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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions (and our answers)

- What won't you accept?
We do not resell:
..carseats, carseat bases booster seats
..recalled items
..stained, holey, worn, pilled, incomplete clothing
..items with non-working batteries
..items not on our Accepting This Week list (unless approved by the manager, Stephanie)
- How long do you keep things?
We keep clothing & shoes until they sell, period. Returning these items is extremely time consuming; make sure you don't want your items anymore please! We will donate as necessary considering the condition of these items. All this information is in your account, ask for help interpreting your Item List Report if needed.
All other items you may take back in your own timing if you wish, otherwise leave it for sale.
Once in a while we may ask you specifically to take something back: wrong season, too many of same item, recall, etc. We give one week to pick up then we may donate/toss.
- How does your store work?
- Do you give receipts for donations?
Not at this time. We accept donations on behalf of local charities as long as the items meet the needs of the charities and are in usable condition. We will donate unsellable items from your consignments if you don't want to wait for us to go through your bags at time of drop off.

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