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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Less is more

Have you had to wait upon drop off for us to check for a recall? Have we handed you baby wipes? Have we refused your items? Here's some helpful information for all!

Less is more. When dropping off items help us work efficiently -

Check "Accepting This Week" before coming by. Accepting too much is what makes us get behind!

If you can't make it on Sunday, call for an appointment (drop offs must still match above). Sometimes we are too busy to take walk-ins without notice.

Check for recalls BEFORE coming in. It is illegal to knowingly sell recalled items!

Recycle packaging at home. We do not want used items put back into original boxes or bags. Only bring in boxes or bags if the package was never opened.

Completely assemble toys, furniture, carriers, whatever it may be. Instruction manuals help items sell. We do not accept disassembled items.

Open battery compartments before bringing in battery operated items. We do not accept battery operated items without working batteries or with battery corrosion.

Do not include donations with your items to be consigned. Before coming in, pull out ALL: missing battery items, stains, pilled, non-working snaps/zipper/buttons, holes, non-maternity women's clothing, socks, recalls, overly worn, Circo brand, overly stretched, half a pajama set, out of style, items we don't sell, etc. Properly label these donation contents as DONATION. We do not give donation receipts.

Put your first and last name on every bag or box full of items to be consigned. There is no need to separate items and have partially full containers; please be compact, save space.

Clean everything! Wash all clothing (unless never worn with tags) and bedding. Take cushions off seats and wipe/wash all surfaces. Wipe down toys from food, dust, etc. If items come to us dirty we will not accept them so don't waste a trip.

Thanks for reading and following these notes!

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