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Friday, August 7, 2009

Flatter Your Figure Friday

Ok kiddos...

Need extra room in pants for cloth diapers? We have some styles that may suit.

Have too much room in regular pants? Try adjustable waist bands.

What's your style for back to school - jeans & tee, khakis and polo, overalls and plaid, leggings under a skirt with cute tank and hoodie? We can do that.

Simple, sweet, casual, dressy, a touch of funk, we have a range of styles on our racks for you!

What looks better than a new wardrobe? A SALE sign next to it!

BACK TO SCHOOL Sale until 8/30 - wow!!

50% off all kids jackets, coats, fleece - Fall is coming next month, early mornings during the week, breezy afternoons, they all call for something warm to bundle up in.

25% off all kids shoes - Some schools don't allow sandals so try loafers, tennies, boots, velcro or lace up. Weekends are still fun with water shoes and those "not for school" sandals ;-)

25% off all kids bottoms - Jeans, khakis, shorts, skirts, overalls, bloomers. Warm or cool weather cover ups in a variety of brands.

25% off all books - Prenatal, nutrition, raising kids, sleep habits, board books for babies, beginning readers, chapter and story books. Get in the habit of reading every day!

We pass our style to our babies, toddlers, try to get preschoolers to wear it and plead with graders. I love mix & match, retro looks, and fun graphics and a limited range of colors. Oh boy did I put my babies in some funny things! Funny now, not then. Now I love when my daughter puts together pieces from her wardrobe that weren't meant to go together but they do go together. I put on a "Mom" smile when my younger son puts brown with black (and then I try to coax him into something else). I am thankful my older son does not show off boxers from low slung jeans! They are developing their own preferences. I am still around to guide but I have to listen to their wants. I'm glad I choose what I choose for myself. I'm glad my kids are learning what they want to choose. And I'm glad they were babies so I could do what I wanted for a little while!

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