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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Accepting This Week, Spring Fever

Accepting This Week (link to the right) has been updated for this Sunday.

In addition to accepting, we are giving! This Sunday will also be....


Little outfits, dresses, shorts, pants, rompers, jackets, swimwear and more!! Tiny loves need sweet things and at these prices you can stock up for growth spurts!
50% OFF preemie-12 months clothing

Clean 'em up, have fun with water. Make bubble beards, mini mohawks, splish splash!
50% OFF bathtubs

*this offer cannot be combined with buy 2 clothing or shoes, get 3rd half off Sale.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spring Fever - How did I catch it? Who's next?

While I don't mind the rain (it keeps our reservoirs filled, hills green...) I do love the sun. Especially after rain! The smell of the air, grasses, the tall nourished flowers, the beautiful bright blue sky with bright white I daydreaming again? Sorry...

Right now I am working on Spring Cleaning. It's the first time I've labeled what I'm doing because it just seems to fit with the season. Clearing space in crowded rooms, adding brighter colors to my decor, I am trying to find a nice balance between what I have and what I can get.

The kids wardrobes needed the same attention. They need shorts, tees, sandals, daughter wants dresses & skirts, son likes tropical button up shirts. A new size for each of them, buying up! I take what doesn't fit anymore to our store or donate depending on condition of the items. When my account at the store builds up I can get more items for my growing kids at great prices, keep the Green Thing going.

This is one fever I am loving!

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