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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plenty to be thankful for...

When you walk down the hall, in the kids' bedrooms are you stepping over toys, books, clothes? That's plenty to be thankful for! If you'd like to control the situation you may want to consider reducing stock, trading up (for age), and getting creative.

Local families shop at our store for birthdays, special events and the holidays. Bring in your toys, crafts, puzzles, games, dolls, activities and consign with us so that others may find the perfect gift. If your items sell you will make some money back (which is also a nice incentive for kids to turn in things) and you could also be one of those families who buys smart with us (green for less!).

Personally I take most packaging off items before I gift something new. I don't care for the plastic look or additional advertising. I reuse gift bags, wrap in old newspaper or paper bags which my kids have colored. Or a simple bow added (cloth handles from retail store bags, old shoe laces, hair ties) can be nice.

So, don't curse your kids or hurt feet (well, ok but not out loud). See the possibilities and be thankful!

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