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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New in store and Safety first

One of the fun things about working in the store is that every day is different! From customers to stock, there are newbies everywhere!


2 identical white wooden toddler beds by Jardine

3 crib mattresses by Sealy

Camo Diaper Dude bag

Small navy pram (displayed next to the large pram!)

Rain boots **

Snow boots **

ERGOBaby shipment is in! Choose from a variety of looks in standard 100% cotton, organic cotton, or the Sport carrier. We brought in the new Heart2Heart Infant insert and more sucking pads! **

COSTUMES (mostly newborn - 3T) **

Leapster (pink)

Peg Perego Aria stroller (gray) - this is so easy to open & close!

Fisher Price Aquarium Healthy Care High Chair w/double trays & toys

soft play blocks

2 identical pastel bug mobiles

More fleece, sweaters, jackets, raincoats, snow clothes are coming onto the clothing racks!

** YES! Accepting these items on Sundays until further notice!


Safety first for your kids, other kids, and ourselves!

We have had to return or toss (which we don't like to do!!) items due to the following potentially dangerous reasons:

- corroded batteries
- recalls
- too dirty
- incomplete
- too used

Please remember to check for all of the above before bringing items in. We do have certain expectations that none of the above will be a hindrance to accepting or selling items.

Easy steps to take to:

- check for recalls ( is a good place to start)
- open battery compartments to check for corrosion
- replace dead batteries (recycle the old)
- wipe down all surfaces
- wash fabrics

With safety gratitude - thanks!!

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