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Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Set Up Sunday

If you know our store, you know we like the switch things up! Not only to keep displays interesting but to keep up with the items we receive and sell on a daily basis.

Weekly Window Display:

Green was fresh, loved seeing the window with the darling clothes, bedding, even Bumbos highlighting this theme. But it's a new week so I'm changing out the display to YELLOW! Both green and yellow are popular choices for newborn items when the sex of the unborn child is not known.

Weekly Rack Highlight:

Maternity was up last week and I think I'll keep that going this week. From Green to Summer Wear - tanks, shorts, swimwear! Get comfy clothing for the hot summer days, whether you are at home, at the beach or traveling.

Monthly Rack Highlight:

This rack is next to our bookcases in the front window. We have been showing off all the pretty, formal dresses in all sizes! We have cotton, linen, even silk displayed. There are two beautiful and never worn silk flower girl dresses in a soft blue by Ann Taylor (size 5, 6) - an outstanding pair for a great price!

* * * *

Window displays are in my heritage! My great aunt was a window designer for Macy's and other high-end department stores in the 1940's. My cousin has done some modern work in San Francisco, and I have a never-ending desire to recreate displays. How nice for me that the entire front of the store is windows! If you catch me mid-assembly I will always have a smile; not only in order to provide friendly customer service, but because I'm "in my element".

* * * *

Look up when you walk in the store; we use our walls to display items, too! Shelves above maternity hold play mats and diaper bags. Shelves above children's clothing hold bouncer seats, Moses baskets, portable bassinets and hooks hanging from those shelves hold backpack carriers, more bouncer seats. We have prints, picture frames and fun decor items scattered around the walls. In back we have fun shopping cart covers/playmats hanging and a sweet mini sleeping bag. Opposite those we have some Bundle Me covers. Our costume selection is always up, too!

We still have our kids' play area! It's up front by the books. We had moved maternity up front from the low ceiling area in back and so were able to double the height of some racks and now it's nice and bright, easy to browse all the clothing. Toys for sale are in back on shelves. The light wood shelves hold infant to preschool toys, the blue shelves hold games, toys, puzzles, etc, for older kids. Wooden items we put on the white shelves and the "purple dresser", which also holds some wooden train items.

Come by any day and see what's new!

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