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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sidewalk Sale - June 12!!

So in June we should see sun, right? Well we're planning BIG displays outside for a...

HALF OFF Sidewalk Sale on Sat, June 12!

No, funny one, the sidewalk's not half off but some wonderful items we sell will be such as:

NEW decor, designer baby items from the former boutique, Bella Bambino, half off!

Clean up, everybody clean up with bath tubs at half off!

Photo albums, frames and wall pictures at half off!

Black maternity slacks for business, semi-formal or formal occasions at half off!
*come inside to try our maternity suits, skirts, & dresses, too!*

Window dressing (valance, curtains, finials) at half off!

Leap Frog Touch Pads, Leap Pads, books & cartridges at half off!

Play mats (with arches, some are add your own toys) at half off!

Boxed games & puzzles at half off!
*did you know we carry learning toys for preschool through school age?*

There may be more we add to the sale but you get the idea - TONS of great stuff at better than great prices!

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