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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We're in the middle of "40% off for 4 Days"!

Ah, the scent of a good deal...follow it to our store! Clean and organized atmosphere, our friendly staff will help you locate whatever you need (without having to sniff it out).

Are you on a time schedule? Call ahead to know if we have what you're looking for in stock or ask at the desk when you arrive. We can get you in and out quickly if you like!

Or...are you a browser, like to take your time when shopping, try things out? Feel free to search high and low for all the goodies we have in stock. We are no-pressure yet helpful sales. We want you to enjoy your time with us!

Come by for FORMAL DRESSES for moms-to-be and girls. We have button up shirts, slacks and blazers for boys. FANCY SHOES are here, too.

Have a Spring Event, Wedding, or other special occassion? Our Formal Rack is waiting for you. You find High End items there, as well.

I know you're waiting for it....YES, we will be taking in items on Sunday, 1/2/11! Please see our link to the right for FULL INFORMATION.

Monday, December 20, 2010

4 shopping days to go and we still have gift items!

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

Check out this article about us in Marin Mommies, click HERE

Just a reminder that we will be closed on the following days:

STORE CLOSED: Friday 12.24 through Sunday 12.26

We will re-open on Monday 12.27 with a big sale!
... 4 days at 40% off!*

STORE CLOSED: Friday 12.31 and Saturday 1.1.11

We will be taking in consignments as usual on Sunday 1.2.11 - Remember to check "Accepting This Week"!

****There will be some exceptions to the sale, for example: Pacific Rim crib & organic bedding in the crib; any New Ergo item; designer sample clothing, and items with signs in the store.****

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Christmas List (for you!) and a GIFT!

We hope you have been enjoying all holidays this season. For those of you still looking to purchase gifts I am listing some items we have in the store right now, perfect for...

- Carseat carrier: GoGo Bayz (we have 2!)
- Flight vests: Baby B'Air (4 for infants and 1 for toddler!)
- Pack-n-play by Graco (navy & white)
- Back pack carriers, Slings, Front carriers, New ERGOs
- Snow clothing from Infant Bunting to big kids snow jackets, pants (select sizes)
- Snow boots, Snowboarding boots (size 1), Ski helmets (we have 2!), Ski boots (Head sz 26.0 only $99!)
- Toys to keep kids busy in the car, on the plane or if you take an aeroplane

- Art Easel, Barbies, Groovy Girls, Rescue Heroes, Thomas, Leap Frog toys, vintage kid's piano, Instruments, Science/Arts & Crafts, Horse (on a stick), Cabbage Patch Kid (New, blonde boy, $16.50!), Chicken Elmo, Classic Pooh stuffed characters, Fisher Price Little People Garage & Barn (and some random characters!), Lite Brite, Mega Bloks, Neurosmith Jumbo Music Block, Martial Arts equipment set, In-line Skates, Electric Skateboard ($100!), Train Table (Nilo, only $80!), Melissa & Doug puzzles, Books, Melissa & Doug My First purse (new), Cranium Mega Mask/Giggle Gear (new), rope & wood ladder
- Maternity formal wear, Nursing Pillows, Diaper Bags, Pregancy to Child-rearing books
- Fancy dresses, Tights, Designer Samples (Haven Girl, CR Kids, Neptune Zoo)
- Slacks, Button Down Shirts, Blazers
- Fun/Cool shirts & onesies
- Pottery Barn Kids pink patchwork TWIN quilt & sham ($49.50!), Baby Blankets
- and Stocking Stuffers: Shaped crayons, Jump Rope, Puppets, Mini games, Rattles, Vehicles

- Bjorn Potties
- Girls' Purses, Barbie Backpack
- used ERGO inserts (flat style)
- Baby "sleeping bag"
- Bassinet sheets, Co-sleeper sheets
- Heart beat bears, Crib Mobiles
- Red wagon
- Changing tables, Changing Pad, Changing Pad covers
- Bugaboo Bee replacement seat
- Maclaren stroller pad
- double Maclaren Rally, double Maclaren Rain Shield
- single purple jogger by Baby Jogger
- Restoration Hardward Circus Train plates (2 sets @ 4ea, $9.50/set!)
- Twin clothing
- Bouncer Seats, Infant Swings
- INCREDIBLE Pacific Rim Arts & Crafts solid maple crib treated only with linseed oil and beeswax, with bed conversion kit,  $500! We also have an organic mattress, organic pad, organic puddle pad, organic sheet, organic bumper. (This is a drop-side crib, all parts included, NO recalls, and properly maintained it is legal to sell or resell until June 2011)


12/18 & 12/19
note: some exceptions to the sale will apply

Reminder: 40% off for 4 days is 12/27 to 12/30!!

See you soon,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Safety Site from CPSC: "On Safety" plus Drop Side Cribs to be completely discontinued

Clean layout with lots of information:

Also, information on NEW drop side crib prohibition:


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Help a homeless child have sweeter dreams from Project Night Night

A note from a wonderful organization...

Sponsor a Night Night Package for $20 for each person on your holiday list.

This holiday, we invite you to honor the special people in your life by making a tribute donation to Project Night Night in their name. The Project Night Night Team will send the person y
ou honor a lovely tribute card notifying them of your thoughtful contribution.

Happy Holidays,
The Project Night Night Team
P.S. You can make a tribute donation for everyone on your list!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giving furniture a second chance...another way to recycle and reuse

I love the idea of a fine old dresser being refinished or repainted to live a second (or third or fourth...) life in a new home.

Give it a sanding, a coat of paint and new hardware...voila! A whole new piece of fine old furniture in my house. I also love that old furniture no longer exudes formaldehyde. According to the EPA, "In homes, the most significant sources of formaldehyde are likely to be pressed wood products made using adhesives that contain urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins." Click HERE to read the whole article.

I have high hopes that I can redecorate using old pieces given a new life. I got inspired when I read my friend Celeste's repainting projects. She repainted a dresser for her girls (see it HERE) and a dresser for her son (see it HERE). I must admit that I was so jealous of her fine work! I saw her posts and thought, "I can do that!" In other words, "If Celeste can do it, I can do it!" Inspired, yes...jealous, talented as, no.

I started with a dresser for my son's room that had to be less than 33" wide...he wants to keep his floor space cleared and therefore the dresser is going in the closet. Here's what the dresser looked like before I started.

No finished photo yet! That's right, it's been about 2 months and 3 coats of paint, but I hope to finish it soon. "De-nile" is more than a river in Egypt, my friends. I have successfully blamed the delayed completion of this project on the rain....wet weather = wet paint. Can't put on the next coat until the last coat dries, right?! Given my problem with starting projects that I can't seem to find the time to finish (see post below about my love of crafty projects...I love 'em, just can't find the time to actually DO them!), I resorted to finding finished products on Craig's List.

Today I found a perfect recycled masterpiece on Craig's List to go next to the a large nightstand. What is it with tiny night stands, anyway? Once we have the lamp in place, there is no room for a pile of books! Forget about a glass of water or my iPod, my glasses, pencils, and the myriad of army men that seem to follow me around. We need a small dresser for next to the bed. And I found one through a lovely recycler at The Second Rvivl. Check out her web site HERE. She takes older furniture and gives it a second life.

Here it is! It's still in the back of my car, I just picked it up. It's all shabby-fied, so I won't worry about scratches but I might add a little piece of glass to the top. And it's the perfect size: 30" tall x 32" long!

I hope we can get some other kid-friendly recycled furniture into the shop from The Second Rvivl. If you or someone you know likes to recycle kid-friendly furniture, please contact us! We'd love to have more furniture for sale in the shop.

- Melissa

Monday, December 13, 2010

Loved Twice needs an Angel! Can you help?

When you donate 0-12 month clothing through us, most of it goes to a local charity called Loved Twice. They desperately need funding to keep going. Please think hard about any contacts you might have access to and could pass along to Lisa Klein, Founder and Executive Director.

Click HERE to go to the Loved Twice website to make a donation, every bit will help!

Here is a bit of information about Loved Twice. To receive the full find-raising packet, please email Lisa Klein through the Loved Twice website: click HERE

"Imagine a baby only 3 days old leaving the hospital headed straight to a shelter with little to keep her warm besides the hospital issued blanket. This is happening all the time, right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the reason we started our nonprofit, Loved Twice.
OUR MISSION: We supply free baby clothes to underprivileged newborns. Since 2005 we have delivered an estimated $700,000 worth of gently used clothing to more than 3,500 newborns in the Bay Area. That’s 25,000 pounds of clothes! Considering a newborn onesie weighs just over one ounce, this significant volume has been saved from landfills and recycled back to the most precious among us. Keeping babies warm and reusing these items accomplishes two important purposes.
HOW WE STARTED: The idea for Loved Twice began in September 2005 when Founder Lisa Klein was watching the heartbreaking news of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was especially devastating to disadvantaged mothers who simply needed to keep their babies warm. Just having had her first child, Lisa was deeply motivated to help. She found a posting on Craig’s List from a church in Louisiana requesting donations of baby clothes to help displaced newborns. By sending out one email, Lisa collected over 200 pounds of baby clothing in 4 days from her friends and neighbors and mailed them to the church. Witnessing the impact, Lisa realized this simple idea could be extended to an overwhelming local need. Lisa started collecting gently used baby clothes and made her first delivery to Highland Geneal Hospital in Oakland, CA. Donors and supporters spread the word of Lisa’s work via newspaper articles, blogs, and mothers groups. Every week Lisa had bags and bags of baby clothes dropped off at her doorstep by anonymous donors. Lisa set up official Loved Twice collection bins throughout the Bay Area to deal with the popularity of the organization. Loved Twice received 501c3 status in 2009.
HOW WE DO IT: Community members drop off gently used baby clothes to any of our 4 collection sites at popular children stores in Oakland, Lafayette, San Ramon and San Rafael. Volunteers then sort, fold, and lovingly pack the clothes into boutique boxes marked for boy or girl. These boxes are then distributed to over 30 local hospitals, prenatal clinics, shelters, and safe homes in underserved locations, who then give the boxes directly to new mothers in need. In addition, we also collect unsold merchandise from local children’s consignment stores. Each baby receives a box of 75 items, including newborn clothes, hats, socks, books, and a warm soft blanket. Each box also includes local childcare resources and a way to order a free new parent kit supplied by First 5 California."

- Melissa

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafty Projects to Reuse and Recycle by Melissa

I've been trolling DIY blogs for fun crafty projects that focus on recycling and reusing (no big surprise!). As I sat at my computer, searching for ideas and inspiration, I was listening to NPR and who should come on? Amy Sedaris, humorist and writer, aka sister to David Sedaris. Michael Krasny (moderator on the show Forum, local station KQED 88.5FM) was talking with her about her new book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.

Now let's get this straight, Amy Sedaris is a humorist. She sounds serious when she talks about her topics. Michael Krasny interviewed her as if she was a serious crafter. Perhaps you have to know that this is a parody before you hear it, and knowing this kept me in stitches the whole time. It was hilarious! Judge for yourself...listen to the interview HERE.

By the way, this is NOT a craft book. It is a PARODY, completely intent on making fun of crafts and the people who make crafts. Isn't it fun to laugh at ourselves? Be sure to read the reviews before you buy it!

Here are some REAL crafty projects you can do with your kids (not at all inspired by Amy Sedaris):

  • Local mom and blogger Celeste at My Greenbrae Cottage does a holiday ornament project with here kids that looks like fun: click HERE
  • Another crafty local mom, Alex, creates a ball wreath HERE.
  • And posted some clever inspirations for advent calendars HERE. (it's not too late to start!)
  • Check out the Acorn Cap ornaments (you can collect thousands of acorn caps at the beach at China Camp State Park) HERE.
  • I loved this post about covering old ornaments with glitter, thus "Upcycled Ornaments" HERE.
  • She has a number of simple and inexpensive crafty ideas for the holidays. 2009's articles "My fruity Kitchen at Christmas" was full of simple and fun ideas HERE.
  • An, finally, here are a few from Make It and Love It that I liked: Simple Christmas Decor HERE.
  • Cute Treat Jars HERE (take-aways for your child's next party?)
  • and blogger Ashley has a whole series of wonderful tutorials HERE.
I am sure you have some posts of your own to share! Please do.

- This was another special visit from Melissa Hereford (how long can I continue to mark my posts as "special"? Think I can get away with one more?)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Transforming toys for the holidays

I'm sitting on the floor looking at a brown paper bag full of used plastic toys.

I have no idea what they are but as I pull out the first one I can see part of a truck, wheels, a head, a face. I ask my 5 year old, "Do you know what this is?" He runs over, excitement shining in his eyes. "Mommy, these are Transformers! Cool!" He sits down next to me and plays for an hour with a bag full of what I now see are Transformers. I watch as he clicks one part, turns another, clicks and turns until a tall plastic figure turns into a truck. And I'm thinking, "For $5 I can give my kid a slice of heaven without all the fancy packaging."

Flash forward 2 months to Christmas morning or Hanukkah evenings or whatever holiday your family might celebrate that involves gift giving. My son opens a gift, happy, thrilled, wanting to play...but wait, who has the scissors...20 minutes later we are sweating and swearing as we continue to unwind the plastic twisting ties and cut through the layers of non-recyclable plastic. Oh, look how much fun he is having with the box!

As we head into the holiday season (Yes! We are!), think about what gift giving means to you and what you are teaching your kids about these important things: how to share, how to reduce waste, and how to give meaningful gifts to one another.

A few ideas:

1) Teach your kids how to re-use paper bags. Wrap your gifts in brown paper bags, decorated with kid drawings and scribbles or photos, stamps, paint, stickers. If you wrap early enough, you can have art projects for weeks to keep the kids busy.

2) Teach your kids how to share. Have a toy exchange with friends. Ideally you will have a variety of ages involved, so the older kids are passing their loved Legos and Playmobil, Barbies and Groovy Girls onto the younger children. This gets easier as they get older, so you might have to pull a switcheroo on the younger ones. But you didn't hear that from me, I would never do anything like that to my child. Ahem.

3) Teach your kids that a previously loved toy is a good thing. When your children run into preschool in the morning do you think they care that many other children played with that toy before they did? Make a choice to purchase 1 or 2 gently loved toys this season as part of the mix. At Marin Kids Consignment, we love consignors who bring in their beautiful outgrown toys and the children who receive them as gifts love them even more! I promise you that children do not care if the toy has been played with by another child. If you feel guilty about giving your child a previously loved toy take the money you would have spent on a new toy and put it in your child's college fund.

4) Teach your kids that bigger is sometimes better. Consider making a subtle step in reducing waste by giving choices: do you want 3 or 4 little Lego kits (let's say one from each family member), or would you prefer us all to put our gift money into one big Lego set? Often the bigger kits are cooler than the smaller kits. Show your children photos so they can see what you are suggesting.

5) Teach your kids that quality is better than quantity. Spend a little more to get fewer more durable toys that last: My Lego-maniac son gets new Legos. He pours over the Lego catalog for months, weighing the pros and cons of each kit. Legos are indestructible. Legos never need replacement parts. They can be (and are) passed down from generation to generation.

6) Teach your kids that Santa lives in the North Pole, not in China. Consider telling your children that Santa's elves do not make those cheap plastic goodies you saw at Toys R Us, so they cannot be requested as gifts.

Looking down at this bag of Transformers, I see how much we have in common. Although I could not see their function at first, I now see clearly how one idea can transform into another, one click and turn at a time.

*Written from behind the secret curtain at Marin Kids Consignment, a visit from owner Melissa Hereford

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dates we'll be closed this holiday season & Notes

Happy Holidays:
We will be closed 12/24, 12/25, 12/26, 12/31 and 1/1/2011.

Store Hours -
Meanwhile we're open seven days a week, 10-5, for your shopping needs!

Keepin' It Green -
Please remember to bring in your own bags to carry all the goodies you find at our store.

Save 10% this Month -
Use your available store credit and receive 10% off your purchase.

This Month's Sales -
10% off Books
15% off CD's and DVD's
25% off Maternity & Nursing clothing

Friday, November 19, 2010

CPSC Education on Safe Baby Wearing

Please read and come by the store to try baby carriers for yourself, safely!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Safety tips from CPSC

Please review the article and be safe!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Celebrating TWO YEARS today at the store!!

We'll have cake around midday, anytime make your own birthday hat, and of course our gift to you is:
20% off the store today!!

We are offering drawings for special items & services, too!

Remember we also have Costumes @ -50%, Summer select kids and maternity @ -50%!!

Come by, shop at a nice discount and tell your friends!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Why we don't sell some items

There are some items we choose not to sell. Some because of safety reasons, some because we've found that the items are not requested and take up room in the store from items that do sell well, and some because it's just not our style.

We don't resell car seats or car booster seats. We would not be able to guarantee the life of the product, that it has never been in a fender-bender (or worse) in which case it is supposed to be destroyed. There are many recalls on car seats, car seat bases that we would not be able to keep up with as far as returning items that are recalled.
Latest car seat recall...

We don't sell full crib sets. When we first opened we had many beautiful sets come in and just sit on our shelves. Disappointing because we love reuse and we personally loved the designs. But we have come to realize that we cannot supply the variety in numbers that customers needed. Now we concentrate on crib/toddler bed sheets, mattress protectors, and basic blankets, sleeping bags.
Note: we DO have some wonderful TWIN BED sets, quilts in right now! We're giving them a try ;-)

We do not sell "sleep positioners". Some of these were recently recalled and the FDA now recommends not using them.

We do not sell toys that promote violence: guns, war games, etc.

We use discretion with toys, gear and clothing that are off-brand. Because we receive the multiple daily emails from we know how often off-brands can be recalled. However, popular brands can be recalled as well so we keep on top of each recall notice.

Please be mindful when reselling or giving away your items on your own. Whoever receives the items would appreciate you checking for recalls before you make the offer.
CPSC official government recall site

Low priced retail brands are difficult for us to beat on prices. Makes sense! Once in a while we will take in some pieces IF they have no wear and we feel the design would sell, but remember, we will mark them at low prices.

Other items we will not take:
- battery operated with corroded or no batteries
- recalled products
- "pilled" clothing
- clothing or products that needs repair
- stained clothing, bedding
- non-assembled products
- products with a smell (cigarettes, pets, musty, perfume, too much fabric softener, etc)
- products that are dirty
- most stuffed animals
- products without tracking numbers on them (model, make, date, etc)
- products that are too large for us to display

You know we love our consignors and customers! 
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November goodness...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, weekend of 11/12, 13, 14, the store is turning TWO years old! Details (sales, events, etcetera, will be announced this week. Get out your party dress and put on your party hat!

Over 900 consignment accounts. Over 3 years in business. 1,000s of friends, family, ads, word of mouth, coupon, gift certificates, business cards, internet helping get the word out about our store. Racks of clothes, shelves of toys, bins of shoes, floor covered by furniture and crawling babies. This is the place to be!

We feel incredibly lucky to be able to offer our services and greet customers daily, welcome new consignors, work with local charities, and help other small businesses. Thank you!!

Thursday, 11/25, we will be closed for Thanksgiving to be with family & friends.

Friday, 11/26, the ENTIRE STORE will be 50% off!
Shop for school, gifts, holidays, cold weather, trips, rainy day activities, new stages, pregnancy, grandparenthood, daycares, next Spring or Summer, etc!!

On-Going Sales:
Select Swimwear - 50% for kids & maternity!

Select Summer Clothing - 50% for kids & maternity! Shorts, Tanks, Shirts, Dresses...

Baby Carriers - 25% (except new ERGO) Baby Bjorn, New Native Carrier, Kelty and more

Diaper Bags -25% Petunia Picklebottom; Kate Spade; Fleurville; Janie & Jack and more

Friday, October 29, 2010

Open Halloween Day special hours: 10a-4p, no drop offs; we have costumes!

BOO! Oooh, scary, hunh? We are going to welcome customers on Halloween Day from 10a - 4p (normally we close at 5p). We'll also hand out healthy treats to costumed kiddos!

No consignment drop offs will be accepted Halloween Sunday so we can concentrate on fun (and work)! Remember, you can call ahead for an appointment on a day other than Sunday as long as your items match our Accepting This Week .

YES! We have costumes for sale! Come on by and browse our selections.

FYI - CPSC information on Halloween Costume Safety....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marin Childcare Council's Preschool Fair 10/27/10

Marin Preschool Fair - Oct 27th 7:30pm

Free preschool preview night! Get a feel for the various programs offered and meet staff and directors from many different sites! Get tips on choosing quality child care and learn about different preschool philosophies.
Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
held at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center
This is an event put on my the Marin Childcare Council.

In collaboration with:
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center Early Education Dept.
Parents Place of Marin
Marin Association for the Education of Young Children (MAEYC)
For additional information—please contact
Kathleen Wilson 415.491.5783 or

Friday, October 22, 2010

Drop Side Crib information from the CPSC

You know how we always ask you to and we check for recalls and we pull items that become recalled? We do it for everyone's safety, not just because it's illegal to sell recalled items. The CPSC regulates recalls and we receive every recall email. It's a long process but important.

For your information we are passing along the following notice regarding Drop-Side Cribs...

Please take care!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


3 Days of Sales after One Day Closed

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just shut everything down and set a day for organizing? We are doing just that and we are so excited about it!!!

The store will closed to customers but we will be here working 100% towards a fresh look, new departments, out with the old, in with the new, etc. Rolling up our sleeves, digging in and coming out the next day with....


We will reopen Friday, 10/21, with a BIG SALE continuing through Sunday! Exciting discounts on most everything in the store, the Sale Racks will be discontinued next week so grab these items at half off while you can! Of course we'll continue with daily specials and monthly sales but you'll find lots of great deals this weekend!


Seven days a week: 10am to 5pm

Being open seven days a week we hope if you don't catch us during the week due to work, school, all the things that keep us busy, then you'll be able to come shop with us on the weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

11/4 - Kelly Baker Photography - Pre-Holiday Special at MKC!

Call her today to book your appointment!

The pictures in the flyer above are from past sessions in our store, amazing, aren't they?! She does such great work, getting the 
kids to react or simply allowing them to be as they are. 
Beautiful kids, beautiful pictures!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our parking lot is going to resealed and therefore closed off.


We apologize for the late notice and inconvenience! See you soon!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

SB 1381 passed - New CA Kindergarten cut off date

On October 1st Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1381 into law with a 2 year delay, and will come into effect over 3 years starting the 2012-2013 academic school year. SB 1381 changes the kindergarten admissions cut off date from being Dec 2 now to September 1.

Children born between Sept 1-Dec 2 affected by this change are to be offered transitional kindergarten, and, the provision to apply to the school district for early admission (outside of birthday cutoff) has been preserved but still requires parents/guardians to apply and then the school district to agree that it is in the best interest of the child to attend kindergarten vs wait.

SB 1381 has economic benefit both short and perhaps longer term and aims at giving low-income family children or English learner children a better opportunity for a better educational foundation. On the short term it takes the required school budget for the 100,000 children who will wait to enter kindergarten later and shift it to following years. Also, studies have indicated that there will be a lower drop out rate and reduced need for special education and other perhaps related programs. SB 1381 is deemed to not have significant negative impact on other socio-economic groups of children. SB 1381 now puts California in line with most other states in the US who already have a September 1st cutoff date for Kindergarten entry .

For any one who would like to read, here's a link for a copy of SB 1381 that Senator Simitian sent for signature by Gov. Schwarzenegger (after the bill was approved, unopposed):

(Thanks to an NMC Mom for sharing this information!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

What's New? Rules, Hours, Payment, Stuff, Sales!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Hope these will make things less crazy for everyone...

New (different) Date for Kelly Baker!!
Our apologies, we are moving the photography session to Thursday, November 4.
Please go to and make your appointment today!

New Hours for Drop Offs: 11a - 4p
These hours give us time to open and close the store without rushing around like crazy people.

New Rules for Drop Offs:
If you cannot make Sundays, please call ahead to make an appointment to drop off items on another day. We want to accommodate you but we need notice so we can be prepared or we might feel like we're crazy.

New Store Hours: 10a - 6p SEVEN days a week
If we are not present during those hours then know we are taking care of a family illness or some other crazy-making emergency.

New Account Inquiries:
We have discontinued the online account viewing function. We received more complaints than compliments on the process due to incomplete software functions. When the system is less crazy we'll definitely bring it back for our consignors' convenience. In the meanwhile feel free to email or call in for your balance, to see what's sold, what's left, change account information, etc. Better yet, come in and shop, visit, have fun!

New Payment Guidelines:
We no longer send out "automatic" account payments. Please come in person and we'll print your check (after you browse just to be sure there's not that special something you have been looking for!). You may call or email a request for a check to be mailed to you for a fee of $1.75. Your account never expires, that would be crazy! We want to do business with you for a long time to come.

New Stuff in (this is by no means a complete list, you'll have to come in!):
- Cariboo bassinet
- Pop up School Bus to play in (like a tent)
- Star Wars Red Clone Commander Fox costume (size M, about 7-10 yrs)
- Boppy covers in a variety of textures and patterns
- Rollerblades (black, Men's 9)
- Hockey Ice skates (black, about size 10)
- Strawberry raincoat (size 3T)
- Tights (variety of sizes and styles)
- Outer Space foam floor puzzle
- "Cal" Berkeley shirts (18m, grey, blue, pink)
- "Giants" Baseball outfits (3-6m, 6-9m)
- "Athletics" Baseball satin jacket (3T)
- Merlin's Mystical Magic kit (new in box)
- Fancy/Formal rack for dresses, boys coats, dress pants and shirts
- Eddie Bauer wood high chairs
- Ski helmets, Ski clothing rack, Snow boots
- Rolling backpack, mini backpacks, Barbie backpack

New Month's Sales for October:
25% off baby carriers (except new ERGO) - Baby Bjorn, New Native, Peanut Shell, Moby, Kelty, Evenflo, etc
20% off ALL outerwear (baby bunting, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts for kids & maternity)
15% off mobiles and crib sound machines

Who's new? Not us so much anymore. Stay tuned for next month's TWO YEAR birthday bash!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plenty to be thankful for...

When you walk down the hall, in the kids' bedrooms are you stepping over toys, books, clothes? That's plenty to be thankful for! If you'd like to control the situation you may want to consider reducing stock, trading up (for age), and getting creative.

Local families shop at our store for birthdays, special events and the holidays. Bring in your toys, crafts, puzzles, games, dolls, activities and consign with us so that others may find the perfect gift. If your items sell you will make some money back (which is also a nice incentive for kids to turn in things) and you could also be one of those families who buys smart with us (green for less!).

Personally I take most packaging off items before I gift something new. I don't care for the plastic look or additional advertising. I reuse gift bags, wrap in old newspaper or paper bags which my kids have colored. Or a simple bow added (cloth handles from retail store bags, old shoe laces, hair ties) can be nice.

So, don't curse your kids or hurt feet (well, ok but not out loud). See the possibilities and be thankful!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please look for our table at Appel & Frank event! 10/16/10


Appel & Frank's 'Babes & Babies’ Shopping Event

Modern moms are invited to shop at Appel & Frank's 'Babes & Babies' event because their little ones should look as stylish as they do! The event will feature 50 designers and companies offering merchandise including baby and toddler clothing, accessories, gear, toys, resources and much more.....all at discounted prices.  In addition, there will be complimentary gift bags for the first 250 families, a raffle, an on-site photographer offering mini photo shoots, massages, and a play space for kids. 

The event will be held on Saturday, October 16th from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Mill Valley Community Center in Marin.  Tickets are FREE in advance at and $5 each at the door.

Karen Appel & Jody Frank
Appel & Frank 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREEN Halloween? Sure! Free costumes? Sure!

Kick off your Green Halloween with a FREE costume swap hosted at Marin Kids and Maternity Consignment!

Saturday 10/9/2010 on National Costume Swap Day

All sizes newborn-adult are welcome
Even exchange (bring 1, get 1; bring 2, get 2, etc)

We will give you 1 hand stamp for each costume you donate to the swap. Stamps will show volunteers how many costumes you can take.

10a-11a Drop off costumes *newborn to adult*
12p - 3p Swap!
3p - All left over costumes will be immediately donated to local child-based charities.

All costumes must be clean and in good repair.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We reserve the right to deny costumes (objectionable subject, sharp or multiple objects, too worn, etc). We cannot guarantee that you will receive a costume in exchange for one you donate to the swap. What others bring and donate to the swap is what will be available to all swappers.

If you don't want to donate your costume to the swap, please consider consigning.

Marin Kids and Maternity Consignment
814 Francisco Blvd West, San Rafael (415) 456-4943
Thank you for making Halloween GREEN!

Manager, Stephanie Brandelius
(415) 456-4943 or


Friday, September 10, 2010

How our week went - Sept Sales - Halloween contest! - Sept Calendar

We were open (seven days now!) and enjoyed seeing new faces, regulars, even those who walk in looking for directions. Our purpose is customer service even if you're not a customer!

We took in some great items last Sunday, the larger items and some toys are already on the floor. Trains and tracks are bagged neatly for your browsing pleasure. Games, puzzles, crafts, art, etc, were moved further up front so older kids know there is plenty for them to have fun with along with the babies and their toys.

Warm jackets, ski clothing, sweaters and long sleeves are hanging next to shorts (shorts are on sale this month for -20%!) and short sleeves, and we still have swimwear out. Sale racks are continually pulled from and we restock as quickly as the regular racks. Maternity and nursing clothing (items over $20 are -25% this month!) are ready to be tried on for warm summer days and cool evenings, for work or pleasure. Growing feet will find sandals next to rain and snow boots on our shelves (all footwear is -15% this month!)

The double rack for costumes has darling outfits! From mermaid to monkey, we have a great selection at great prices.

* * Halloween CONTEST * * 

Suggest to me (Stephanie) what I should be for Halloween this year 
and if I pick your choice you will win half off an item of your choice (under $50)!

Come by the store anytime and drop off your suggestion! 
I will close my eyes and pick on Oct 15, 2010 and winner will be promptly notified.


9/11 10a Music Together FREE demo class!
9/11 Face Painting by Wendy (my daughter) for 50 cents - $1 

9/18 This Little Piggy by appt 415-472-3991
9/18 H2O demo on all-natural cleaning products (check out the Clay and Netapur STAIN REMOVER)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Less is more

Have you had to wait upon drop off for us to check for a recall? Have we handed you baby wipes? Have we refused your items? Here's some helpful information for all!

Less is more. When dropping off items help us work efficiently -

Check "Accepting This Week" before coming by. Accepting too much is what makes us get behind!

If you can't make it on Sunday, call for an appointment (drop offs must still match above). Sometimes we are too busy to take walk-ins without notice.

Check for recalls BEFORE coming in. It is illegal to knowingly sell recalled items!

Recycle packaging at home. We do not want used items put back into original boxes or bags. Only bring in boxes or bags if the package was never opened.

Completely assemble toys, furniture, carriers, whatever it may be. Instruction manuals help items sell. We do not accept disassembled items.

Open battery compartments before bringing in battery operated items. We do not accept battery operated items without working batteries or with battery corrosion.

Do not include donations with your items to be consigned. Before coming in, pull out ALL: missing battery items, stains, pilled, non-working snaps/zipper/buttons, holes, non-maternity women's clothing, socks, recalls, overly worn, Circo brand, overly stretched, half a pajama set, out of style, items we don't sell, etc. Properly label these donation contents as DONATION. We do not give donation receipts.

Put your first and last name on every bag or box full of items to be consigned. There is no need to separate items and have partially full containers; please be compact, save space.

Clean everything! Wash all clothing (unless never worn with tags) and bedding. Take cushions off seats and wipe/wash all surfaces. Wipe down toys from food, dust, etc. If items come to us dirty we will not accept them so don't waste a trip.

Thanks for reading and following these notes!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September is special

September is special to us. It brings us closer to our SECOND BIRTHDAY (November), we are displaying both summer and winter items, we have coordinated our first private fund-raiser for Ice Cream & Shoe (Sept 11), and we're making changes in the store based on the last two years of sales and requests.

We're turning 1+1
You know we love to celebrate just about everything and turning two is no exception! Stay tuned for info (giving back to our consignors & customers) on our second birthday.

September + kids = school
Most kids have started back to school, what fun! New teachers, new experiences, old and new friends. Need some cool clothes for warm days? Need warm jackets for the upcoming cool weather? Sandals, Tennies, Mary janes, Boots, Bolero, Sweater, Jacket. Want to spend less and get more? We're here! Sizes preemie to 10 (L/XL) stylish and affordable clothing for every day wear and formal occassions.

SEPT SALES: 15% off all kids' SHOES - 20% off all kids' SHORTS - 25% all Maternity & Nursing items over $20

MKC + customers = cash back
We would love to give your business a special shopping day when all your customers mention your business and you get cash back from those sales! Our first day is for Ice Cream & Shoe daycare/preschool in Terra Linda. Each attendee's family which shops on 9/11 and mentions IC&S will be giving back! Want to try this for your daycare, preschool, school, club or charity? or 415-456-4943

Stock + purchases = good business
We have tried carrying a wide variety of items for every family. Some items are popular, others turned out not to be. Currently we are offering half off all blankets* as they are not as popular as sheets, mattress protectors, pads and covers. It's all a part of finding what works for YOU. Thank you for always giving us your best and we hope you appreciate all we offer!
*In-store specials: 50% off - blankets, select diaper bags, Bright Starts play mats, Bath tubs, select Strollers PLUS our kids' clothing Sale Racks (50% off weekdays, 60% off Sa & Su!)

You + us = JOY!

Monday, August 30, 2010

What's New; Tomorrow's Music; 24/7

What's New today...(a partial list, yes, partial....)

- Bugaboo Frog stroller with all accessories, beautiful navy/cream, like new!! $400
- Potties
- Rainboots (stock just beginning but they're here)
- FAO Schwarz floor piano
- variety of Bouncer seats
- Costumes
- Dekor and other diaper pails
- Cosleeper
- Bed rails
- Pack-n-plays
- Stokke chair pads (green, orange)
- 2 white, 2 darker wood Changing Tables
- 2 Video monitors
- 2 Fisher Price Nature's Touch cradle swings
- select diaper bags HALF OFF
- Exersaucers
- BOB double fixed-wheel jogger (some wear, hand-brake needs repair) - NOW only $100!
- Dora roller backpack
- Tinkerbelle lunchbox
- 3 Eddie Bauer wood high chairs
- all blankets are HALF OFF
- all bathtubs are HALF OFF

WOW!!! Come see us 7 days a week, 10-6!!

Don't forget tomorrow, 10a in our store is a FREE demo class by Music Together!! For babies, toddler and parents/caregivers.


Did you see that?! We are OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! From 10a - 6p we are here for you!

In- take is still Sundays, 11a-5p (or another day by appointment only).

Our website, this blog, Facebook are always available!

Friday, August 27, 2010

School Days, Costumes, Are you using store credit?, Aug Sales

School's back in!! Come by our store today for shorts, sweaters, skirts, shirts, jackets and we even have jump ropes, learning toys, books, music and movies. All items from Preemie to size 10 (XL) are by brands you know and love, colorful, clean, ready for the next child to make look great! Shoes are in, Toddler 3 for beginning walkers to Big 2 for dress/play. We also have cleats for baseball and soccer, dance/gymnastics, martial arts and other extra-curricular activities. Let them run and play in clothes that look new but are priced right!

Do you have a child going into preschool? Kids can play rough so get clothes here which won't bite your pocketbook and will be ready for paint, sand, cement, and more! Save their good clothes for special days (which you can also buy here, we have formal dresses, slacks, and more!)



Select sizes, select styles for babies to school age: Pumpkin, Cat, Princess, Fairy, Construction, Frog and many other fun ways to dress up for Halloween (or for any day!)

Do you have out-grown costumes? We are Accepting This Week!!!


If you have store credit NOW is the time to use it! We'll give you an extra 10% off every purchase when you use the most available store credit. Ah, sweet savings!!


25% off Girls' Dresses (all sizes, all styles)
10% off Strollers and Backpack carriers (except strollers already HALF OFF)
Maternity & Nursing - Buy 2 get 3rd half off

In-store discounts:
Blankets 50% off
Sale Racks (clothing of all sizes for boys & girls) 50% off
Select Diaper Bags 50% off
Select Strollers 50% off
Bright Starts mini play mats w/pillows 50% off

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Music to our ears

Let's make beautiful music together:

8/31 at 10a - come join us for music!! Music Together, a program for babies/toddler/parents/caretakers is doing a FREE demo in store.

9/11 at 10a - another Music Together FREE demo!


Know what else is "music to our ears"? Having new customers walk in saying a friend recommended our store! WOW!! We are very appreciative of the talk about town, about our store and all we offer.

On another note (haha) did you happen to catch the Consignment article in the Marin IJ? Stephanie was quoted, how fun!


No Sour Notes Here:

We love when people ask for something and we have it! Don't be afraid to ask, we just might have what you're looking for. If we don't have it but think it may come in, we'll ask you to leave your name and number on our Wish List so we can contact you.

Winter is coming (after this strange "summer" passes!) and we are asking for Rain, Snow gear. We are stocking racks with sweaters, jackets, cords, long sleeves but of course we still have clothing appropriate for these last warm days such as sun dresses, shorts, tees, swimsuits.

Sing a song of Savings:

We have Sales Racks by the toy area. One full of girls' 0-10, the other boys' 0-10. Please browse for HALF OFF savings!


Singing for our supper:

Accepting This Week is updated!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Upcoming Events & Holidays

THIS Sunday 8/22 10-2
Come by for a FREE demo on all natural cleaning & health products (cleaner clothes means they can be passed along when out-grown!) H2O is a French company that makes us not worry about toxins in cleansers, stains don't happen, sinus & skin are happy! Our customers will receive a special 10% discount upon purchase (you have to ask about the Clay and the Netapur bar, trust me!)

Tuesday 8/31 10-11
Music with Megan - For babies & toddlers, come by for a FREE demo on this fun class! (more info TBA)

Labor Day, Mon 9/6 - CLOSED
(Did you know you can call in to see if we're open on Mon's and Tue's? Full schedule TBA)

Saturday 9/11 10-11
Music with Megan - For babies & toddlers, come by for a FREE demo on this fun class! (more info TBA)

Saturday 9/18 12-3
This Little Piggy is back! Press tiny hands & feet into fine china clay for a beautiful lasting memory of how small your baby is now. Call for an appointment ASAP: 415-472-3991

Oct: 16 More This Little Piggy!
- MKC turns TWO!! Special celebration weekend Fri 12, Sat 13, Sun 14!! Store-wide savings!
- CLOSED 11/25
- Black Friday Sale 11/26 (Discounts for holiday shopping!)
Dec: CLOSED 24 & 25, 31.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahhhhh Friday!

What a great week it was!

We established a relationship with Canal Community Alliance and now more of the local community will be receiving donations through our store (from YOU!). It's exciting to find homes for all the items brought to us for donation or those which go to donation because we can't accept them.

August Sales are off to a great start:
* 25% off all girls' dresses (Ralph Lauren, Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, etc)
* 10% off strollers (Peg Perego, Graco, Baby Jogger, BOB, etc) and backpack carriers (Kelty, REI, etc)
* Maternity & Nursing - buy 2 get 3rd half off

The Back to School Sale wrapped up nicely! We will continue to maintain a Sale Rack in the store; items to be rotated frequently. Cooler weather jackets and clothing are being accepted (see Accepting This Week) and are coming onto the racks.

Check out the current Pacific Sun newspaper and find our ad for 10% off purchase!! Now that's the way to end the week ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's New!! and Hours??

Been a while since I've sat and scanned the store to tell you exactly what's new.

Here ya go:

CRIB, beautiful honey wood, converts to toddler bed w/rail, more pieces converts it to full bed, and others
GLIDERS, two in store right now
JUMPEROO, always a hit
POTTIES, Bjorn, and others are also step stools
CLEATS for soccer and baseball
DOLLHOUSES for Barbie & friends
Stokke chair pads in tan & orange
Canvas growth charts
Wood bead/activity cube
....and more so come on in!


We are working on being open Mondays & Tuesdays, yay!

PLEASE CALL AHEAD to be sure we're open Mon or Tue before coming in those days.

Soon we will make our BIG announcement that those will be permanent business days.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


We have given and corresponded with the following charities:

Marin Head Start
Marin Abused Women's Services
Marin Pregnancy Resource Center
Canal Community Alliance
Loved Twice (
Gilead House
Homeward Bound
Ritter House
Performing Stars
green GAIA boxes
Project Night Night
Image For Success

Items given: Clothing; Bedding; Maternity & adult clothing; Nursing pillows; Toys; Books; Diaper bags

We CANNOT accept for donation - carseats, carseat bases, cribs, overly loved stuffed animals, broken or dirty toys, anything that has been recalled

Do you know of other non-profits for mothers, families, babies?
We'd love to hear about them!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're here for you!

What a great year 2010 has been so far, building a crew of great women (that's just how it turned out, no guys applied) who help make Marin Kids & Maternity Consignment what it is, whether working in the front with customers, in the back entering, or on the road spreading the word about our business.

Here are four ladies in the store today (with 178 years of parenting experience combined):

Tensley, Angela, Cassandra, and me (Stephanie)

Tensley helps with in-take on Sundays so most consignors have met her. She goes through items, writes receipts and assists in so many other ways.

Angela is our first full-time employee (besides me) and we so excited to have her! She has retail experience, is super friendly and organized.

Cassandra helps part-time with data entry and assists with projects and organization, and she loves customer service. You may recognize her from A Party Center just two doors down from the store!

I...well, it's still me! From the beginning, working part-time with Melissa between a storage unit and Playtime Safari (now out of business) until now, having managed the permanent store for almost two years. I love the business, the people, our customers and consignors. This is a great place to be and I hope you agree!

We have other wonderful employees who also love the business and work hard for you:
Shannon (dedicated software tech, Ebay Sales, online advertising), Kristan (data entry, tagging), Lynn (organizing, customer service), Amy (tagging, postcard advertising), and Katrina's back - woohoo - (data entry, tagging, customer service). Let's not forget the owner and everything she does, Melissa!

It's nice to meet you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sales, Discounts, Coupons, oh my!

Get Out and About Sale this Sat!

This Saturday 7/24, ONLY we will be marking down:

STROLLERS (lightweight, joggers, single, double, triple, etc)
BACKPACK CARRIERS (Kelty Kids and others)
SLINGS (Nojo, Peanut Shell, Over the Shoulder and more!)
BABY BJORNS and other front carriers
AND a special discount for a NEW Rose Print ERGO Baby carrier, only $95!! (one left!)

July Sales are still going (15% off shoes & shirts, 20% off sz 7-10 kids' clothes), and in August we'll have our HUGE Back To School Sale (50% select clothing!) on Sat & Sun 8/7 & 8/8 along with our August Monthly Sales.

GET A COUPON! Save 10% with our ad in the The Pacific Sun this week, and I snuck one into a Craig's List ad so find it and print it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Accepting This Week updated

It's Wednesday and that means I provide a list for you.

Please see the link on the right side of this site for What We're Accepting This Week.


NOTE: Timing is still behind on entry for clothes & shoes. You will receive an Item List Report when items are entered into your account. We have new hires which will help with better timing, yay!

Thanks for your support, patience, and business!

Remember to tell friends, family, even strangers about our store so we can sell for you!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New in Store

What a fabulous day with Sylvia Gill Childrenswear on Saturday! She is so friendly and carries darling brands such as Neptune Zoo, Haven Girl and many more. We are proud to announce we will continue to carry some of her stock on two racks!

Today we had some fun new things come in:
Dark wood crib w/mattress and matching changing table
Child's kitchenette (blue w/pink & purple, MDF)
2 bikes
2 Pack-n-plays
Little Tikes basketball hoop w/ball
2 Kolcraft grey umbrella stroller w/canopies
BOB double fixed-wheel jogger w/accessories

Recently arrived:
Chalk board puppet theater or store stand
Playmobile pirate ships, Viking long ship
Lite Brites
Bjorn potty and seats
Backpack carriers (now easy to read pricing on each!)
Formal (wedding or other special occasion) dresses for girls and maternity
Thomas train table
Child's wood workbench
Neurosmith blocks
Ceramic tea sets
Stuffed Pooh (new), stuffed Pooh characters (classic)
Velvet black jack & matching pants (suit) by Children's Place 12m
3 Kate Spade diaper bags
...and our twins clothing rack is re-established!

See you at the store!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

HUGE Sample Sale this SAT 10-5 ONLY!! ; and store sales for July

ONLY Saturday, 7/10, from 10-5

Sylvia Gill Children's Wear (formerly in Giftcenter, 888 Brannan, SF)


CASH for 50% off wholesale pricing
(Credit for 40% off)

RACKS AND RACKS of great items!!
Kissy Kissy (0-3m)
Flap Happy (sz 2)
Mulberribush/Love u Lots (sz 3)
Globaltex (sz 4)
Haven Girl & designer lines (sz 5, some 18m)
Tangerine Sky (sz 5)
Neptune Zoo & Rock-a-Baby (sz 6m - 7)
Bumble Bags (diaper bags, car seat covers, accessories)


Store July Sales

15% off SHOES all sizes from Teva to tennies!

15% off SHIRTS all sizes Kids & Maternity & Nursing!

20% off KIDS CLOTHING sizes 7 and above!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Closed 7/4; July SALES; What's New

The store will be closed Sunday, July 4. See Accepting This Week link to the right (Nothing).



JULY - all month long enjoy the following sales...

20% off kids' clothing size 7+ (we carry 7, 8, and some 10!!!)

15% off all shirts for kids, maternity & nursing!!

15% off shoes, tennis to teva!!

Special discounts apply until further notice on the following items:

15% off JULY 4 kids' clothing until 7/4!!!

30% off Rain coats & boots!!

50% off all WINTER blankets!!

50% off Shabby NEW items, Leap Frog Leap Pad, Albums, Frames & select toys



- Maclaren double Triumph stroller

- Kolcraft Universal stroller frame

- Graco Pack-n-play tan/blue

- Eddie Bauer wood highchair

- Plastic corral, put together/take apart easily, sounds & toys

- Razor Scuttle Bug

- Classic Pooh & friends like new stuffies

- Kate Spade and other diaper bags

- Yellow Bumbo Seat

- Complete Pottery Barn Kids girl's bedroom set

- Battat pink doll Salon Chair (goes up & down!)

- Fisher Price Cradle Swings (Aquarium & Rainforest)

....and so much more! Please stop by and see all we have to offer (things are put out daily!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CLOSED July 4, 2010

Summer is here and we're all planning for July 4th!

In order to celebrate with the rest of the country the store will be CLOSED Sunday, July 4.

Please stay tuned next week for the next list of items being accepted.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help Wanted

Want to be part of a fun business? Want flexible hours? Love kids' stuff? Detail-oriented? Want work on a long term part-time basis?

Come work with Stephanie and crew!

Specific Task Job: Data Entry

The store needs assistance with computer entry (pieces of clothing, toys, decor, bedding, etc). Time is always available during store hours. Some training necessary on top of your computer skills. Questions must be asked (don't be shy, we'd rather answer a question than redo something!).

Email or bring Stephanie your resume, let's talk!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions (and our answers)

- What won't you accept?
We do not resell:
..carseats, carseat bases booster seats
..recalled items
..stained, holey, worn, pilled, incomplete clothing
..items with non-working batteries
..items not on our Accepting This Week list (unless approved by the manager, Stephanie)
- How long do you keep things?
We keep clothing & shoes until they sell, period. Returning these items is extremely time consuming; make sure you don't want your items anymore please! We will donate as necessary considering the condition of these items. All this information is in your account, ask for help interpreting your Item List Report if needed.
All other items you may take back in your own timing if you wish, otherwise leave it for sale.
Once in a while we may ask you specifically to take something back: wrong season, too many of same item, recall, etc. We give one week to pick up then we may donate/toss.
- How does your store work?
- Do you give receipts for donations?
Not at this time. We accept donations on behalf of local charities as long as the items meet the needs of the charities and are in usable condition. We will donate unsellable items from your consignments if you don't want to wait for us to go through your bags at time of drop off.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Accepting This Week Updated for 6/20 (Nothing!)

We are happy to say that we are FULL!

Not only with super sweet summer fruit (hahaha) but with all items for the store.

Note the link to the right: Accepting This Week, and our website both reflect this for 6/20/10.

MKC is SO LUCKY!!! We'll update next week to let you know if and what we're taking.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Furniture highlights;


- Cribs: We have a windows full of cribs! Beautiful Italian made Pali cribs, most have drawers for storage. We have other brands, too, as well as a changing table, gliders with and without an ottoman, and a darling white adult rocker with fun striped padding.

- Artistic easel with magnetic pages and fun magnets to play with.
- Thomas train table
- Wood art table/desk
- High Chairs
- Pack-n-Plays
- Arm's Reach Cosleepers
- Wooden CRADLE
- Dark wood adjustable toddler chair by One Step Ahead
- Blonde wood changing table with two shelves
- Travel beds
- Wicker bassinet on wicker storage stand with wheels
- IKEA wood crib/toddler bed with mattress

We also carry Crib Mobiles, Bedding for cribs, bassinets, cosleepers (all as available), Crib Music & Toys, Bed Rails, Mattress protectors, Safety Items know...much more!!


Among the wonderful sites on the web for What To Do, please check out!

Our sale, our HUGE SIDEWALK SALE tomorrow, is listed, too. See you here!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Accepting This Week Updated for 6/13; Sale on Sat

Please check the link to the right or our website for more information on what we're accepting this week!


Have I mentioned THE SALE this SATURDAY?!

We will have tables out on the breezeway (our sidewalk) with Colorful Stickered Items showing DISCOUNTS! We will have some morning treats and some fun things for kids to do.

Come by for TONS of great deals!! We can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Saturday!!! HUGE Sale

Come on down, it's our First Annual HALF OFF Sidewalk Sale!! (Well, that is, if we have another one next year haha!)

GREAT deals especially on some wonderful pieces that used to be carried in Bella Bambino Boutique (which closed its doors last year, Grant Ave, Novato). Darling onesies! Shabby & Retro items! Blankets, Decor and much more!

Black maternity pants, everyone needs a pair, at this sale you can feel free to buy MANY at a great discount! Let your pregnant friends know they can be beautiful and comfortable on a budget in brand names!

We will have items clearly marked on their discounts, table displays out front to catch your eye, and lots of help on hand!

See our latest Facebook comment for more info -

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day of the Dads; Store Stuff

We have some cute shirts:
My Dad's a Geek
Charm Courtesy of Dad
Daddy's Little Princess
...and more so come by to pick out your favorite!


We also have lots of summer clothes, even some for the upcoming July 4th celebrations - stars & stripes! You don't have to worry about pricing when items are like new but you're sending your child off to camp ;-) Stock up for the summer! Drop off your outgrown items from last year!*

We brought back our Fanciful Rack - very pretty dresses for parties, weddings and other celebrations. Oh the cuteness!

Ready to swim? We have swim suits, trunks, after swim covers, sun & swim hats, swim trainers, floats, and vests. Get in, get wet, have fun! (we have some swim suits in maternity, too!)

Trail blazing weather means you need a jogger - we have a variety of styles & prices. Trying out a new exercise routine? Let us help get you on the right track with strollers, backpack carriers, ERGOBaby, bikes, trikes, Half-Wheeler, etc.

Please tell your friends from school that we're here! Our sizes have gone up to big kids' 8/10 in kids due to popular demand, great for graders! What else would you like?

*see the link to the right "Accepting This Week"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sling Recall

Please read the entire post & be careful!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update Accepting This Week; June SALES!

See the page link to the right in order to gather your great stuff to drop off this Sunday!!


June 1-30, 2010 Sales: Shop for July 4th items!

15% off DIAPER BAGS (Designer, Daddy, etc) and BREAST PUMPS
20% off girls (preemie-8) and maternity (XS-XXXL) DRESSES
25% off girls and boys (preemie-8) OUTFITS

- Reminder: we will be having a HUGE One Day Sale on Saturday, June 12!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gov't final ruling on Walker safety

Read up on it here...

Be safe out there!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sidewalk Sale - June 12!!

So in June we should see sun, right? Well we're planning BIG displays outside for a...

HALF OFF Sidewalk Sale on Sat, June 12!

No, funny one, the sidewalk's not half off but some wonderful items we sell will be such as:

NEW decor, designer baby items from the former boutique, Bella Bambino, half off!

Clean up, everybody clean up with bath tubs at half off!

Photo albums, frames and wall pictures at half off!

Black maternity slacks for business, semi-formal or formal occasions at half off!
*come inside to try our maternity suits, skirts, & dresses, too!*

Window dressing (valance, curtains, finials) at half off!

Leap Frog Touch Pads, Leap Pads, books & cartridges at half off!

Play mats (with arches, some are add your own toys) at half off!

Boxed games & puzzles at half off!
*did you know we carry learning toys for preschool through school age?*

There may be more we add to the sale but you get the idea - TONS of great stuff at better than great prices!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kelly Baker Photography on Saturday; Accepting (not)

This Saturday we are happy to have back Kelly Baker, her set up, her camera and her amazing photography skills!

For an appointment see contact information at her website:

She will work hard to have pictures back to you by Father's Day!!


See link to the right "Accepting This Week", or don't ;-) We are not able to accept anything this coming Sunday.

We are so grateful for the amazing amount of stuff brought in last Sunday, and for the work we'll be doing to enter, tag and display it all. Stay tuned next week for a new list of items accepted.

Remember - if you cannot make a Sunday for drop offs you may contact Stephanie for an appointment on another day.

Thank you for labeling all paper bags with your name (first, last).
Thank you for separating donations (wearable: stained, pilled, ripped, button missing, out of season, sizes we're not accepting, etc) from your consignments.
Thank you for understanding it can take a couple of weeks for items to be entered, tagged, displayed.
Thank you for telling others about our store!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Maternity just got bigger (pun intended!)

Maternity has TWO more racks and more space to shop in! This is a favorite part of my job, rearranging and making space work better. We have more shirts and more pants out, we have a business/formal rack and a rack for skirts and summery dresses. We still have sleepwear, bras, bands and camis. In this section we have also placed diaper bags, diaper pails, books on fertility

Please come see and try on all the wonderful pieces we have. We'll give you an honest opinion on fit and look and give advice if we have it (99% of our employees are moms!)

Spread the word to pregnant friends, we have the largest selection of quality used (and some new with tags) clothing for moms-to-be and nursing moms! (and don't forget everything else we carry!!)

Edit to Accepting This Week

Sorry, folks, had to take off "summer clothing 18mos+". We're still entering and putting out on racks some adorable stuff!

Rest of the list stands, thanks!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Accepting This Week, Photo Shoot 5/29, $50 gc Winner

Accepting This Week page (click on link to the right) has been updated for this Sunday. We greatly appreciate your business!


* * Perfect for Father's Day * * We are so excited to welcome back Kelly Baker!

Kelly Baker of Kelly Baker Photography is coming back into the store to take some gorgeous photographs of your kids!

- $55 Mini Shoot special includes 2 5x7 print or 1 8x10 print

Check out her work here:

MAKE AN APPT: 415-734-1922 or


We hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Congratulations to the one lucky winner of our Mother's Day $50 gift certificate! She will be able to spend freely at our store for herself, her kids, friends, etc. Thank you everyone for participating and we'll let you know when our next give-away is happening.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Accepting This Week, Spring Fever

Accepting This Week (link to the right) has been updated for this Sunday.

In addition to accepting, we are giving! This Sunday will also be....


Little outfits, dresses, shorts, pants, rompers, jackets, swimwear and more!! Tiny loves need sweet things and at these prices you can stock up for growth spurts!
50% OFF preemie-12 months clothing

Clean 'em up, have fun with water. Make bubble beards, mini mohawks, splish splash!
50% OFF bathtubs

*this offer cannot be combined with buy 2 clothing or shoes, get 3rd half off Sale.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spring Fever - How did I catch it? Who's next?

While I don't mind the rain (it keeps our reservoirs filled, hills green...) I do love the sun. Especially after rain! The smell of the air, grasses, the tall nourished flowers, the beautiful bright blue sky with bright white I daydreaming again? Sorry...

Right now I am working on Spring Cleaning. It's the first time I've labeled what I'm doing because it just seems to fit with the season. Clearing space in crowded rooms, adding brighter colors to my decor, I am trying to find a nice balance between what I have and what I can get.

The kids wardrobes needed the same attention. They need shorts, tees, sandals, daughter wants dresses & skirts, son likes tropical button up shirts. A new size for each of them, buying up! I take what doesn't fit anymore to our store or donate depending on condition of the items. When my account at the store builds up I can get more items for my growing kids at great prices, keep the Green Thing going.

This is one fever I am loving!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Consignment - What does it mean to you?

Our store holds so many wonderful items that it's hard to believe millions more are produced new every day. The care of items can lead to long-term ownership and passing on items you no longer need to those who do need them. They may accept due to low finances or if the item is hard to find or if they want to specially Reuse instead of Buy New.

Growing up I was enamored of my grandmother's items in her house from clothing to furniture. The styles fascinated me and I thought everything was so beautiful and well-made. I was right! I have some of her furniture and clothing today and they are as useful and pretty as when I was little. Having accepted these items after she passed meant I was saving money, true, but to me there are memories attached and so each piece is special to me. When I pass the items on (to my kids?) I don't know if memories will be as strong but hopefully the usefulness will continue to acknowledged and beauty appreciated. The other thought of not buying new could also be a part of the appreciation of these pieces.

The world does have limited resources. Our pocketbooks have their limits, too. How can we be satisfied, fill our homes and closets, keep up with kids' growth spurts and changing tastes and our own sense of fashion? I believe we can fulfill these needs by reuse.

Consignment gives the consignor some money back on items already paid for; it gives new life to items that are outgrown; it gives the new owner a sense of "helping the planet" and the seller can reap the simple rewards of the good feeling towards keeping landfills low and letting manufacturers know that enough is enough. Slow down, take stock, notice how much there is already and keep those items going.

Deep thoughts for a Friday ;-) We hope you agree and we'd love to hear comments!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accepting This Week

See the link to the right for weekly notice on what we're "Accepting this week". Sunday is our drop off day.

Remember: We donate items which will not sell. They are not entered but given directly to people in need considering condition. Recalled items MUST be picked up immediately and are never entered or pulled upon later recall notice.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday: Marathon and Accepting This Week; Postcards

Stephanie will be at a table at the FAMOUS...

on Sunday helping keep kids busy, watching the amazing athletes and lending a hand. Run on!!


Accepting This Week:

- Kids Shoes (sizes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2)
- Dining boosters (attach to table or chair, sets on seat, etc)
- Strollers (from lightweight "umbrella" style to triple seaters)
- ERGOBaby carriers, inserts, waist extenders
- Wraps (ie Maya, Moby)
- Backpack carriers (Kelty, Evenflo, etc)
- Cloth diapering supplies (all-in-ones, inserts, covers, etc)
- ORGANIC clothing (any size, child or maternity, nursing) and Bedding
- Outdoor toys (bikes, trikes, tunnels, sand toys, gardening, tents, etc)
- Toys (walkers, ride on, Lego, Thomas, Melissa & Doug, Plan Toys, musical, sorters, blocks, doll houses, Little People, etc)
- Potties and potty training books
- Swim Gear (floats, goggles, caps, vests, water shoes, etc)
- Swimwear (any size, child or maternity)
- DVDs (movies, educational, etc)
- CDs (baby/kids' music)
- Hats for summer (especially 2T+)
- ok, CLOTHING!...Summer (2T - big 8)

We expect to get another HUGE HAUL this Sunday! Note this means it may take longer than usual to process but we're always working diligently for you!


Do you know of or have a business where we can display our postcards (so we can sell more of your things to more people)? Please let us know!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday 4/18 - NO Intake, it's our own Spring Cleaning & Organizing time!

Thank you for your generous drop-offs last week! We are stocked with some great items right now and more to come as it gets entered.

No intake Sunday, April 18, but the store will be open for business as usual. See you here!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking on Sunday 4/11

It's a long BUT SPECIFIC list -

What we will take in on Sunday 4/11/10 from 10a-6p:

- Summer clothing in SIZES 4T to 8 ONLY, boys & girls including swim wear, large kids' hats, pajamas

- Outdoor play toys such as swings, sports equipment, mini basketball, skates

- Dance leotards, shorts, tutus, dance shoes and Sports/Team wear, sport shoes (all sizes)

- Nursing tops, summer formal to casual (all sizes)

- Maternity & Nursing sleep wear (all sizes)

- Potties, Potty training books

- Sheets for cribs/bassinets/pack-n-plays

- Light Summer Blankets and Quilts for crib to twin bed size

- Jumperoos, Doorway Jumpers, Walkers, Walker Toys

- Used ERGOs and inserts, wraps, slings, backpacks w/shades

- Strollers, single/double/triple/umbrella/jogger

Remember: This month is Consignor Appreciation Month! You get 10% off each purchase when using your store credit!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Green/Reuse Easter Baskets; Donations

How to make Easter Baskets fun but earth friendly...

Reuse! Don't buy new plastic "easter grass", instead shred old comics or sketch papers. Or don't use grass, use a piece of fabric or no filler at all!

Reuse! Buy or pass down used items: books, pens, summer hats, toys, skates, costumes, etc.

Reuse! Keep those baskets for annual hiding. Use a capped shoe box that's been decorated. Make a basket from an oatmeal container or a fancy fabric gift bag.

Reuse! Keep those plastic eggs for annual hiding. Use decorated jewelry boxes, small fabric bags, bottles, etc.

If you don't have the items to reuse in the first place, just ask someone if they have extras or if they are done with theirs! I have supplies I've been using for years and everything is still in great shape....and the kids so far don't question that they're seeing the same items! Of course, were they to question I'd let them know that the Easter Bunny has always been "green"!


We have been filling our donation containers on a consistent basis recently. Going through last year's clothing for Spring and Summer some stains have shown up while the items were stored. Great job getting the items clean for the racks but unfortunately over time the pieces no longer look bright & new. Another reason for us to not stock-pile but to stay current. The donations are being spread across this county and reaching into others, always received with gratitude! When you see "donated" on your Item List Report please know that while the items could not be sold they are going to be used by someone in need and hopefully that's "payment" enough. Our sincere gratitude for your drop offs!

Note: We are looking for a volunteer to assist with our donations. From assessing and sorting to contacting for pick up or dropping off. One - two days a week for 1-2 hours. Just call Stephanie at the store, 415-456-4943 and thanks again!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Consignments this week (closed Easter Sunday); Summer Entry

We will be taking Sunday off! No consignments accepted this week. Please say tuned next Wed for our What We're Taking list.

Why not take the time this week during the rain or when the kids are wiped out from too much chocolate to divide and conquer your STUFF. Clean out a drawer, dresser, closet or even the garage. Find what is resellable, what you'd like to donate, and what is beyond moving forward (trash or recycle). It will help you see what you need for the new season and beyond!


Summer entry is happening! How? We took LOTS AND LOTS last year! If you receive an emailed Item List Report and don't remember dropping recently, that's because we've been holding on to your items over the winter and are now ready to enter (and sell) these Spring/Summer items, and other items we didn't have room for until recently.

Note: We are trying to be up-to-date with what we now take in. No more stock-piling. We will let you know when we're full and when we're taking and what we need. We're not magic so we do not make guarantees that items will sell, but you know that's why we're here.

Tell your friends, neighbors, school chums to come to us to shop!