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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drop off Sunday - for 2-7-10

What are we taking on this coming Sunday? I'll tell ya! (Soon look for our acceptance of under 24 mos clothing!)

- ORGANIC items (any size clothing, toys, diapers, bedding, etc)

- Girls & Boys SIZE 5 & 6 Winter & Spring (shirts, pajamas, pants, fleece, vests, etc)

- Nursing tops

- Maternity sleepwear, jackets, belly bands

- Cribs (full or travel), Co-sleepers, Pack-n-plays and sheets for such

- Monitors, Baby Gates (tension style), Play Yards

- Bicycles, Tricycles, Helmets, Roller Skates, outdoor activity items, Wagons, Walkers

- ERGOBaby carriers, inserts, waist extenders

- Wrap style baby carriers (eg Maya)

- Safety Items (locks, harnesses, etc)

- Potties, Potty Training Books, Bath Seats

- Infant travel swings

- Cloth Diapering (all in ones, prefolded, covers, etc)

Important reminders:
::Bring items in a bag you can leave at the store, paper works well.
::Make sure your full name is on the bag(s)
::Separate donations (stains, too worn, out of style, wrong season, wrong size, missing parts, etc) from items to consign
::Replace batteries (if the toy/item doesn't work we'll have to send it back with you)
::Wipe down items (if the items are dirty we'll have to send them back with you)
::Check for recalls!!
::We do NOT return clothing or shoes to you once they're in the system.

Lastly, thank you for all you bring (and buy)!!

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