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Friday, May 28, 2010

Gov't final ruling on Walker safety

Read up on it here...

Be safe out there!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sidewalk Sale - June 12!!

So in June we should see sun, right? Well we're planning BIG displays outside for a...

HALF OFF Sidewalk Sale on Sat, June 12!

No, funny one, the sidewalk's not half off but some wonderful items we sell will be such as:

NEW decor, designer baby items from the former boutique, Bella Bambino, half off!

Clean up, everybody clean up with bath tubs at half off!

Photo albums, frames and wall pictures at half off!

Black maternity slacks for business, semi-formal or formal occasions at half off!
*come inside to try our maternity suits, skirts, & dresses, too!*

Window dressing (valance, curtains, finials) at half off!

Leap Frog Touch Pads, Leap Pads, books & cartridges at half off!

Play mats (with arches, some are add your own toys) at half off!

Boxed games & puzzles at half off!
*did you know we carry learning toys for preschool through school age?*

There may be more we add to the sale but you get the idea - TONS of great stuff at better than great prices!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kelly Baker Photography on Saturday; Accepting (not)

This Saturday we are happy to have back Kelly Baker, her set up, her camera and her amazing photography skills!

For an appointment see contact information at her website:

She will work hard to have pictures back to you by Father's Day!!


See link to the right "Accepting This Week", or don't ;-) We are not able to accept anything this coming Sunday.

We are so grateful for the amazing amount of stuff brought in last Sunday, and for the work we'll be doing to enter, tag and display it all. Stay tuned next week for a new list of items accepted.

Remember - if you cannot make a Sunday for drop offs you may contact Stephanie for an appointment on another day.

Thank you for labeling all paper bags with your name (first, last).
Thank you for separating donations (wearable: stained, pilled, ripped, button missing, out of season, sizes we're not accepting, etc) from your consignments.
Thank you for understanding it can take a couple of weeks for items to be entered, tagged, displayed.
Thank you for telling others about our store!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Maternity just got bigger (pun intended!)

Maternity has TWO more racks and more space to shop in! This is a favorite part of my job, rearranging and making space work better. We have more shirts and more pants out, we have a business/formal rack and a rack for skirts and summery dresses. We still have sleepwear, bras, bands and camis. In this section we have also placed diaper bags, diaper pails, books on fertility

Please come see and try on all the wonderful pieces we have. We'll give you an honest opinion on fit and look and give advice if we have it (99% of our employees are moms!)

Spread the word to pregnant friends, we have the largest selection of quality used (and some new with tags) clothing for moms-to-be and nursing moms! (and don't forget everything else we carry!!)

Edit to Accepting This Week

Sorry, folks, had to take off "summer clothing 18mos+". We're still entering and putting out on racks some adorable stuff!

Rest of the list stands, thanks!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Accepting This Week, Photo Shoot 5/29, $50 gc Winner

Accepting This Week page (click on link to the right) has been updated for this Sunday. We greatly appreciate your business!


* * Perfect for Father's Day * * We are so excited to welcome back Kelly Baker!

Kelly Baker of Kelly Baker Photography is coming back into the store to take some gorgeous photographs of your kids!

- $55 Mini Shoot special includes 2 5x7 print or 1 8x10 print

Check out her work here:

MAKE AN APPT: 415-734-1922 or


We hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Congratulations to the one lucky winner of our Mother's Day $50 gift certificate! She will be able to spend freely at our store for herself, her kids, friends, etc. Thank you everyone for participating and we'll let you know when our next give-away is happening.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Accepting This Week, Spring Fever

Accepting This Week (link to the right) has been updated for this Sunday.

In addition to accepting, we are giving! This Sunday will also be....


Little outfits, dresses, shorts, pants, rompers, jackets, swimwear and more!! Tiny loves need sweet things and at these prices you can stock up for growth spurts!
50% OFF preemie-12 months clothing

Clean 'em up, have fun with water. Make bubble beards, mini mohawks, splish splash!
50% OFF bathtubs

*this offer cannot be combined with buy 2 clothing or shoes, get 3rd half off Sale.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spring Fever - How did I catch it? Who's next?

While I don't mind the rain (it keeps our reservoirs filled, hills green...) I do love the sun. Especially after rain! The smell of the air, grasses, the tall nourished flowers, the beautiful bright blue sky with bright white I daydreaming again? Sorry...

Right now I am working on Spring Cleaning. It's the first time I've labeled what I'm doing because it just seems to fit with the season. Clearing space in crowded rooms, adding brighter colors to my decor, I am trying to find a nice balance between what I have and what I can get.

The kids wardrobes needed the same attention. They need shorts, tees, sandals, daughter wants dresses & skirts, son likes tropical button up shirts. A new size for each of them, buying up! I take what doesn't fit anymore to our store or donate depending on condition of the items. When my account at the store builds up I can get more items for my growing kids at great prices, keep the Green Thing going.

This is one fever I am loving!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Consignment - What does it mean to you?

Our store holds so many wonderful items that it's hard to believe millions more are produced new every day. The care of items can lead to long-term ownership and passing on items you no longer need to those who do need them. They may accept due to low finances or if the item is hard to find or if they want to specially Reuse instead of Buy New.

Growing up I was enamored of my grandmother's items in her house from clothing to furniture. The styles fascinated me and I thought everything was so beautiful and well-made. I was right! I have some of her furniture and clothing today and they are as useful and pretty as when I was little. Having accepted these items after she passed meant I was saving money, true, but to me there are memories attached and so each piece is special to me. When I pass the items on (to my kids?) I don't know if memories will be as strong but hopefully the usefulness will continue to acknowledged and beauty appreciated. The other thought of not buying new could also be a part of the appreciation of these pieces.

The world does have limited resources. Our pocketbooks have their limits, too. How can we be satisfied, fill our homes and closets, keep up with kids' growth spurts and changing tastes and our own sense of fashion? I believe we can fulfill these needs by reuse.

Consignment gives the consignor some money back on items already paid for; it gives new life to items that are outgrown; it gives the new owner a sense of "helping the planet" and the seller can reap the simple rewards of the good feeling towards keeping landfills low and letting manufacturers know that enough is enough. Slow down, take stock, notice how much there is already and keep those items going.

Deep thoughts for a Friday ;-) We hope you agree and we'd love to hear comments!