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Friday, May 7, 2010

Consignment - What does it mean to you?

Our store holds so many wonderful items that it's hard to believe millions more are produced new every day. The care of items can lead to long-term ownership and passing on items you no longer need to those who do need them. They may accept due to low finances or if the item is hard to find or if they want to specially Reuse instead of Buy New.

Growing up I was enamored of my grandmother's items in her house from clothing to furniture. The styles fascinated me and I thought everything was so beautiful and well-made. I was right! I have some of her furniture and clothing today and they are as useful and pretty as when I was little. Having accepted these items after she passed meant I was saving money, true, but to me there are memories attached and so each piece is special to me. When I pass the items on (to my kids?) I don't know if memories will be as strong but hopefully the usefulness will continue to acknowledged and beauty appreciated. The other thought of not buying new could also be a part of the appreciation of these pieces.

The world does have limited resources. Our pocketbooks have their limits, too. How can we be satisfied, fill our homes and closets, keep up with kids' growth spurts and changing tastes and our own sense of fashion? I believe we can fulfill these needs by reuse.

Consignment gives the consignor some money back on items already paid for; it gives new life to items that are outgrown; it gives the new owner a sense of "helping the planet" and the seller can reap the simple rewards of the good feeling towards keeping landfills low and letting manufacturers know that enough is enough. Slow down, take stock, notice how much there is already and keep those items going.

Deep thoughts for a Friday ;-) We hope you agree and we'd love to hear comments!

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