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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accepting This Week

See the link to the right for weekly notice on what we're "Accepting this week". Sunday is our drop off day.

Remember: We donate items which will not sell. They are not entered but given directly to people in need considering condition. Recalled items MUST be picked up immediately and are never entered or pulled upon later recall notice.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday: Marathon and Accepting This Week; Postcards

Stephanie will be at a table at the FAMOUS...

on Sunday helping keep kids busy, watching the amazing athletes and lending a hand. Run on!!


Accepting This Week:

- Kids Shoes (sizes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2)
- Dining boosters (attach to table or chair, sets on seat, etc)
- Strollers (from lightweight "umbrella" style to triple seaters)
- ERGOBaby carriers, inserts, waist extenders
- Wraps (ie Maya, Moby)
- Backpack carriers (Kelty, Evenflo, etc)
- Cloth diapering supplies (all-in-ones, inserts, covers, etc)
- ORGANIC clothing (any size, child or maternity, nursing) and Bedding
- Outdoor toys (bikes, trikes, tunnels, sand toys, gardening, tents, etc)
- Toys (walkers, ride on, Lego, Thomas, Melissa & Doug, Plan Toys, musical, sorters, blocks, doll houses, Little People, etc)
- Potties and potty training books
- Swim Gear (floats, goggles, caps, vests, water shoes, etc)
- Swimwear (any size, child or maternity)
- DVDs (movies, educational, etc)
- CDs (baby/kids' music)
- Hats for summer (especially 2T+)
- ok, CLOTHING!...Summer (2T - big 8)

We expect to get another HUGE HAUL this Sunday! Note this means it may take longer than usual to process but we're always working diligently for you!


Do you know of or have a business where we can display our postcards (so we can sell more of your things to more people)? Please let us know!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday 4/18 - NO Intake, it's our own Spring Cleaning & Organizing time!

Thank you for your generous drop-offs last week! We are stocked with some great items right now and more to come as it gets entered.

No intake Sunday, April 18, but the store will be open for business as usual. See you here!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking on Sunday 4/11

It's a long BUT SPECIFIC list -

What we will take in on Sunday 4/11/10 from 10a-6p:

- Summer clothing in SIZES 4T to 8 ONLY, boys & girls including swim wear, large kids' hats, pajamas

- Outdoor play toys such as swings, sports equipment, mini basketball, skates

- Dance leotards, shorts, tutus, dance shoes and Sports/Team wear, sport shoes (all sizes)

- Nursing tops, summer formal to casual (all sizes)

- Maternity & Nursing sleep wear (all sizes)

- Potties, Potty training books

- Sheets for cribs/bassinets/pack-n-plays

- Light Summer Blankets and Quilts for crib to twin bed size

- Jumperoos, Doorway Jumpers, Walkers, Walker Toys

- Used ERGOs and inserts, wraps, slings, backpacks w/shades

- Strollers, single/double/triple/umbrella/jogger

Remember: This month is Consignor Appreciation Month! You get 10% off each purchase when using your store credit!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Green/Reuse Easter Baskets; Donations

How to make Easter Baskets fun but earth friendly...

Reuse! Don't buy new plastic "easter grass", instead shred old comics or sketch papers. Or don't use grass, use a piece of fabric or no filler at all!

Reuse! Buy or pass down used items: books, pens, summer hats, toys, skates, costumes, etc.

Reuse! Keep those baskets for annual hiding. Use a capped shoe box that's been decorated. Make a basket from an oatmeal container or a fancy fabric gift bag.

Reuse! Keep those plastic eggs for annual hiding. Use decorated jewelry boxes, small fabric bags, bottles, etc.

If you don't have the items to reuse in the first place, just ask someone if they have extras or if they are done with theirs! I have supplies I've been using for years and everything is still in great shape....and the kids so far don't question that they're seeing the same items! Of course, were they to question I'd let them know that the Easter Bunny has always been "green"!


We have been filling our donation containers on a consistent basis recently. Going through last year's clothing for Spring and Summer some stains have shown up while the items were stored. Great job getting the items clean for the racks but unfortunately over time the pieces no longer look bright & new. Another reason for us to not stock-pile but to stay current. The donations are being spread across this county and reaching into others, always received with gratitude! When you see "donated" on your Item List Report please know that while the items could not be sold they are going to be used by someone in need and hopefully that's "payment" enough. Our sincere gratitude for your drop offs!

Note: We are looking for a volunteer to assist with our donations. From assessing and sorting to contacting for pick up or dropping off. One - two days a week for 1-2 hours. Just call Stephanie at the store, 415-456-4943 and thanks again!