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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafty Projects to Reuse and Recycle by Melissa

I've been trolling DIY blogs for fun crafty projects that focus on recycling and reusing (no big surprise!). As I sat at my computer, searching for ideas and inspiration, I was listening to NPR and who should come on? Amy Sedaris, humorist and writer, aka sister to David Sedaris. Michael Krasny (moderator on the show Forum, local station KQED 88.5FM) was talking with her about her new book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.

Now let's get this straight, Amy Sedaris is a humorist. She sounds serious when she talks about her topics. Michael Krasny interviewed her as if she was a serious crafter. Perhaps you have to know that this is a parody before you hear it, and knowing this kept me in stitches the whole time. It was hilarious! Judge for yourself...listen to the interview HERE.

By the way, this is NOT a craft book. It is a PARODY, completely intent on making fun of crafts and the people who make crafts. Isn't it fun to laugh at ourselves? Be sure to read the reviews before you buy it!

Here are some REAL crafty projects you can do with your kids (not at all inspired by Amy Sedaris):

  • Local mom and blogger Celeste at My Greenbrae Cottage does a holiday ornament project with here kids that looks like fun: click HERE
  • Another crafty local mom, Alex, creates a ball wreath HERE.
  • And posted some clever inspirations for advent calendars HERE. (it's not too late to start!)
  • Check out the Acorn Cap ornaments (you can collect thousands of acorn caps at the beach at China Camp State Park) HERE.
  • I loved this post about covering old ornaments with glitter, thus "Upcycled Ornaments" HERE.
  • She has a number of simple and inexpensive crafty ideas for the holidays. 2009's articles "My fruity Kitchen at Christmas" was full of simple and fun ideas HERE.
  • An, finally, here are a few from Make It and Love It that I liked: Simple Christmas Decor HERE.
  • Cute Treat Jars HERE (take-aways for your child's next party?)
  • and blogger Ashley has a whole series of wonderful tutorials HERE.
I am sure you have some posts of your own to share! Please do.

- This was another special visit from Melissa Hereford (how long can I continue to mark my posts as "special"? Think I can get away with one more?)

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