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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So proud! I just ran a report that shows the store, ie our consignors, have donated over 2,500 items!! What a terrific feeling to know that if items cannot be entered/sold or if we ask for a specific donation that the response is always a warm YES.

Just today I called a consignor about her double stroller for a family growing from 2 to 4 very soon. The consignor agreed immediately and I was able to call back the organization to let them know we can fill this particular need.

In our lobby the donation bins are over-flowing every week...

Project Night Night (pink bin) takes in NEW stuffed animals, like new/NEW books, NEW blankets or hand-woven blankets. We have an example of the bag that children in shelters receive, brimming with these donations. I've heard that often these are the only things the kids have ever owned.

Loved Twice (green bin) takes in like new items for newborn through 12 months. They box up a year's worth of items for babies and give them to families in need at the hospital. What a wonderful gift to bring home along with a precious newborn (or two)!

Soles4Soles (cardboard bin) takes in shoes for babies, kids, adults, in fair to new condition. They fix the shoes and give them to those who may never have had shoes all across the world.

Image For Success (San Rafael) takes in wearable, current clothing and shoes for every member of the family. They give clothing to those with little to nothing, as well as assist for job and other interviews.

Marin Abused Women's Services (San Rafael), when able, will take in items for women and kids.

Marin Pregnancy Resource Center (Novato), when space allows, will take in maternity clothing and accessories.

If you'd like to give away on your own try any of the above organizations,,, Canal Community Alliance, churches, preschools, mother's clubs, non-profit thrift stores, community centers, "town free boxes", GAIA green boxes, ask a neighbor, and many many more....!

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