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Friday, November 5, 2010

Why we don't sell some items

There are some items we choose not to sell. Some because of safety reasons, some because we've found that the items are not requested and take up room in the store from items that do sell well, and some because it's just not our style.

We don't resell car seats or car booster seats. We would not be able to guarantee the life of the product, that it has never been in a fender-bender (or worse) in which case it is supposed to be destroyed. There are many recalls on car seats, car seat bases that we would not be able to keep up with as far as returning items that are recalled.
Latest car seat recall...

We don't sell full crib sets. When we first opened we had many beautiful sets come in and just sit on our shelves. Disappointing because we love reuse and we personally loved the designs. But we have come to realize that we cannot supply the variety in numbers that customers needed. Now we concentrate on crib/toddler bed sheets, mattress protectors, and basic blankets, sleeping bags.
Note: we DO have some wonderful TWIN BED sets, quilts in right now! We're giving them a try ;-)

We do not sell "sleep positioners". Some of these were recently recalled and the FDA now recommends not using them.

We do not sell toys that promote violence: guns, war games, etc.

We use discretion with toys, gear and clothing that are off-brand. Because we receive the multiple daily emails from we know how often off-brands can be recalled. However, popular brands can be recalled as well so we keep on top of each recall notice.

Please be mindful when reselling or giving away your items on your own. Whoever receives the items would appreciate you checking for recalls before you make the offer.
CPSC official government recall site

Low priced retail brands are difficult for us to beat on prices. Makes sense! Once in a while we will take in some pieces IF they have no wear and we feel the design would sell, but remember, we will mark them at low prices.

Other items we will not take:
- battery operated with corroded or no batteries
- recalled products
- "pilled" clothing
- clothing or products that needs repair
- stained clothing, bedding
- non-assembled products
- products with a smell (cigarettes, pets, musty, perfume, too much fabric softener, etc)
- products that are dirty
- most stuffed animals
- products without tracking numbers on them (model, make, date, etc)
- products that are too large for us to display

You know we love our consignors and customers! 
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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