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Friday, August 28, 2009

Flatter Your Figure

SAFETY FIRST! Baby Joggers clasps unsafe:
(we have not sold these and don't have any in stock)

Now on to the fun stuff - maternity clothes! Most summer items have been taken down and will be stored in the back should you have a warm winter vacation or if you're not prepared for a possible local Indian Summer. Going through the maternity section last night was fun! I found some treasures to display, cute stuff! And, yes, some if it is SO cute that I try it on just to see if a non-preggo can get away with wearing it.

This shirt (left) by Isabella Oliver was worn by celebrities! Well, not this actual shirt but the style of shirt. It's an amazing piece, mid-length sleeves, cross front, and loooong material that wraps around (and around and around) your belly. Different, stylish, fun!

Our dress selections include some formal pieces for special events, along with business and casual looks. Silk, cotton, polyester, knits, perhaps you'll find a favorite.

Dressy tops (left) have a beautiful range of colors and patterns, fabrics and textures. We have slacks and skirts to match them with.

More sweaters are being put out along with outer wear such as jackets, shrugs, coats, etc. Whether you want to completely cover up or just keep your arms covered you'll be able to get cozy.

Need a cover up for the midsection? Bella Bands and other stretch knit bands are great to fill in any "wardrobe gaps".

Want a fun gift for a parent or older siblings? Take a plain tee and use fabric paint to create "I'm The Daddy" or "I'm the Big Brother/Sister" shirts to wear when baby's born. Add hand prints of the older kids, even the baby once he/she arrives. You can look back on the shirts with fond memories, even use them again!

You don't have to settle for a mumu! No matter your size, keep your fashion sense throughout your pregnancy and spend much less by buying from our store. We try to have the best quality on our racks!

(left) Glitter "Baby" tee with with gathered layers skirt, black & pink diaper bag by OiOi

**Diaper Bags are 25% off!!**

Maternity brands: Mimi, Juliet's Closet, Seven, Japanese Weekend, Duo, In Due Time, Gap, Old Navy, Motherhood, Isabella Oliver, Olian, and more!

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