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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's New Wednesday

Welcome new stuff. We're glad to have you. Please report below!

Kids Line purple/pink flower lamp, new in box
Prince Lion Heart red/white soft seat w/belt
Leach Co full body maternity support pillow, never used
Crib mattress
Dekor diaper pail
Small wooden shabby chic cream rocking horse, for display
Elmo sit-in walker
Bugaboo Cameleon pink stroller/carseat canopy
Baby Bjorn black/red bouncer seat
Dark Brown with blue Moses basket
Silver Cross English pram
Pottery Barn Cameron toy chest in honey

It's fun going through items at a drop off. We hear stories about favorite toys, outfits and when/where they were worn, we get to reminice about our own memory of items (Fisher Price "tv" with the turn knob and music - I would call it vintage but that would make me feel old!). We appreciate hearing about what worked for a fussy baby or how much time was spent with a simple bead maze, how ERGOs make the airport easy, that a new grandchild is on the way, or kids are outgrowing "baby" items so it's time to consign them and buy "older kid" items. My youngest is almost 6, still wearing 5T, plays with cars and has a lively imagination. I still get to shop at our store for him and it makes me appreciate all the more our consignors bringing in the variety of items they do. I tend to shop in just a couple retail stores which doesn't make for a lot of variety in my bags when I get home. But when I shop at our store I get brands I've never heard of, styles I've never seen before, toys that make me smile even before I know what exactly they do, and of course everything is below retail pricing. I can't answer "when will you get in....(such and such)" and just because we haven't sold it before doesn't mean we won't in the future. At the store, each day is NEW. Period!

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