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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plenty to be thankful for...

When you walk down the hall, in the kids' bedrooms are you stepping over toys, books, clothes? That's plenty to be thankful for! If you'd like to control the situation you may want to consider reducing stock, trading up (for age), and getting creative.

Local families shop at our store for birthdays, special events and the holidays. Bring in your toys, crafts, puzzles, games, dolls, activities and consign with us so that others may find the perfect gift. If your items sell you will make some money back (which is also a nice incentive for kids to turn in things) and you could also be one of those families who buys smart with us (green for less!).

Personally I take most packaging off items before I gift something new. I don't care for the plastic look or additional advertising. I reuse gift bags, wrap in old newspaper or paper bags which my kids have colored. Or a simple bow added (cloth handles from retail store bags, old shoe laces, hair ties) can be nice.

So, don't curse your kids or hurt feet (well, ok but not out loud). See the possibilities and be thankful!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please look for our table at Appel & Frank event! 10/16/10


Appel & Frank's 'Babes & Babies’ Shopping Event

Modern moms are invited to shop at Appel & Frank's 'Babes & Babies' event because their little ones should look as stylish as they do! The event will feature 50 designers and companies offering merchandise including baby and toddler clothing, accessories, gear, toys, resources and much more.....all at discounted prices.  In addition, there will be complimentary gift bags for the first 250 families, a raffle, an on-site photographer offering mini photo shoots, massages, and a play space for kids. 

The event will be held on Saturday, October 16th from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Mill Valley Community Center in Marin.  Tickets are FREE in advance at and $5 each at the door.

Karen Appel & Jody Frank
Appel & Frank 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREEN Halloween? Sure! Free costumes? Sure!

Kick off your Green Halloween with a FREE costume swap hosted at Marin Kids and Maternity Consignment!

Saturday 10/9/2010 on National Costume Swap Day

All sizes newborn-adult are welcome
Even exchange (bring 1, get 1; bring 2, get 2, etc)

We will give you 1 hand stamp for each costume you donate to the swap. Stamps will show volunteers how many costumes you can take.

10a-11a Drop off costumes *newborn to adult*
12p - 3p Swap!
3p - All left over costumes will be immediately donated to local child-based charities.

All costumes must be clean and in good repair.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We reserve the right to deny costumes (objectionable subject, sharp or multiple objects, too worn, etc). We cannot guarantee that you will receive a costume in exchange for one you donate to the swap. What others bring and donate to the swap is what will be available to all swappers.

If you don't want to donate your costume to the swap, please consider consigning.

Marin Kids and Maternity Consignment
814 Francisco Blvd West, San Rafael (415) 456-4943
Thank you for making Halloween GREEN!

Manager, Stephanie Brandelius
(415) 456-4943 or


Friday, September 10, 2010

How our week went - Sept Sales - Halloween contest! - Sept Calendar

We were open (seven days now!) and enjoyed seeing new faces, regulars, even those who walk in looking for directions. Our purpose is customer service even if you're not a customer!

We took in some great items last Sunday, the larger items and some toys are already on the floor. Trains and tracks are bagged neatly for your browsing pleasure. Games, puzzles, crafts, art, etc, were moved further up front so older kids know there is plenty for them to have fun with along with the babies and their toys.

Warm jackets, ski clothing, sweaters and long sleeves are hanging next to shorts (shorts are on sale this month for -20%!) and short sleeves, and we still have swimwear out. Sale racks are continually pulled from and we restock as quickly as the regular racks. Maternity and nursing clothing (items over $20 are -25% this month!) are ready to be tried on for warm summer days and cool evenings, for work or pleasure. Growing feet will find sandals next to rain and snow boots on our shelves (all footwear is -15% this month!)

The double rack for costumes has darling outfits! From mermaid to monkey, we have a great selection at great prices.

* * Halloween CONTEST * * 

Suggest to me (Stephanie) what I should be for Halloween this year 
and if I pick your choice you will win half off an item of your choice (under $50)!

Come by the store anytime and drop off your suggestion! 
I will close my eyes and pick on Oct 15, 2010 and winner will be promptly notified.


9/11 10a Music Together FREE demo class!
9/11 Face Painting by Wendy (my daughter) for 50 cents - $1 

9/18 This Little Piggy by appt 415-472-3991
9/18 H2O demo on all-natural cleaning products (check out the Clay and Netapur STAIN REMOVER)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Less is more

Have you had to wait upon drop off for us to check for a recall? Have we handed you baby wipes? Have we refused your items? Here's some helpful information for all!

Less is more. When dropping off items help us work efficiently -

Check "Accepting This Week" before coming by. Accepting too much is what makes us get behind!

If you can't make it on Sunday, call for an appointment (drop offs must still match above). Sometimes we are too busy to take walk-ins without notice.

Check for recalls BEFORE coming in. It is illegal to knowingly sell recalled items!

Recycle packaging at home. We do not want used items put back into original boxes or bags. Only bring in boxes or bags if the package was never opened.

Completely assemble toys, furniture, carriers, whatever it may be. Instruction manuals help items sell. We do not accept disassembled items.

Open battery compartments before bringing in battery operated items. We do not accept battery operated items without working batteries or with battery corrosion.

Do not include donations with your items to be consigned. Before coming in, pull out ALL: missing battery items, stains, pilled, non-working snaps/zipper/buttons, holes, non-maternity women's clothing, socks, recalls, overly worn, Circo brand, overly stretched, half a pajama set, out of style, items we don't sell, etc. Properly label these donation contents as DONATION. We do not give donation receipts.

Put your first and last name on every bag or box full of items to be consigned. There is no need to separate items and have partially full containers; please be compact, save space.

Clean everything! Wash all clothing (unless never worn with tags) and bedding. Take cushions off seats and wipe/wash all surfaces. Wipe down toys from food, dust, etc. If items come to us dirty we will not accept them so don't waste a trip.

Thanks for reading and following these notes!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September is special

September is special to us. It brings us closer to our SECOND BIRTHDAY (November), we are displaying both summer and winter items, we have coordinated our first private fund-raiser for Ice Cream & Shoe (Sept 11), and we're making changes in the store based on the last two years of sales and requests.

We're turning 1+1
You know we love to celebrate just about everything and turning two is no exception! Stay tuned for info (giving back to our consignors & customers) on our second birthday.

September + kids = school
Most kids have started back to school, what fun! New teachers, new experiences, old and new friends. Need some cool clothes for warm days? Need warm jackets for the upcoming cool weather? Sandals, Tennies, Mary janes, Boots, Bolero, Sweater, Jacket. Want to spend less and get more? We're here! Sizes preemie to 10 (L/XL) stylish and affordable clothing for every day wear and formal occassions.

SEPT SALES: 15% off all kids' SHOES - 20% off all kids' SHORTS - 25% all Maternity & Nursing items over $20

MKC + customers = cash back
We would love to give your business a special shopping day when all your customers mention your business and you get cash back from those sales! Our first day is for Ice Cream & Shoe daycare/preschool in Terra Linda. Each attendee's family which shops on 9/11 and mentions IC&S will be giving back! Want to try this for your daycare, preschool, school, club or charity? or 415-456-4943

Stock + purchases = good business
We have tried carrying a wide variety of items for every family. Some items are popular, others turned out not to be. Currently we are offering half off all blankets* as they are not as popular as sheets, mattress protectors, pads and covers. It's all a part of finding what works for YOU. Thank you for always giving us your best and we hope you appreciate all we offer!
*In-store specials: 50% off - blankets, select diaper bags, Bright Starts play mats, Bath tubs, select Strollers PLUS our kids' clothing Sale Racks (50% off weekdays, 60% off Sa & Su!)

You + us = JOY!