's doll NIB
- Thomas toys

We are pleased to be selling hand-painted unframed canvas artwork by a local (mom) artist! Bright colors, fun designs for boys & girls.

So cute!!

We also have Bezoos brand decor by another (mom) local artist, framed prints with hand embroidered titles. Fun!
White frames set off the red mats

My pictures don't really do them justice!

PLEASE come by to see these pieces in person to get the full effect of colors and designs!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The List

Are your children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, friends and family writing lists for gifts? Here are some tempting items in store...

- "Gross (and Annoying) Songs" and activity book $9.99
- Under The Nile fabric ORGANIC doll $19.99
- Sock Monkey $4.99 - OOOPS, AS I TYPED HE SOLD.
- chapter books (A to Z Mysteries, Boxcar Children, Magic Treehouse, etc) $2.99 & up
- K'Nex, Duplo, Megabloks (prices vary)
- NEW robes (3T-5T) $45
- Tinker Bell backpack, lunchbox, outwear (prices vary)
- Backpacks, rolling suitcase (Dora), purses (prices vary)
- Radio Flyer Little Miss Flyer Fold To Go trike $24.99
- child sized 50's diner chair $12.99
- Lakeshore soft airport set $39.99
- DVDs, CDs (prices vary)
- Groovy Girls, baby dolls, doll clothing (prices vary)
- NEW Techno Robots $49
- NEW Bombay kids curtains $29.99
- Fancy dresses and dressy shirts, slacks (prices vary)
- Sleeping bag, plush, like new (forest & bees) $24.99
- wooden toys, pretend tools, Thomas, Melissa and Doug (prices vary)
- board and card games (prices vary)
- local artists' wall decor (prices vary)
- NEW clothing, bedding for babies to toddlers (prices vary), perfect for gifting.

Every day there's something new!

December Sale:  25% off outerwear on regular racks, including Maternity

Special: Save 33% 12/17 - 12/23 (shopping should be fun, not hectic!)

Closed Dec 24, 25, 31, Jan 1, 2.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Gifting...or not!

During the holiday season I love hearing from customers that they, family and friends have agreed to buy nothing "new" as gifts. What a concept! Of course they find fun toys, books, and great clothing at our store but there are other outlets from which you could provide a "green gift".

Make your own gift, buy resale, give something you have and don't need but someone else does; great solutions for the over-populated retail shelves and under-funded wallets. There are many wonderful blogs that give ideas and instructions to craft items, from clothing to decor, even revitalizing furniture and re-purposing every day items. Small businesses, artists, co-ops, farmers markets, resale shops have many great practical as well as whimsical and fun items for yourself or as gifts.

Sometimes new retail items are picked up just because, on a whim, or it was on sale. Sometimes those gifts don't match the receiver's personality or needs. Do some thinking about those who receive your gifts, who are they, what are their needs, what can they not provide themselves but want, how do they live? Do they even WANT a gift? Perhaps they just want a visit, a call, a written note, or some dish you make that they love.

'Tis the season for evergreens, not over-giving. Ok, so sometimes a horrid sweater makes a great story but for the most part, do your best to consciously buy....or not buy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stephanie loves to sort, lucky you!

    Stephanie has once again made shopping a little bit easier for you this holiday season!
    You'll find a rack before the shoes filled exclusively with dressy clothes, section for boys and one for girls, and a "holiday" boy and girl section (Santas, reindeer, candy, etc decorations on clothing and pajamas).
    The regular 0-12m combined girl/boy month rack is now in-line with the other clothing racks, by the toys. Girls 12-18m and 18-24m now share a rack. Boys 12-18m and 18-24m also now share a rack and boys 2T has its own rack. Goal is to have a dedicated rack for each boys 3T and 4T as well so look for that in the future.
    Most every rack is filled now and more coming for our BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR, Black Friday Three Day 50% Sale next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
    Snow items are on their own rack with snow boots below and gloves. Raincoats are currently on regular clothing racks by size, rainboots are set out by the sport shoes. Umbrellas will be on the backpack stand.
    Organic items are on a rack by maternity and nursing clothing.
    Books on the blue shelves are divided by "board" style, hard cover story books, soft cover, beginning readers, multi-lingual, and instructional (new baby, dentist, your body, etc). One the brown shelves the pregnancy books are on top, followed by newborn care, toddler care and child nutrition, child play and discipline and at the bottom are craft, family and duplicate titles. In the next over brown bookcase are chapter and hardcover books for children who can read into preteen or teenage interest and learning.
    Another goal is for toy "sections" so you can find toys by age and type. We'll see if we can keep it going once it's established ;-)
    Thank you for your participation, consignments, purchases, kind words, words of encouragement, and for telling your friends. Happy holidays!

So fancy! So festive!

Maternity dresses, baby bunting.
Gap leather jacket 18-24m $25.99

Love this! Jean dress, long sleeve shirt, "furry" vest, brown leather mary janes (5T)
Book, chair, colorful outfit (6)

Giant Groovy Girl Princess, wood rocking chair
Barbie Disco Palace, Barbie ballerina, Groovy Girls drum set and chair.

Doll bed with pillow & cover
PBK shelves $34.99

Ball drop $39.99

PBK rocker & ottoman with slipcover

Little Castle pink toile $450

Graco $89.99

Rainboots, funky "tat" items

Backpack carriers

K'nex, Megabloks, instruments, etc